The Benson twins – John and Joe

Unrulydude is forever grateful for the comments we receive from our viewers and CCC… and sometimes, like now, we’re absolutely amazed. The knowledge and contributions of our friend “bw” are truly in “a league of their own.”
After yesterday’s “brostaches” post, he commented (in part), saying:
“the twins in NO 48 were (I think) the Benson twins – and that’s about all I know. But I do know I would love to run my fingers through the fur on their chests.”
The name was all we needed to send us off on an internet search to find “the Benson twins” and, sure enough, here they are… Playgirl’s centerfold dudes from the September, 1983 issue.
Ummm… let’s see. IF they were 20 years old when these pics were taken (our guess), they’d be about 55 today. Bet they’re still HOT!
So, here’s a little “bonus post” thanks to “bw”. Babe, we’ve said it before and we’re saying it now… you’re a TREASURE and we LOVE YOU!

8 comments to The Benson twins – John and Joe

  • Jingle

    Pic #12 proves what I suspected all along… They were growers, not showers!! 🙂 Quite amazing how alike their balls are!!

  • Lurker

    Howdy! I’ve been lurking your blog since … I don’t even know when. I remember you going offline for a while back in the day and coming back, though, so it’s been a while. Figured it’s about time I come out of the shadows to say thank you.

    I like to hit up any number of places for eye candy now and again, but I always come back to you. You have consistently posted the best collection I’ve ever seen. My tastes vary. Tighty whities. Small / normal sized dudes. Casual group nudity. Circle jerks. All these things come up regularly here.

    And in addition to that, some of the random things you post? I’ve lost count of the number of things I’ve come across here and said “okay, that’s hot” that I’d never have thought to look for before I saw it here.

    There’s also something to be said for the fact that you post updates about your family and your life. I’m not one of those all-about-the-porn people – I like knowing those who share my interests are actual human beings, so that part of your site draws me back as well. Plus, having gotten to know you through your writings, I can say you’re the decent sort of people I’d go out for a drink with.

    So, thank you all around. Keep up the fantastic work!

  • unrulyadmin

    Thank you, Lurker. We love doing the blog, and comments like yours are what makes it fun. Hope you’ll comment from time-to-time. We love hearing from you!
    David and Ben

  • A Bear

    Such beautiful men and probably wasted on heterosexuality 🙂

  • Denny

    Did a “where are they now” Google search on this handsome pair. Nothing.

    It would indeed be interesting to see how they look after the big “five-oh” caught up to them.

  • bw

    I’m a size queen like all of us (I guess I’m an old queen as well) but it’s nice to see two beauties with just regular old average dicks (but I agree with Jingle they are growers as well). Because this was Playgirl we did not get any butt shots, but I bet they were things of furry beauty.
    I’m thinking these two are both hot dads if not granddads, and would love to see what they look like now. I’d still run my fingers through the fur on their chests.
    Welcome Lurker – don’t be a stranger!

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