Testosterone, baby. Lots and lots of testosterone!

5 comments to Testosterone, baby. Lots and lots of testosterone!

  • Jingle

    If you’re using “Testosterone” as a euphemism for hunky humpy fuzzy furry BEAUTIFUL, but thoroughly masculine, studly MEN; with ginormous gorgeous cocks… You totally nailed it!!!!! Holy Shit!!

    Hope my work day goes by quickly, so I can get back home and drool over each and every ASTOUNDING image!!

    No doubt I’ll be day-dreaming about PERFECT #2/7!!!!!

  • Bill S

    For me, it was love at first sight! Number thirty six.

    36 36 36 36 36 36 36 36


  • Bill S

    BTW: “Daddy’s Boy!” on URD Tumblr is a boy after my own heart! He’s had lots of practice at such a young age!!!

    I’d say you guys are keeping the video-blog going JUST FINE!!! (-:


  • Jingle

    WOW!! WHEW!!! WHOA!!!!!

    Image after amazing image… The stuff that Dreams and Fantasies are made of!!

    But ya know, after having a nice long Second Look at this outstanding collection, there’s one that really does stand out for me… #23!! What a wonderful guy!! Bald and beautiful, and all the other physical attributes I look for in a man!! I’d love to go wading with him… perhaps a little skinny-dipping… and all in good time, we could a few things that frighten fish!!


  • Brad

    Jingle’s comments are exactly what I am thinking–every photo has some amazing manly beauty to admire. I can’t pick a favorite with so many bearded hunks here… 😉 Sorry to have missed this collection on its debut, but very glad to have seen it on the weekend! 😉

    Thanks, guys!

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