…the better to hear you with…

Jingle commented on our last post, saying “Awesome #8 (pic #1 here) is a return visitor!! His new Butterfly tattoo pretty much conceals his Stag’s Head!! As I’ve mentioned before, I dig his cute ears!!”
And that got me thinking about “ears” and I checked and saw we haven’t done a post about them since December, 2015. Hey, everyone has ’em… and some of ’em are really HOT. Hope these dudes awaken your auditory senses… and maybe some others as well 🙂

6 comments to …the better to hear you with…

  • Jingle

    “All the better to hear you, my dear!!” 😄

    Some days picking a “Dude of the Day” is a real conundrum, other days it’s a slam dunk!! Today is a slam dunk… You better believe it’s fuzzy furry hunky humpy, bangin’ hot big boy #5!! He has many charms besides cute ears!! 😋 And clearly he enjoys nipple play!! Two clues to that – The way he’s tweaking his own, and he trimmed his lovely chest hair to give me a better view of, and better access to, his gumdrops!! 😀

    Delightful post!! I’ll be back many times, I’m sure!!

  • Larry

    I can take or leave the ears, but this could be a “smile post” as most of these hot guys are grinning. Of course, # 22 is my fav, but I would like to attempt to take # 43

  • Denny

    A hot wet tongue skillfully applied to your man’s ear is a surefire way to get the party started.
    I’d like to try it on #16 before moving on to his nips and pits. 👅👅👅

  • Roberto

    I for one am doomed to doubt, and it’s you guys’ fault. 😛 Here I find myself in trouble trying to decide among shower beauty #13 (will he let me wash his back?), super cuties #17 (look at those furry pits and legs!) and #36 (I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s from the state of Amazonas, really has that native look), and furry #45 (already impatient and eager for fun, hehe). #35 and #42 are other really tempting cuties – love how natural they look.

    It seems your stud #5 has got a hairy crack, Jingle, among other assets. 😉 And Bill will be delighted to see his Micky boy again (#41). 🙂

    Thanks for another delicious post, guys!

  • Jingle


    Hey!! #2, 4, and 11 are all posed in the same setting!!
    Could #6 and #10 be the same dude?!?!
    Ginger #7 is adorable!! 🙂 (And pretty junk!!) The same goes for Denny Dearheart’s #16!!
    Hot & Handsome, fuzzy furry hunky humpy #9/12 (same dude!!) is bangin’ hot!!
    Not really a big fan of sullen #17, but the chair is lovely!!
    Chipper #20!!… Oh my, that’s quite a schlong!! 🙂 haha
    Junior hunk stud #23 would be soo much cuter if he’d relax a bit and smile!!
    If cutie-patootie #27 doesn’t maintain a healthy weight as he matures, he’s gonna develop “moobs”!! Yipes!! (GREAT pubic dimple and pretty cock!!)
    Oh yes, #28, you just stay like that while I…
    Dang!! Sultry, sexy, junior hunk stud #30’s cockhead is fantastic!!
    Pic #33 offers us two delights!! The crazy rockin’ hot dude, and a sleek modern urban setting!!
    OK, this is quite bizarre, and I’ll own it; but doesn’t it look like poor #35 has a spear through his skull?!?!
    Junior hunk stud is awesome!! And he must have a generous amount of foreskin if his glans is still fully covered when he has a roaring hard-on!! WOW!!
    #38’s cock and well-balanced balls are gorgeous!! (And you know I dig those plaid shorts!! 🙂 )
    Uncut #39 and his neighbour, cut #40, have a very similar devilish “look”!! I like it!! 🙂
    I wonder how fluffy junior hunk stud #41’s bush is when it’s dry?!?! (Not unlike #23, he’d be much cuter if he’d lighten up a bit and smile!!)
    Larry Lover’s #43 has quite the set of low-hangers!! And Larry, I have no doubt you couls “take” him!! 🙂
    If Girth is your thing, look no further than #45!! WHEW!!!
    Promise me a view across the room like #48, and I’ll spend a helluva lot more time at Dunkin’ Donuts!! 🙂 haha

    My initial attraction to HOT #5 has lost none of it’s luster!!… But if #9/12 would like to stop by…

    BIG naughty fun!! Thanks for this great post!!

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