Strap it on, bitch!

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  • Jingle

    Oh, you just know that any post that starts with bw’s sweet baboo Jimmy Fanz is gonna be good!! 🙂

    And this set doesn’t disappoint!! Quite the contrary… 48 amazing images!! All of which will be burned in my memory when I go to the gym this afternoon!! 🙂

    Awesome collection!! Straight to the “Best of the Best” folder!! 🙂

    Funny thought occurred to me… Jockstraps are to gay men, what fancy lingerie is to straight men!! 🙂

  • Jingle

    Oh, be sure to check out cute & hot #4… And then his follow-up pic, #30!! 🙂

  • bw

    Jocks straps on men are like frames on a nice piece of art – it defines and emphasizes – especially a lovely hairy hole like Jimmy in No 1, or an absurdly big boner like Bravo Delta in No 7, or a juicy booty like No 7 or 14.
    Jingle – your lad (no. 4) puts the “mushroom” in “mushroom head”.

  • Roberto

    Jockstraps must be quite rare here, but I love how they conveniently leave the guys’ backside unprotected — perfect for a long workout session (#36) or just some pleasant calorie-burning exercises outside the gym (#5, #32, #34). 😉

    It seems dude #17 can’t wait long to set his cock free and put it into use, but I could provide him with a warmer and much tighter hole, which would mean a much more enjoyable experience…

    I don’t have any problems whatsoever with #13’s fetish: I’d kiss him and sniff the underwear on his face while shaking that couch!

    I concur with bw: unruly and provocative #14 is juicy. I quite like #2, #10 and #21 too.

    Jingle just pointed out #1 (Jimmy Fanz) and #4/#30 (nice catch), but I bet that #19 is TJM. 😉 I also bet that Brad wouldn’t complain about enjoying some hot coffee and cuddling with #39 (handsome stud, nice ass, great pic).

    The hairy fellas in #22 and #46 — oh, my! So my type… but they’re busy… and I’m having enough difficulty trying to choose among #3, #6, #8, #16 (those pits are just calling my tongue), #24, #25 and #26… All beautiful, so hot, so yummy… but I guess I’ll start my exercises with #26!

    Awesome post!

  • Anthony

    Looks like Beto and I both have our eyes on #s 6 and 8. Both of them are hot!

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