“Soft to Hard — Before and After!”

On Monday, our buddy “BillS” commented, saying:
“I have not taken the opportunity to check out this post yet, but the title gave me a post-idea. It may be a hard one to do, but I can’t remember when URD has ever let me down! (-:
“Smaller and Bigger — Before and After!”
or “Soft to Hard — Before and After!”
I’m sure you know what I mean. Two pics of the same guy. First soft then hard! It sounds like a simple idea but will the pictures be easy to find? I don’t know!
So what do you think? XOXO”
What do we think? We think when our “Requested-in-Chief” asks for a post, it’s time to get our butts in gear. Here you go, babe… a bunch of “show-ers and grow-ers” that should fill the bill.
(We should mention that many of these dudes are repeat visitors to URD… just not in this format. We don’t think it really matters 🙂 )

Yesterday, Ben and I took Dub, Austin, Travon, Bella and Chance up to St. Joseph to watch the “Chiefs” training camp. What fun! Getting a chance to see Patrick Mahomes, Travis Kelce, Chris Jones, Andy Reid, etc. in person was a big-time thrill for us Chiefs fans.
It was the most time we’ve spent with Chance and he’s a joy. He’s talking to us more and more and honestly, there isn’t a communication problem for any of us – especially Dub and Chance who seem to have learned ASL overnight.

27 comments to “Soft to Hard — Before and After!”

  • ray

    Is there anything you guys can’t find? Without judging the variable attributes, I find #10 so sweet and cute looking!


  • Bill S

    So David was this one easy or “hard?” (-:

    It sure was F A S T.

    And bw I was right, we should never underestimate our URD!!!

    After just a glance at this I am struck by the amazing variety of “types” represented. So I think I’m really going to enjoy this! And, I’m looking forward to reading the comments of the CCC!!!


    • Jingle

      My excellent friend, may I second every word you wrote?!?!

    • unrulyadmin

      Actually, Bill… This was fairly easy. I have about ten “Series dudes” folders where I’m saving pics for “When one pic just ain’t enough” posts. I took most of the photos from there. The part that’s difficult is finding two pics of a dude (soft and hard) where he’s in approximately the same position (which most of these are). I have another BIG group of paired-up “soft and hard” pics where the dude is in a totally different position. Maybe I’ll do a post of those one of these days 🙂 BTW, THANK YOU for a great post suggestion!

  • Denny

    What a great outing for current – and future – Chiefs fans, to see all the stars in person!

    While I hope that Chance’s grandmother did the best she could for him, I’m pretty sure Chance knows he hit the jackpot, landing in one of the families of The Northland Gang! And he hasn’t even been to “The Lake” yet, has he?

    All of these guys are a pleasure to salivate over, but I especially like the ones who have forgone the manscaping and left a nice big bushy bush around their boy parts.

    That said, I pick #11 as my Dude of the Day. True, it looks like he may have messed with the pubes a bit, but, other than that, the hair pattern on all parts of his bod is exactly like mine!

  • Larry

    Proof that you can never judge what will happen when a soft one goes hard. # 2 made me go whoa, then I saw skinny twink # 3. Made a long list of smooth twinks, but my dude of the day is uncut blond beauty # 27.

    I agree with Denny that Chance hit the jackpot.

  • Brad

    This collection is an outstanding follow-up to Keon and Rick’s in that we get to see more examples of the penis. Thanks, David!

    Picking my favorites is really difficult. I find myself agreeing with Denny. All 48 guys , and I am also agreeing with his Dude of Day, #11… 🙂 I hope Denny doesn’t mind… 😉

    Seeing professional athletes, especially those with local connections, is always an exciting event for kids. I am bet the boys will talk about their trip to the Chief’s training camp for a long time… 🙂 I am not surprised at all to know that Dub has learned ASL. What an amazing boy… 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  • Jeff

    Awesome to see that Chance is doing well and that he’s communicating with everybody 🙂

    My top fav was #19, but then I went whoa when I saw #37. I don’t know who he is, but he’s freaky hot.

    • Larry

      # 37 is Bel Ami’s BIG star these days. His name is Joel Birkin. They say he has the largest cock they have ever filmed. He is stricktly an anal top although he does suck and kiss.

  • Jingle

    Marvelous!! Just marvelous!!

    And a nice bonus is that in quite a few of the pics, we get wonderful anterior and posterior views of the cock!! 🙂

    Great post, collection, and set; and you had me from the git… #1 is magnificent!! As is #5, 34, and 40!! Damn!!
    FCCO #6: Go Big Red, indeed!! 🙂 haha
    Soft #8 had quite the following in the recent “Shades” post!! He looks even more fetching with his shirt off, and hard!!
    Chipper #9 and #36 show us the biggest transformation from Soft-to-Hard!!
    Whenever Brother Brad and Denny Dearheart agree on a dude, pretty safe to say I’m gonna dig him, too!! 🙂 #11 is no exception!! I do wonder if he really has tools, or toys, in that red Craftsman toolbox?!?!
    LOVE that crazy rockin’ hot went from FCCO to SO/PO as his dick got hard!! Happens like that in the “real” world, too!! 🙂
    #15, 18, 20, and 46… WOW!!
    Beautiful #16, hunk stud #22, and Jeff’s #37 are in different settings in their two pics!!
    Bangin’ hot #17’s diagonal right nipple piercing is quite unique!! I’m imagining him with his left nipple pierced at the opposing angle!! 🙂 Right, Brad?!?! 🙂 haha
    You can easily see that fuzzy furry hunky humpy #21 had his nipples pierced!! The jewelry migrated out of his right nipple!! (See how it’s split?!?!) Maybe that’s why he abandoned the left?!?! Poor baby!! 🙁
    Exotically handsome #24’s ink, and dick, are gorgeous!!
    Dang, #26 and #44 are just too pretty for their own good!! WHEW!!!
    Well, that’s quite the grand chair #32 is posed in!!
    Aww… #33 is just as cute as a speckled pup!! 🙂
    And #38 has such a great All-American look!!
    I wonder why #43 put his boner in jail?!?! 🙂 haha
    I wonder if #45’s spouse knows what he’s really doing at night school?!?! 🙂
    Veiny, lean and sinewy #48’s cock goes with the rest of him!!

    But with no doubt, my favourite here is nasty crazy scary raunchy HOT, and well-pierced #47!! That’s my boy!!

    This goes directly to the “Best of the Best” folder!! I’m sure I speak for everyone when give you a BIG, Thank You!!

    • Brad

      Glad to hear that you are on board with Denny and me with #11…we are willing to share… 😉

      I agree…#17 needs a barbell piercing that mirrors his current one in his left nipple. (I am surprised you didn’t recommend a CBR… 😉 )

      Your #47 was a close second for me, so I have no argument with this selection as your favorite… 🙂 Share him?

      • Jingle

        Brother Brad, not sure if a CBR would look right with the diagonal piercing?? Hmmm…

        Ya know, you could take this another step further… A second piercing to make crossbucks!! THAT would be really special!! 🙂

        Here we go again, obsessing on pierced nipples!! 🙂 haha

        I’d share #47 (or anyone else) with you any day, babe!! 🙂

  • Kent

    I have to agree with Larry about the twinks in this post, and #27 is absolutely delicious.

    My heart goes out to Chance for what he’s had to go through in his young life, but my heart is happy for him that he’s now in such a loving environment where he can thrive. I hope it works out that this is his forever home.

  • Tim from MO

    I just wanna kneel in front of all 48 of these guys, to kiss, nibble, lick, suck and deep throat their soft cocks up to full blown throbbing leaking hard one, and not stop until I got all 48 cum loads.


    • Jingle

      What a GREAT idea!! Yummy!!

      For quite some time, I was still able to get your Tumblr, on my stupidphone anyway!! But as of this morning, you’ve been nuked!! 😞

      • Tim from MO

        Hi Jingle,
        Thank you for mentioning what you’ve found about my Tumblr this morning.
        That’s odd, because I’m still able to access it and reblog pics this morning.
        I haven’t gotten any emails yet from them saying they’ve shut it down. Not that they would do the courtesy of that…
        After the Dec 17th 2019 Tumblr Inquisition, I have had a number of reblogs either flagged by someone, or blocked by Tumblr for anyone to see that particular reblog or new personal pic upload. When a pic gets flagged or blocked they send an email mentioning that, and no one besides me can see that particular pic.

        May I ask what information came up when you tried to view it this morning?

        I’ve been waiting with baited breath since Dec 17 that they would just shut it down. I’ll ask some others I know who looks at it if they still can, or not.

    • bw

      I was hopeful Tumblr would have been sold by now, but they are having trouble finding someone willing to take it off their hands – they are essentially offering to give it away ii exchange for assuming all the liabilities especially the employee related liabilities. They have already whacked a bunch of the help, but desperately want someone to take the rest. If they don’t find someone soon, Tumblr will be RIP by the end of the year I predict.

  • Denny

    Hey Tim!!!!

    So glad to hear from you – and to know what you wanna do to all 48 of these hot n sexy guys!!! Gobble, slurp, swallow !!! Mmmm!!!

    Tim, I just came from your Tumblr. All appears to be functioning as usual, both on my phone and on my desktop.

    Last December when Tumblr went on their rampage, I was just waiting to get nuked any day, and thinking whatever – it was fun while it lasted. I had 177 followers. Now Tumblr seems to have settled down, I still reblog stuff – and my followers are over 500. Go figure. Whatever will be will be.

    Jingle, Babydoll – maybe the problem is in your phone? or your cable/wifi connection?

    • Jingle

      Dearheart, I spent a good hour chasing my tail last night, on both my Smartphone and my Chromebook, and never got to Tim’s Tumblr!! Grrr!!

      Maybe I’m just too dumb to figure it out…

  • Jingle

    At the risk of being too graphic, I love it if a dude finger-fucks me while he’s blowing me!!

    And it’s amazing how many “straight” dudes get off on it, if you gradually and subtly add it to the repertoire!! (But NEVER speak of it!! They might dig it… but they don’t like it called to their attention!! 🙂 haha)

    It’s been well over two years since we had a “Finger-Fucking” post… And that wasn’t dedicated to fingering while blowing!!

    Think we could have a post of dudes (especially sketchy Rough Trade types) getting their sweet holes digitally attended to, while their cocks and balls are getting orally serviced?!?!

    Thanks!! 🙂

    • Bill S

      …mind if I say—– I LOVE IT!?



      • Denny

        Babydoll, I hope you were able to figure your fone/Chromebook glitches. Or found a techie to help you. Been there, done that – it is a royal pain in the ass.

        AND I heartily second the motion for a finger fuck foto fest!!!

        Love ya! XOXO

  • Jingle

    My excellent friend, soo happy to have your approval and endorsement!! 🙂

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