Sock it to me!

We spent a lot of time with Alex while Callum was in Australia making arrangements to bring Bella home. We helped him get everything settled in the new villa… helped him paint Bella’s room, went with him to pick up her furniture, etc. He was lonely and needed to be around people and we always love spending time with him. We were talking one afternoon and he said, “I guess you never really know a person until you get married and move in together. One thing I learned about Cal was that he’s really into socks. I mean, really, really into socks. When we moved, we were putting stuff away and he had enough socks to fill a whole drawer. I mean, TONS of socks. Which is cool with me… I just didn’t know. I started sort of teasing him about it and he said, ‘Hey, bub. How many pair of underwear do you figure you have?’ So, we took them out of the boxes and, sure enough, I had enough to more than fill another whole drawer. We started laughing and throwing socks and undies at each other and ended up with a big pile of them on the bedroom floor… and, before we knew it, we were naked and fucking on the floor in the middle of the pile. It was awesome and I’m sure we’ll never forget that silly, special time together.”

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  • Jingle

    Fun, awesome, sexy, HOT collection!! As Fall turns into Winter here in the American Midwest, we’ll all be sporting socks more!! And Brother Brad, don’t lament that there’s no H2T here… You’ll find plenty – and I do mean PLENTY – of dudes to admire and enjoy!! πŸ™‚

    You had me from the git… #1 is MAGNIFICENT!!!!!
    Crazy HOT big-dicked slut #28 is the standard bearer for this great post!! He and his accomplice photographer couldn’t have found a better backdrop!!!!! πŸ™‚ If this is what goes on after hours, I wanna go work at that store!! πŸ™‚ WOW!!
    We’ve seen insanely crazy HOT #47 before, both here on the Blog and in action in a video!! He was clean-shaved and has a buzz-cut, but there’s no mistaking that gorgeous cock and that distinctive headphones tattoo!! WHEW!!!
    Oh heads-up brothers, just skip #19… It’s gross. (Oh well, even the ’27 Yankees didn’t win ‘m all!! πŸ™‚ )

    OK, gotta go!! But I’ll be back!!… I feel an epic Jingle commentary brewing!! πŸ™‚ haha

  • Bill S

    I was into #39 before I noticed #30 — Same dude! But there’s something about his cock in #39 that makes my mouth water!! Too bad his face is not really seen.

    My first thought: Cal’s into socks, Alex’s into undies, and Ben isn’t into either! But with all his hats, we’ve got quite the wardrobe!!! I think I’ll just imagine that for a while. LOL


  • Jingle

    Found the previous pic of #47!! It’s in the fantastic “Average Joe” post of April 20!! (#40 there) And friends, he’s anything but average!! WOW!!

  • ray

    I can relate…Excellent, wonderful stuff!!!


  • Jingle

    Back for my long Second Look!! The thought occurs to me that two other tag-lines could be added to to this outstanding post: “Shirt On/Pants Off” and “Wide Open Legs”, as one or the other, and in some cases BOTH, apply to many of the fine dudes presented here!!

    While my initial, knee-jerk love of amazing #1, not just the hunk stud, but also the wonderful setting of a traditional man’s Study is undimmed; he’s not my Dude of the Day!!
    #2, 3 (GREAT gumdrop nipples!!), 6, 26 and 27… Oh Hell Yes!!
    Bill S, my excellent friend, did you realize that #4 and #17 are the same dude as your #30/39?!?! Different clothes on different days, but always in front of that European radiator!! Oh, and you can find another great pic of him in the “Testosterone” post of March 19th, 2016!! (And no, he never shows us his whole face!!) Another prolific repeat visitor is the VERY similar-looking married #9!! We see him no fewer than six more times!!!!! #15, 24, 25, 37, 45 and 48 are all him!! Different clothes, different hats, sometimes with a dildo up his ass, but the distinctive chest hair pattern and pretty junk is unmistakable!! And he’s always sniffing!! Wonder if his spouse is aware of his fetishes?!?! WHEW!!!
    Moving on then, loves me some country boy #5!! I’d like get him up on those Buffalo plaid sheets!! πŸ™‚ haha
    Not unlike #1, I love the setting fuzzy furry hunky humpy #7 is in!! Love that 6″ by 12″ herringbone floor tile, the tiled walls, and the frosted reed glass… You can smell the money!!
    Sweet, yet hot #8 is a return visitor!! How well I remember him, and that deeply tufted leather loveseat!! πŸ™‚
    In his cooler than hell hoodie, #10, and the completely nude #38 (save for his socks) are total Husband Material!! Put some clothes on them, you could take them anywhere!! Then take ’em back home and get ’em naked again!! πŸ™‚ haha
    #11 is rockin’ hot!! Love his beautiful, perfectly matched, egg-like balls!! And his nice perineal raphe!! (Needs a Guiche, or two!! πŸ™‚ ) I feel like I should get to him before he rapes himself with that black dildo!!
    Latinos #12 and #21 are quite beautiful!! And those DICKS!!!!!
    Oh my… the rocking hot bitch in fantastic pic #13 is taking that dick like a champ!! Notice his top has one nipple vertically pierced, and the other horizontally?!?! That’s workin’ my OCD!! πŸ™‚ haha
    #16 is crazy nasty scary hot!! Love his piercings!! Especially the Ampallang!! (The dirty socks and almost prolapsed rectum, however, not so much… )
    #18, and the slightly edgier #41, are both rockin’ hot!! And there’s something very alluring about how they’re almost defiantly looking right into the camera!!
    #20 is a total hunk stud!! And a damn fine good-looking man!!
    Badass #22 is insanely hot!! Love his ringed uncut cock and plump, taut balls!!
    Does big-balled rockin’ crazy hot selfie #29 think that by hiding the head of his dick he maintains some level of modesty?!?! πŸ™‚ haha
    #31 is crazy hot!! True, his upper body is a bit… well, scrawny; but I dig his face and his beautiful PA’ed cock!!
    Smiling slut #32 has the most insanely long skeletal fingers I’ve ever seen!! But dang, his ringed thick cock and taut balls are mouth-watering!! (#22 and #32 have that in common… their junk benefits greatly from their cockrings!! Right Brad?!?!)
    Pics #33 and #44 are off-the-charts, over-the-top nasty raw raunchy HOT!!!!! I like it!! πŸ˜‰ (Oh, and yes, I do indeed want the hirsute big boy in #44 to plant his big ass just like that on my face!!) #46 ain’t bad, either!!
    If rockin’ hot #34 wants to continue diddling himself while I blow him, that’s fine!! Or I could take over for him…
    I think the boys in #35 should be sharing a double-headed dildo!!
    #43 is a another rockin’ hot dude!! And he fills that sock out nicely!! Not the one on his foot… πŸ™‚ haha

    OK, lets wrap this up!! After a thorough inspection and much thought, my Dude of the Day is of course big bundle of man, #40!!!!! I think he’ll quickly lose interest in his magazine once I bury my face ears-deep in that fine rump ass!! And after a while, he can roll over… Fuck yeah!!

    Great post!! Had a blast with it!! Thanks!!

  • Jingle

    Goddammit!! I just realized there’s NEW post already!! Well, it’s gonna have to wait til tomorrow!! Nice to have something to look forward to… πŸ™‚

  • JakeinMO

    LOVE LOVE LOVE this post. Horny foot guy here and love everything about them including hot sweaty socks! Many thanks for posting. Nothing hotter than a sweaty sock to make your cock hard during a good bate session.

  • Kent

    Go Cal. One can never have too many sox. πŸ™‚

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