Takin’ the leap!

While we’re chillin’ at Table Rock Lake, we’re sending our best wishes to everyone for a wonderful, happy, safe, fun-filled Labor Day holiday. We love you guys!

8 comments to Takin’ the leap!

  • Jingle

    Ah, the exhilaration and exuberance of Sweet Youth!! ?

    (Although #15 looks like a horrible accident looking for a place to happen!! Yikes!!)

    Wouldn’t mind skinny-dipping with #19!! We’d probably do a few things that frightened fish!! ? haha

  • Brad

    This is the most appropriate post to celebrate the unofficial end to summer–the season of youthful fun! 😉 (Lucky Beto! His spring and summer are coming… 🙂 Maybe, these will inspire him… 😉 )

    Since nearly all of these pics are H2T and my favorite… 😉 (Thanks, Ben & David!), I can’t name favorites, but if Jingle doesn’t mind, I will skinny-dip with him and #19… 😉

    Hope everyone had a great Labor Day weekend!

  • FredinMotul

    So youthful and fun! Great selections all around. Enjoy your Labor Day Break. Reality returns really soon!

  • Tim from MO

    What a fun post! Made me smile….very enjoyable!

  • ray

    Flying guys…I wonder if the impact isn’t likely to be painful? Great post for summer’s end!


  • Roberto

    Ray is so right: these guys are FLYING!! Really beautiful and hot fellas experiencing the thrilling sense of freedom in such gorgeous places make this post one of the most creative and delightful you’ve ever done!! A masterpiece!!!

    Hope your weekend at the lake has been as fun and enjoyable as this!! 😉 And thank you for pre-posting this set and the unrulybois one — once again a very considerate gesture of you guys!


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