Suits us.

The deal is… I’ve never owned a suit. Never wanted to. My Mom insisted I had to wear a suit to high school graduation… so she took my brother’s suit and hemmed up the pants some… and I wore it and walked across the stage feeling… umm… just kind of dumb… or whatever. I mean, it was what my Mom wanted… and I’m good with that because she’s my Mom… but I’m just a jeans and sneakers kind of guy… and I don’t wear socks with my sneaks.
And I don’t mean to be a bad sport… but I just wanta get this cast off my arm… and I don’t care if it stinks. I don’t care… and I know David doesn’t either.

Our attorney called this afternoon after I got home from school. He said the lawyer for the girl’s insurance company called him with an offer. He said it was ridiculous… but he couldn’t refuse it without my “informed consent.”
I asked him what I should do.
He said, “If I were you, I’d say something like ‘take your stupid offer and stick it up your ass.'” So I told him to just say “It’s not complicated. We’ll see you in court.”
He said that was a good response, and he’d relay it to the girl’s attorney.

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  • ray

    I don’t own a suit, either. I’ve always thought thar they are unbecoming to most guys, so the pictures show the exceptions…very erotic!
    Best wishes to you!

  • Jingle

    Oh my… Fine set of fantasies you’ve given us here!!

    You know, in this context, the suits & shirts & ties are every bit as fetishy as leather or rubber!!

    Back later for more… 🙂

  • Bill S

    I think the suit fetish is just breaking taboos — sex at “the office” and #4 sex at school…. just bad ass boys breakin’ all the rules!!!


  • Brad

    I have never felt comfortable in suits and only wear them when I am absolutely required. I guess this is because I grew up on a farm wearing jeans all the time. I must admit some guys look very handsome in suits like numbers 6, 9, 15, 18, 30, and 39, and I would not turn them away if any knocked on my door… 😉

    My experience with insurance companies is they will start with a low offer hoping you won’t want the hassle of a trial, but they often want to avoid a trial themselves and will make a more serious offer when they know you don’t mind going to court. (I love your attorney’s advice… 🙂 )

    Thanks for a great post, Ben!

  • Fred in Motul

    Gosh, how I HATE Suits, not that some of these guys don’t look great in and or half out of them. One of the happier parts of retiring for me was finally donating both of my suits to Good Will. I am a shorts and flip flops kind of guy. We once won a fancy award, which I had to receive, and I felt I had dressed up for the occasion because I wore long pants. My hosts were not as casual as I was, for sure.

    Great news from the lawyer actually. Hold your ground, they need to pay up. Has she been charged, and / or a trial set for her?

    You will be released from the cast, and then the real recovery can begin. Washing it with warm soapy water will be heaven for you. Stink will fade to a distant memory as will all of this mess, thankfully.

    Glad you are feeling better and keep up the good work. Rest too!! Very glad for you both that you are on the mend.

    Fred and Chuck

  • bw

    The insurance company has to start somewhere, and as any smart neogtiator will tell you, whoever puts out a number first loses. They know, just like your attorney, what this case is worth.
    BUt as for the suit thing, I guess I am old fashioned, but I think every man over the age of 15 should own a decent suit, just in case, or at least a nice blue blazer and charcoal slacks – you can do anything with that.
    When I left the corporate world the total value of my suits would have bought a decent used car – I wore Southwick suits and I did look the part of the corporate puke. So this post kind of brings back memories- few of them good. I did like the two British lads in no 33 with thier willies hanging out.

  • Jingle

    Ben, sweetheart… no socks with your sneaks?? You know that’s bad for your feet and hard on your shoes!! Just sayin’…

    And I wonder if we’re saying too much about the accident, and the pending litigation?? OK, enough “daddy lecture”!!

    Now, on to the post…

    #4 is a little male Lolita!! haha
    #7 is stunning!! I’d love to lick that drop of cum off his finger!!
    Why the defiant glare #13?? You’re hot, your dick is gorgeous, and I’m gonna suck you off!! 🙂
    Oh to encounter bangin’ hot #19 in the stairwell!!
    #20 is a crazy hot badass, who’d look good in (or out of) anything!!
    I must admit I was quite distracted by the macabre items in the glass curio next to #24!!
    I think Honda could build an ad campaign around #29!! In the right publications, anyway!! 🙂 haha
    bw is right about the English schoolboys in #33!! Too cute!! (He’s right about owning at least one decent suit, too!!)
    Hmm… #39’s shoes and belt don’t match… 🙁
    #43 is rockin’ hot and unruly!! And a little funny, too!!

    But if any of these fantasies could be realized, it would have to be #15/35!! See, he’s already getting more comfortable for me!! 🙂

    Naughty hot fun!!

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