Suits us!

Back on January 30th, “Denny” commented, saying:
“If you are looking for post requests – I could ALWAYS go for FCCO, and, in the same post, sexy guys in suits. Maybe falling out of their suits…maybe getting fucked with their suit pants around their ankles by some trashy dude who just pulled his hard male organ out of the fly of his ripped jeans… DAMN, DENNY!!! You don’t want MUCH, DO ya!!! lololol”
Our last “neckties’ post was on May 25, 2016 – and our only “fcco suits” post was way back on October 4, 2013 – so it’s about time for another. Thanks for a great post request, Denny… and mostly, thank you for being our friend! xoxo

5 comments to Suits us!

  • Jingle

    I’d hate like hell to pay the Dry Cleaning bill!!

    • Denny

      LOL – the dry cleaning bill! You’re crackin’ me up, Jingle. But wait a minute – Monica Lewinsky had “The Dress” – every guy should have a Monica Lewinski suit, no??? 🙂

      I’m gonna be fantasizing all day about #19 – how they got to that point, and what comes next.

      And, in #21, I would definitely like to be Mr. Yellow tie!!!

      Thanks for the post, David/Ben. I am proud to be in the URD circle of friends!!

  • bw

    I wore suits for all those years I was a corporate puke – and spent tens of thousands of dollars trying to look nice – so I don’t find suits a sexual item. But there are some fine looking lads in this post. No 48 for you non-porn fans are the leading men from the British studio Brazzers – Danny D (now straight), and the Spanish kid who has become a star next to him – don’t know who the dude on the right is.

  • Bill S

    My fav is #20 — you can feel the need. Just drop your pants, throw open your shirt and let me at it! (-;

    I’m experiencing the most snow in 20 years here (about 15″ in 4 days). And in the mountain passes; some 55″ in 48 hours! We WERER having a mild El Nino year! Oh my.
    Last year I was in Florida! (-:

    But now, it’s time to dig out!!


  • unrulyadmin

    Hey, Bill. We should ALL be in Florida right now. Living in the KC Northland this winter has been a lot like living in Fargo (or Siberia).

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