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Dub’s granny mentioned on Sunday that she thought maybe Dub was having some vision problems. I said I hadn’t noticed it, but we’d have it checked out. So David called a friend who is an ophthalmologist – who referred us to a pediatric ophthalmologist. We took the little dude to see him today and found out that he has fairly significant farsightedness. He’ll be getting glasses on Friday. The doctor thinks his vision may be corrected by just wearing glasses for a time – and says that if not, we can consider lasik surgery later on.
Dub is fine with it – and even thinks glasses are kind of cool – but I’m feeling like a real jerk for not having noticed the problem myself. David said if I was a jerk – so was he – because neither of us had noticed the problem. There’s a whole lot more to this parenting thing than I ever realized.

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  • Jingle

    I’d make passes at quite a few of these so-called “geeks” in glasses!!

    Several of these hot horny dudes are offering up some mighty tempting invitations!! Most notably blazin’ hot #35!! The queue forms here…

    Action pics #5 and #13 are extraordinarily hot!! WOW!!

    #48 is crazy rockin’ hot!! TJM!! And I’m guessing from what we can see of the background, that he’s “hangin’ out” in a theatre… Soo trashy, soo unruly!! I’d throw caution to the wind and blow him on the spot!! 🙂

    But oh holy hell, I keep goin’ back to my instant favourite; fuzzy furry, pierced & tattooed, bangin’ hot #6!! Yeah, I know, a bit leaner than my usual type… But how can I refuse that face, that furry body, and that beautiful cock & balls?!?! Damn!! You just know when he gets hard, his cock will be just like the gorgeous one being slurped on in #13!! Yupperz, that’s my guy today!!

    Fun, naughty, sexy post!! BIG fun!!

  • Denny

    Good for Granny for catching the farsightedness, but you and David don’t need to be kicking yourselves for not noticing.

    I’m pretty sure Ms. Pam didn’t notice it either, or wouldn’t she have mentioned it to you?

    Now Dub may be even more interested in “reading” his picture books.

    The important thing is, when you found out about the problem, you acted on it and corrected it.

    You two are GREAT daddies.

    Be back later to devour all the hotties in this post. Just at a quick glance, #25 is giving me the twitches in my britches, and so is #26. So is #32. And #33 is REALLY getting my motor humming!!

  • Bill S

    Join the club! I was very near-sighted when born. Who could tell? Nobody at first. To the kid, it’s just normal. It wasn’t until the first grade when the teacher sent me home with a note, “Billy sits in the front of the class but he squints at the blackboard. I think he needs glasses.”

    As Denny says, “You don’t need to be kicking yourselves…” and now, Dub has more “jewelry!”


  • bw

    Granny has a lot more experience raising kids – and besides, it’s not like Dub was sitting around reading Harry Potter books and holding them up close to see (at least not yet – he’ll be reading early I’m guessing). So don’t feel guilty for even a minute.
    Glasses are part of life, and when I look at a little otter like NO 6 – glasses are not what I focus on (bad pun I know).

  • Anthony

    Yes yes YES! So many hot dudes here!

    #1 already had me hooked. Hot dude and I love his hair.

    I’m with Jingle on #6. What a hairy fucker! And look at that smile. He knows he’s hot stuff.

    #10 is cute. He looks a bit bored. Probably waiting for his pal to come over and suck him dry.

    #17 knows you want some (I mean all) of him. I sure as hell wouldn’t pass him up.

    Look at #19. I bet you wouldn’t expect such a hairy bush on the guy as you’re undressing him. That trail of his really is leading to a treasure.

    I think I’ve seen #20 on this blog before and I wouldn’t mind seeing him again. Cute guy, nice body, and a nice dick. He looks like he would be fun to hang with.

    Love #21 and his whole look. What a hefty looking package he has! Does he have a big ol’ dick or some huge balls? Mystery makes it all hotter.

    Denny I see #32 too. Don’t you just want to lick his smooth thighs and bury your nose in his crotch?

    Gentlemen we have come to #38. Literally has me drooling over here. Just hurry up and get nice and clean so we can go and get nice and sweaty!

    #40 looks like a dude I see walk from the subway every evening. Hot guy.

    So many sexy men in the world. Not fair I’ll never get to meet them all.

    Love the post David ad Ben. And don’t worry about missing Dub’s eyesight problem. it doesn’t mean you’re bad parents.

  • Larry

    Men do make passes at guys who wear glasses! I like # 20 that Anthony likes and #47.

    I will have to line up behind Jingle for a chance to get in #35’s hole. I am sure he can handle more than one of us!

    Wait until Dub starts losing teeth. Childhood can be complicated.

  • Roberto

    Ben, as Bill noted, this is the type of thing that teachers notice in elementary school. And sometimes we find out things out of the blue, in a casual way: perhaps granny (Annie?) was pointing to some plants and flowers and noticed Dub was having some difficulty seeing or distinguishing them from a certain distance. Also, she has way more experience than you and David, as bw so wisely said (once again). And Denny nailed it by saying you acted promptly on the issue. So, no reason whatsoever to be upset.

    This is another post that proves glasses don’t make guys any less hot. I’ll be back later to fully enjoy these real and sexy dudes!


  • Brad

    I always have found guys with glasses attractive even though I don’t wear glasses… 😉 There are several “geeky” guys that are hot, in my opinion (#6, 8, 11, 24, 26, 33, 38, & 47).

    Today, I have two “Dudes/Geeks of the Day”…Denny’s #33 and Anthony’s #38. Both are very attractive!

    Ben, I agree with the others who have said not to “beat” yourself up for missing Dub’s vision issues. The important thing is that it was identified and will be corrected soon, and Dub is not upset by it. As you may we recall, many of us told you (& David) that raising a child is not easy, and don’t be afraid to ask for help when necessary…well, help came without asking.

    I am a firm believer that it takes many to raise a child and do it well. Dub is very lucky to have David and you for parents, his grandparents, and your friends. All of whom care very much for the little dude and his well-being. It’s a “team effort” and I am sure Dub enjoys having so many wonderful people in his life… 🙂

  • ray

    What the others said, don’t blame yourselves for anything! You have no fault in this whatsoever!
    Love this post! I wear glasses myself, howcome that nobody…


  • Roberto

    I was instantly captivated by bloody freaking hot #6, but Jingle already picked him and I see he is also bw’s favorite and one of Anthony’s and Brad’s favorites, so he sure has got a lot of attention!

    Asian boy #2 has a gorgeous junk.

    That underwear in #5 just makes our imagination run wild thinking of the heavenly rimming the beautiful boy must be getting…

    #8 looks so appetizing relaxing with his arms open like that, showing off his pits… I’d be all over those pits in a blink of an eye, and after making them wetter than you can imagine I’d enjoy the taste of the rest of his body.

    I agree with Anthony that #10 is cute, and we have the same physique, so it’s a good match, although I miss a bush there to lick and sniff.

    I’m getting horny vibes from #12. He’s cute and has nice hairy legs…

    Cocksucker #13 is so beautiful! And so is the cock he’s degusting!

    I can see why Denny and Brad are attracted to crazy hot #26: that fella will make the bed shake as soon as his cock finds a mouth or hole to throb in and pound.

    #27 has many charms as well…

    #31 is cute and looks even more delicious with that cum dripping from his beautiful pecker. I volunteer to clean him up…

    Oh, #32, you’re such a hot teaser! Utterly erotic, amazing pic!

    I share Larry’s enthusiasm for #35 and #47, and I see Brad has an eye on the latter too. As for Brad’s #38, that hairy body is a masterpiece, no doubt…

    Aside from #6, my top 3 dudes are: nude cyclist #19, cute and fucking blazing hot #24 and Mr. “Amar Sin Miedo” (“To Love Without Fear”), #34. Yes, Anthony, even in this manscaping era, I still expect (or hope for, or dream of) a pentelhudo like #19, and I think there is enough hair there for both of us. 😉 Brad, can we alternate working on #24’s cock and hole? And, as no one else mentioned him, I’ll have cute, lean and super hot #34 all for myself… 😉

    Great post, Ben & David!

    • Jingle

      Beto, meu amante, on my dad’s ass, I was going to ask you to translate #34’s motto tattoo!! 🙂

      Thank you soo much!! He’s all yours, babe!! 🙂

    • Brad

      Beto, meu amigo, alternating between #24’s cock and hole sounds like a splendid idea! I know where you want to start… 😉

      Desejando-lhe uma noite maravilhosa!


  • Denny

    While I still feel that my original choices, #25, #26, #32 and #33 are volcano hot, I am ridiculously smitten by #33 – what a beautiful, well cared for body!! What a beautiful face as well!!
    This is definitely marriage material.

    I love the way his chest hair curls upward into the hollow of his throat, where it would look so-o sexy spilling over from the top of a white sleeveless tee shirt. Whew!! Is it getting hot in here or what!!

    Beto, please, I must enlist your keen powers of observation and your phenomenal memory to let me know if he appears in any future posts!!

    So. #33. Dude of the Day? Hell, YEAH!!!!

    Bigtime hugs,


  • Kent

    Hey Ben and David. Guys in glasses have always caught my eye, as many of these hot guys in this post do. Thanks for sharing.

    Dub is so fortunate to have you as his Dads. You’re doing a great job!


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