Somewhere… over the rainbow…

We had planned to do a “rainbows” post to celebrate gay pride month… but now, it’s become a very sad time for the LGBT community. The incredible horrors that were the twin towers, Paris, Ft. Hood, Boston, San Bernardino and many others have now become a gruesome attack on gays in Orlando. It’s a horrendous thing and we grieve for the victims and their families, friends and loved ones.
Ben, Dub and I spend our lives in this happy, comfortable little cocoon here in the Kansas City Northland, and it’s easy (or maybe just convenient) to forget about all the hatred and ugliness in the world. While we’ve been accepted and befriended by most people in our area – and the Obama administration and Supreme court have made it easier to be gay in America – we know there are still untold thousands (if not millions) of narrow-minded, bigoted people who own guns, hate gays and wish us harm. Right now, it’s mostly a very few mis-guided Muslims inflicting pain and suffering on the World… but God help us if Donald Trump should be elected President.

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  • FredinMotul

    Well said gentlemen.

  • ray

    An extremely beautiful post in an extremely sad occasion!

  • Denny

    I agree with Fred – beautifully stated, Guys.

    My heart aches for those who died so senselessly in Orlando and I pray for their grieving families. I don’t know WHAT I would do if I lost *my* David in a massacre like this.

    In New York City, the top of the Empire State Building is dark tonight, and the spire of One World Trade Center is lit in rainbow colors.

    Donald Trump is not going to get near the White House. No one on this earth deserves to see the USA endure four years of a low rated reality TV show. He is going to implode at some point, take all his toys, and go home.

    Thank you for this post, David and Ben. I love it.

    Love and Hugs to All,


  • Bill S

    This Orlando terror made me feel grief like the loss of loved ones.

    I am thankful for my URD FAMILY

    and knowing you all makes me feel like all the victims at Pulse were my family too.

    Be strong my friends and stay safe!!!


    • Roberto

      And your URD Family wishes you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Bill!!! 🙂 We’re thankful for having you with us (you’ve been part of URD since forever!!) and hope your special day is peaceful, joyful and truly remarkable!!! 🙂


    • Denny

      OMG – it’s your BIRTHDAY, Bill??? HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MY FRIEND!!

      I hope you can feel the love right here, from all of your URD family – to YOU, on your special day!!

      I always smile when I click on the comments, and there’s one from Bill!!

      Love you, Man!


    • Brad

      Hope you have a fantastic birthday, Bill! 🙂

  • Larry

    Beautifully written. Hatred is such an ugly ting, but love will prevail.

  • Roberto

    I was also shocked and extremely sad when I saw the news yesterday. Just horrendous, inhuman. And, as you pointed out, David, this act of terrorism was not random, it targeted the LGBT community. Can’t even imagine what our brothers and sisters are facing in places such as Syria and Iraq… And hate comes from many other directions, but Love is bigger and will always be. And that’s exactly what this wonderful post is about — a tribute to LOVE!!! Outstanding work, guys!! Thank you!!

    Pic #7 is special, but of course I can’t take my eyes off dude #2… BTW, I don’t know when I’ll find the time, but for sure I’ll come back to the two previous posts.

    Hugs and Peace all around,

  • Brad

    I agree wholeheartedly with David’s comments and applaud the selection of these photos. They celebrate various aspects of being a gay man in today’s world.

    Let us hope this tragic event serves as a teachable moment in educating more people about the discrimination and injustices that LGBTQ individuals encounter at some point during our lives.

    Stay strong and peace…

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