The better to hear you with!

Back in December, 2015, our buddy “Jingle” commented, saying:
“Anthony mentioned (among other things) #47’s ears!! I’m still thinking a post focused on ears (pierced or not) could be fun…”
We did an “Ears” post then – and have been collecting pics ever since. Hope this little auditory adventure is a much fun for you as it is for us!

Hey, guys. It’s Cal. I talked with Ben yesterday evening and asked him if he’d do a post I could “tag-on” to. He said “Sure. Since you’re gonna be talking about Chance’s hearing, how about an ‘ears’ post’?” I told him that sounded appropriate 🙂
Here’s an update on Chance’s hearing. It’s been three weeks since his implant was turned on and his progress is amazing. We took him for a check-up with his medical team yesterday and they said everything “looks perfect.” We talked about his training with Roberta, Dub, Alex, Bella and me (and the Northland gang) and the lead-doctor said not to change a thing we’re doing.
Here’s an interesting thing: On Sunday night after we’d been over at Keon and Rick’s place for the Chiefs-Titans game (and fireworks afterwards) I went into his room and he was playing on his I-Pad… wearing his ear muffs. I said “Hey, bud. What’s going on with the muffs?” He took them off, then grinned and said “I really like that I can hear now, but sometimes there’s too many sounds. I like to shut them off for a little while.”
We mentioned that to his medical team and they said it was a normal reaction and not to be concerned about it. He’s a champ and we’re sure he’ll be fine!
On another subject, my Mum and Dad will be arriving back at KCI Saturday. We’ve skyped with them several times while they’ve been in Australia and they’ve really missed the kids and are looking forward to being home. They have been devastated about all the fire damage down there and are furious about the Prime Minister’s refusal to make policy changes to combat climate change. Mum says “he’s a greedy, ignorant asshole – just like Trump.” One things for sure about my Mum… she’s always happy to share her opinions 🙂

11 comments to The better to hear you with!

  • FredinMotul

    So, after years of forced Quiet Time, Chance now chooses it! Really neat. Wonderful news for your family and the Northland Crew. Excellent post. Guests still here and yet another party tomorrow that I thankfully do not have to do a thing for, but show up. This old man is getting tired!! Thanks for the diversion Men!! Carry On!!

  • Denny

    Cal, it’s great to hear from you, Man – as always. Before I say another word I must say I love your Mum’s political views, both U.S.A. and downunder!! I’m sure Scott feels the same way, so you have some great parents there!!

    And Chance has some great parents too. I don’t know why it occurred to me while watching the football game last Sunday, with all the Northland Gang whooping and hollering for joy, but I found myself wondering what all the auditory overload might be doing to Chance. It’s good to hear that the doctors deemed it normal and VERY good to know that he coped with it afterward, in his own way. A champ indeed – and he is YOUR son!!!

    I can’t say I have ever been attracted to, nor repelled by, any guy because of his ears but, that’s just me. I’ll be back to check out the other “ass”-ets of these hotties later.

    Thank you, David, AND Cal!!

  • ray

    Thanks for the update, I hope things will continue to be that way!
    Now this is the first time my attention is drawn to ears, but I think I will be judging the guys by something else…


  • Jingle

    “All the better to hear you, my dear!!” 🙂

    Oh my, what a dour expression fuzzy furry hunky humpy, crazy hot #26 is wearing!! Bet my left nut his expression, and his attitude, changes for the better when I slip my tongue in his lovely foreskin, and… 🙂

    • bw

      Jingle, I think he’s grumpy because he has hair everywhere – except on his head.
      Fun fact of the day – ears, particularly on men, are the only part of your body that grows throughout your life (except for your belly and that is different). Thus when you get behind an old man in a Crown Victoria going 20 miles under the speed limit, you can see those big ole ears sticking out.

  • Bill S

    I think I experienced, in a small way, what Chance is experiencing. When I was getting used to my hearing aids, I found that most of the now clear sounds were the annoying ones! The tick-tock of a clock, the humming of a far off lawn mower, things like that. After two years I no longer find those sounds to be so annoying. So I bet Chance will get used to his hearing in short order! It really is a MIRACLE! (-:

    I notice ears if they are too big, too small, or stick out too much! Otherwise they are just “there!”


  • Alexander

    Thanks for tha Chance update. Learned from friends that when the CI is turned on, it is like 100% noise of a 13-lane Los Angeles freeway coming straight at you. Chance has done a hero’s job learning to discriminate. Does he have a pair of noise reducing headphones i.e. Bose or Sony? The have small microphones to assess backgroud noise and produce anti-noise soundwaves to wipe it out. They produce a nice level of quiet.
    Go Chance!!! Go Chiefs!!! Have a great Northland weekend.

    • unrulyadmin

      Wow! I can’t believe we haven’t thought of noise-cancelling headphones. I also wonder why Chance’s doctors didn’t suggest this. We’re headed to Best Buy as soon as he gets home this afternoon to get him some. THANK YOU, Alexander !!!

  • JiEL

    Ears like nice little special ears are one of my fetish man body parts.
    Some ears like the ones of Colton Haynes, Steven Strait, Stephen Amell or Russell Tovey makes me very excited.

    I love to lick ears and get mine licked also.

  • Jingle

    While most of these great dudes are a bit young, and slight-of-build, for me; I can nonetheless enjoy their darling Ears, and other fine attributes!! 🙂

    Our lead-off man, #1, is crazy hot!! As is slut #33!!
    If you fancy male Lolita #8 at all, check him out completely nude in #45!! I dig his nice boulder balls!! 😉
    Besides the cutie-pie in #9, I’m struck by the beautiful Orchids!! (And part of the word on his right pec has been air-brushed out!!)
    Interesting photo-art on the wall behind #10!!
    LOVE it when a dude offers up his dick for worship like #14!! I rather like that French Empire chair, as well!! I could find room for that in my house!! 🙂 The chair, and the dude!! 🙂 haha
    Junior hunk stud #15!! WOW!!
    Oh, hold on #17!! I’ll receive your load!! (I guess #30 couldn’t wait!!)
    Aww… #19 is a d-o-l-l, doll!! As is bright-eyed, well-inked, #39!! And slut #43!!
    #21 reminds me of the sort of thing you could see on any given Summer day on a sandbar in the River!!
    Another wonderful junior hunk stud, #22 could just as easily be included in a “Nice Nipples” post!! 🙂
    Hot Damn!!… Two things to enjoy in #25!!… The dirty-hot Latino rough trade that stopped by for a blowjob; and that stunning Ormolu demi-lune console table!!
    YOWZA!! Shower guy #36 is the ideal Trophy Husband!! All that, and I bet my left nut he has a great stock portfolio, too!! 🙂 haha
    LOVE rockin’ hot #38’s double diamond stud earrings!! I used to rock that look back in the day!!…
    #40’s dick slip is no accident!!
    #44 is a fubar’ed photo-shop train wreck!! Pffft!!
    And then there’s our clean-up man, #48!! I have always enjoyed a “Big Finish”!! 🙂

    All that being said, I still have an especial fondness for sour-pussed, fuzzy furry hunky humpy, bangin’ hot #26!! He’ll happy up once #1, #33, and I go to town on him!! 🙂

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