The few. The proud. The up-side down.

I checked my “posted” files… and, apparently this is the first “handstands” post I’ve ever done. Takes me back to when I was about 7 or 8 years old. My friend “Ivan” had an Uncle Bob who would visit from time-to-time – and he could walk on his hands. I don’t mean just do a handstand… but walk on his hands… and not for just a little way… but, like a half-block or more. He always had his shirt off and I’ll never forget my reaction to his tight, muscled body. I made that a personal goal and, by high school… I could do a decent handstand – but – nope – never could walk on my hands. I don’t know if any of these guys could walk on their hands – but they sure look good up-side down!

2 comments to The few. The proud. The up-side down.

  • Jingle

    I don’t know how you cum up with these ideas… But I’m damn glad you do!!

    What lean & strong cores ALL these guys have!!

    I’d like to see #4 without those undies…
    Love the “slips” in #17 & 18!!
    #20 has an amazing ass and ink!! #32’s ass is pretty amazing, too!! And that dude is tall!!
    #25 is just phenomenal!! Did you notice you can see the photographer’s reflection in the mirror?? He’s naked, too!!
    Buff, you must like #28… You posted that pic twice (#41)!! That’s cool… he’s hot!!
    Well, I just wanna torpedo #36!! ;^)
    #37 is off-the-charts!!
    #38 is pefection!!… or is it #43??
    Love #44’s tan-lines!! Among other things…

    GREAT collection!! Love ya, babe!! And thank you!!

  • Bill S

    …like Jingle said.


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