Some “Taint ridge lines” for Tim!

“Tim from MO” commented yesterday, saying (in part): “A bit of ‘flesh’ that totally turns me on in a man crotch can be seen in pic 45; that raised ‘ridge-line’ of skin running the length of his taint – right down its center. My gawd I LOVE those!!! Would it be possible to have a post sometime of man taints that have these? Doesn’t have to be only Asian guys lucky enough to have one, but guys of any race or hair color, hairy or trimmed or smooth. Taint ridge-lines! WOOF ;-p”
I was totally intrigued by Tim’s request and did a little on-line research on the subject. Apparently, the area in front of a dude’s anus extending to his scrotum is called the “perineum.” It’s sometimes referred to as the “taint” because it taint his balls and it taint his asshole. In my lifetime, I’ve seen probably millions of guy’s assholes (personally or in pics) and eaten more than my share of ’em- and I’ve never noticed a “taint ridge line.” For some reason it just never occurred to me to look. Tonight, I plan to do a close inspection of my husband’s ass to see if he has one. He’s so hairy down there, I probably won’t be able to tell by just a visual inspection. It’ll probably require digital and oral investigation to determine whether there’s one there or not.
The TRL Tim mentioned from yesterday’s post is pic #1 in this set. As an aside, the TRLs in photos #16, #17 and #18 belong to pornstar Jake Bass.
Hope these do it for you, Tim!

On Monday, our buddy “Jingle” commented, saying: “Now then, at the risk of coming across as negative, I have a small concern regarding Craig… Is he becoming too attached to Ben?? Perhaps you should consider introducing him to some other people…”
Got it covered, babe. We’ve invited “Kerry” and “Craig” over for dinner and the evening Saturday. Ben thinks they’re perfect for each other. Kerry is 29 and uncut – and Craig is 27 and uncut. They’re both new to dude sex – and it’ll be interesting to see how the chemistry works. Thanks for your concern, babe. Ben mentioned the same concern after the evening of the sword fight.

12 comments to Some “Taint ridge lines” for Tim!

  • Brad

    A very interesting theme, and one that I would have never thought of… 😉 I have not given much thought to my TRL (except when I considered a guiche), but maybe I should… 😉

    My favorite of these awesome pics is #45…Love his position…It says, “I am ready for whatever you want to do!” 😉

    If your “track record” of match-making is any clue, Kerry and Craig will be moving in together by Halloween! 😉

    Thanks, guys, for a superb set of photos! Thanks, Tim, for the post idea!

    • Jingle

      Babe, don’t just “consider” a Guiche… Do it!! I promise you won’t regret it!!

      You’re giving Kerry & Craig til Halloween??… I have them shacking up by Labor Day!! 🙂 haha

      • Brad

        I knew you would have a positive comment about a Guiche… 😉 (Will give it more thought and will consult my hubby… 🙂 )
        I thought Labor Day is too soon and Halloween is becoming a “gay” holiday… 😉 (I would not bet against your prediction!)

  • bw

    I think before you start exploring Ben’s taint ridge line tonight, you should take a picture to share with all us old pervs.
    Including Jake Bass was genius – he has the most munchable butt I’ve seen in a long time. Even with that bad tats, I find him irresistible-dark hair, pale skin, a little furry when he lets it grow, and brilliant blue eyes.

  • Roberto

    Scientifically, that line is known as “perineal raphe”, and we all guys have it, but it varies from being almost unnoticeable to very prominent depending on the individual. And it continues its way through the balls and cock.
    Most importantly, I’m extremely pleased with the result of Tim’s idea and David’s research and artwork: a whole set of hot asses ready to be eaten up! Thank you for that!
    Now, if you guys don’t mind, I want #23 all for me…
    Other favorites are #3, 5, 9, 15, 20, 30, 35 and 40.

  • Tim from MO

    Wow, and a heartfelt ‘Thank You’ for the post of delicious TRL’s!!!
    Such a quick response to my suggestion, and taking the time to find all of these sweet, spread asses showing their flesh lines for me to lust after and beat off to…
    Do these do it for me?!?!? YESSSSSS X 100!!!
    A big hug and kiss from me to you for today’s post ~ Thank You!!!

  • ray

    I had to educate myself on this one, I’d just never given it any thought, but I’m obviously not the only one. Thanks for a lesson in male anatomy!

  • Jingle

    I too was totally intrigued and on-board with Tim’s excellent suggestion from the git!! Amazed and delighted at how quickly you’ve acted on it!! (Even at the sacrifice of a Tuesday Trash Day!! 🙂 )

    Besides his nice ass, I love #9’s balls!!
    Well, #11 is certainly drawing our attention to the center of his universe!!
    Blondies #12 and #21 sure seem to be enjoying themselves!! 🙂 They’re both cute, goofy and HOT!!
    Lucky #13, 27, 30 and 37 are rockin’ hot!!
    And #14, 24 and 35 are bangin’ hot!!
    Oh, #19 is just nasty!! I like it!!
    #26 and #43… WOW!! #42… WHOA!!!!!
    Not sure why beautiful #38 is on all fours naked in the middle of that freshly tilled field… But I’m sure glad he is!! 🙂 (p.s. It’s gonna be difficult to get a good crop out of that dry, rocky soil!!)
    Well you know I love #39 piercings!! Just 14 to go to catch up to me, babe!! 🙂 haha

    Alrighty then, I can certainly understand why Brad claimed #45, and Roberto #23… Both of those dudes are crazy hot!! But my pick is big bundle o’ man #36!! Fuck Yeah!!

    Awesome, amazing collection and post!! BIG thanks to Tim, David and Ben!! 🙂

    To David and Ben, I’m so relieved you weren’t angry or hurt by what I said!! Good to know that we’re good enough friends to be open and honest when something is troubling us!! 🙂 Love you!! My friends, brothers & lovers!!

  • Bill S

    Now “taint” is a new “Tag” that I never would have thought of suggesting!
    All you guys are amazing!

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