The “eyes” have it!

We don’t know why… but for some reason, this post makes us think of our buddy “Jingle” 🙂

As you know, the AFC championship game between the Chiefs and Patriots is at Arrowhead stadium on Sunday. Yesterday morning, I had a phone call from a business associate offering me 3 tickets in a luxury suite for Sunday’s game. A very generous offer! Since the forecast is for an outside temp of ONE DEGREE at kickoff, that’d be the only way I’d consider going to the game. I texted Ben at work to tell him about the offer and ask him what he thought. He said he’d talk with Dub at the next class break and text me back. He did… and I called my friend, thanked him profusely and declined the tickets. Here’s how Ben tells me his conversation with Dub went:
Ben: “David just texted me. He can get 3 tickets for the Chiefs’ game
Sunday. They’re in a luxury suite so we’d be inside and warm.”
Dub: “What about our friends? Can we take them?”
Ben: “There are just 3 tickets. It’d just be you and me and David.”
Dub: “Do we have to go?”
Ben: “No. But it’s a chance to be at the stadium to see the game in
Dub: “It wouldn’t be much fun if our friends weren’t there. Watchin’ it
with them is what’s fun.”
Ben: “If you’d rather, I can text David and tell him we’d rather invite
our friends over and watch the game at home with them.”
Dub: (grinning) “Yeah. That’d be good.”
So that’s the deal. We’ve invited everyone to our house to watch the game on t.v. Actually, I agree with Dub. It’s not watching the game that’s important – it’s watching it with friends! GO CHIEFS!

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  • FredinMotul

    I am constantly amazed by Dub’s insightful grasp of the big picture! Awe inspiring. Doubt many others his age or even older are this level headed. Enjoy the game, and , of course , every day that you spend together !

    • Larry

      Ditto that!

      Rooting for the Chiefs is a no briner. Brady said it himself this week, “everyone thinks we suck”. Now if they sucked like the guys in this post, that would be a different matter!

  • Alexander

    Leave it to Dub for finding the true joy of playoff games!!!

    “It wouldn’t be much fun if our friends weren’t there. Watchin’ it
    with them is what’s fun.”

    It’s going to be a great game. I belive in the Chiefs!!!
    Go Dub! Go Friends!! Go Chiefs!!!


  • ray

    #15 for me! I love those dark beauties I call “romantic”!

    Dub is, as alwys exceptional! Have fun!

  • Jingle

    Made you think of me?!?!… Why you say the sweetest things!! 😀

    That was Praise, not Condemnation, right?!?! 😆

    Ahh… The Cocksucker’s Gaze of Devotion!!

    Fantastic post!! LOVE it!!

  • Tim from MO

    #39: Ralphie. “You’ll shoot your eye out, you’ll shoot your eye out!”

    • Bill S

      Tim! I have been missing you and your wit!


    • unrulyadmin

      Tim. Wonderful to hear from you. You and your family are in our constant prayers. xoxo

      • Tim from MO

        I haven’t commented much in a while, although I’ve still been following the posts, and reading the commentary that goes with them, as well as readers comments.
        December was a tough, challenging month with all of the issues surrounding my wife’s illness; I just didn’t have much left in me to feel like adding any comments.
        During December, her White Blood Cell countdropped so low, Chemo treatments were suspended. She had a severe Shingles outbreak, further delaying treatments. While I did everything possible to be of help and support to her, the bottom line was I couldn’t fix it. It’s just so difficult mentally, and emotionally, to watch someone dear to you to suffer like that.
        Her white blood cell count has since rebounded, and she has healed sufficiently from the Shingles to be able to restart the Chemo treatments. If all goes well, her last weekly Chemo treatment will be mid-April, followed by a month off to rest, then a 6-week 5 days per week Radiation treatments. Looking to be finished with everything towards the end of June.

        Very grateful for your many prayers and thoughts…thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart.
        With so much support, and personal perseverance, and the wonderful care of her health providers, we’ll make it through to the other side!

        I received the nice email from you, that you sent last November about this topic, but didn’t see it until sometime in December, as I don’t check that account very frequently. I was going to respond, but in the swirl of things I stupidly cleaned out all of my inbox emails (including all my deleted emails) without realizing I had deleted yours! It’s usually chocked full of Tumbler emails about a new follower, most of which are just bots. It was about two weeks afterwards, that I realized I hadn’t responded to it…and discovered I’d deleted it. Just want to say I’m sorry I never responded, and to explain why. I don’t remember every word of it, but it did make me feel good to know you cared enough to send it.

        Love you guys!

        • Denny

          Hey Tim – I think of you and your family every time I click onto URD, and I’m happy to see your posts on tumblr. Your sense of humor is intact, and that’s a good thing.

          Thanks for the update on your wife. Be strong, hug your daughters, and don’t ever feel that you are alone going through all this.

          Sending you love, hugs, prayers – and constant support, big time.


        • Alexander

          Sorry to read about your wife’s challenges with chemo. You don’t need a stranger to tell you it’s tough duty for both of you.

          As your wife continues chemo…ask them to hang a bag of IV Glutamine. Glutamine is a non essential amino acid.
          It has been shown in studies to help peripheral nerves survive chemo. Chemicals in chemo can cause peripheral neuropathy…painful numbness or tingling. It is inexpensive. It cannot hurt and may help save the nerves in hands, feet and legs.

          Best to you as she wins her fight for health!

        • ray

          Tim, my best wishes for your wife’s recovery and for you too, I wish you to endure all these difficult situations with the necessery strenth! Thanks for updating us!

          Love and hugs

  • Bill S

    I was having trouble finding my favorite pic, but Tim did it for me! It’s gotta be #39!! LOL

    I’ll be watching the game with my URD FRIENDS!!! (-; If I were a betting man, I’d go with Chiefs vs. Saints in the Super Bowl. We’ll see! Go Chiefs!!!


  • bw

    I did not have to finish reading the David’s story to know how it would end – if you look up “loyal” and “devoted” friend in the dictionary you will probably see a reference to Dub.
    I have to go in early today but I will be back to check on these lads later. But a question (motivated by NO 39): am I hypersensitive or does cum really hurt when it gets in your eye? I don’t mean sting a second – I mean hurt for a period of time as well as being red. I realize the answer is to have your lips securely locked around the suckee’s dick, but still …

    • unrulyadmin

      Hey, bw. On a personal note… the first time I ever sucked a dick was through a glory hole in one of those old video booths when I was very young. I didn’t know what to expect and before I knew it, the dude was blowing his load in my mouth and down my throat. It was amazing and I absolutely LOVED it. To this day, I swear, I can still close my eyes and recall the experience and the wonderful taste. I’ll also NEVER forget the day I met Ben. Here’s a bit of what I posted about it:
      “A couple of minutes later he joined me. Hairy arms, scruffy face… jeans, tee shirt, dirty sneaks, nervous. Cute as Hell. I stepped over and put my hand on his crotch. He didn’t object, so I undid his belt and pulled down his jeans. AE boxer trunks. Pulled them down too, and his dick popped up. Figured it was about 6 1/2 or 7 inches hard. Great pubes. Hairy lower belly and legs. Dropped to my knees and started suckin’. Realized he wouldn’t last long… slowed up… licked his balls… he was shakin’ like crazy. Got back on his dick just in time to swallow it as he pumped his load down by throat.”
      I only mention this because since that first night in the video booth, I have never, ever failed to swallow the load of a dude I’m sucking. The pics in this post are mostly just for “show.” Either that, or the dudes don’t know how to suck dick. Jingle, Ben and I know – don’t we guys? !!! xoxo David

  • Denny

    Dub nailed it again – God love that little boy! Even if they served grilled crappie and as-pa-ra-gus muffins all day long in that luxury suite, “It wouldn’t be much fun if our friends weren’t there.” You guys are the linchpin of the Northland Gang.

    AND, while your friends would be enjoying an after game cocktail, you guys would be stuck in the Monster Traffic Jam of the year.

    It’s great to hear from you Tim!! I do believe your #39 is going to have company in #36 any second now, if he doesn’t do something quick.

    bw, while I’m on the subject, let me tell you my experience with cum in the eye. It only happened to me twice. It stings – not burns – but only for a few seconds. Tears will wash it away pretty quick. In my wild and crazy single days, after the first time it happened (in my own back seat), I started carrying a small bottle of eye drops, along with a pack of HandiWipes, for those jokers who would never even try to swallow. lol

    I kinda like #3. He looks like maybe it’s his first time, with all that splooge all over his pecs. At least that’s my interpretation and I refuse to think that it’s prob’ly just a porn pose. 😉

    • bw

      Denny – I don’t mean a little sting – I mean it hurts and looks bad for several hours. I’m embarrassed and sad to say it was always my own – I’ve shot in my own eye more times than I should have.

  • bw

    Do you guys recognize the sucker in NO 1? It is Marcus Iron, who left the mainstream porn business but was freed from the constraints of super safe sex and at Treasure Island made several appearances sucking dick and eating cum. But during the height of his career he was on HGTV several times on Curb Appeal – and all I could think about was his fat dick and furry butt when I watched those episodes.

  • Jingle

    Outstanding post!!… But let’s be honest with ourselves, and each other, my friends/brothers/lovers… These are ALL porn pics!!

    Given the high quality of the photography, the staging, the lighting, the beautifully groomed and coiffed good-looking cocksuckers, the consistently big beautiful well (over??) groomed cocks they’re servicing… it all smacks of professional performers!! Shoosh!!

    That’s why I find professional porn so off-putting!! It’s all so sanitized!! And the obligatory external cumshots to prove the dude got off!! Nah…

    I like “real” guys!! A little rough around the edges, horny as hell, and enjoying the moment because it’s something they don’t get every day!! And when I go down on a dude, I want the Prize!! In my mouth, and down my throat!! 🙂

    • unrulyadmin

      Babe. Sorry to disappoint. Our bad. We should have posted 48 pics of “real” guys, instead of “professional performers.” Hey. That’s a GREAT idea for a post. Why don’t you send us 48 pics of “real” guys who are “a little rough around the edges” sucking dicks and swallowing cum,” and we’ll post ’em.

      • Jingle

        Oh gosh, you didn’t disappoint me at all!! And I sincerely apologize if I came across that way!!!!!

        I just wanted to keep things in their proper perspective… These awesome pics are indeed “show” pieces!!… And quite a show it is!! 😀 😋

        Love you!! Love URD!! With affection and appreciation, John

  • Alexander

    The Kansas City Star may have the last word. From sea to shining sea Patrick Mahomes has the nations attention.
    Here’s the Los Angeles Times…


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