The redder, the better!

It’s probably not fair. I mean, we always talk about Keon. As you know, Ben and I and Dub are all crazy about Keon.
What isn’t fair is we don’t talk much about Rick… and say what we feel about him.
We met Rick at a nursery over by Smithville… and got to know him… and care about him a whole lot. He’s an amazing dude.
What matters is that Rick is one of the most wonderful, most genuine, most totally lovable dudes ever. He’s a beautiful red-headed boy we met and fell in love with. We introduced him to Keon and it was “love at first sight.”
Go figure. A macho black dude… and a sort-of-femine redhead. Two guys who probably didn’t mean to… but, somehow, met… and fell in love.
I don’t know much about anything… but I know that Keon and Rick are the best friends anyone could have.

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  • Jingle

    Mmmm… I have a sudden craving for Gingerbread!! haha

    Always makes me wonder what we’re missing, when every once in a while, WordPress drops a pic…

    The little hunk stud in the last 7 pics is a doll!! 🙂

    Back later for more!!

  • Bill S

    My Rhododendron is doing well. I was actually quite amazed when Ricky met Keon and SPARKS FLEW! A happy day indeed.

    As for this post, I like #30 and #36 —- No I’m not a size-queen as they say. Those two are just beautiful!

    And I’ve learned, from reading the comments, we all have VARIED tastes in men.
    An equal opportunity CCC!!! Ain’t it grand?! (-:


  • Larry

    How is it that the Brits have a thing against “gingers”? Prince Harry is a ginger and one of the most beautiful men in the world.
    I love red heads. Part of my liking of “exotics”, I guess.

    I liked the twinks #24, 25, 29 and 32 and the pissing boys #11 and 34. I like the smiles on #12 and 27.

    As much as somedays I fuss over the super hung guys I really like to work with smaller ones. So much easier to handle in either end. So my favs today are #28 and 35.

    • bw

      Larry – have you seen that very recent picture (maybe from his trip here this week) of Harry walking out of a function wearing a beautifully tailored blue suit – with what appears to be a VPL that confirms that this lad is hung. He has grown into a strikingly handsome young man.

      • Larry

        Once again I have to admit to being out of it. What is a VPL? I saw the nude pics from Las Vegas a couple of years ago and he is hung. This week he is sporting a red beard which should make you guys that like facial hair really happy.

        • bw

          “Visible Penis Line” except in the picture I mentioned it was a visible penis head. I’ll try to find a good link and post it in another reply or maybe Ben could post it so everyone could see.

  • Roberto

    The title is suggestive of other heads!

    No offense to your dear friend Rick or to the way you see him, but these lads seem totally masculine to me and I’m glad they do.

    The spontaneity award should go to #18. So natural, so great! The boy is lovely and has a nice cock.

    My favorites are: #1, 8, 15, 16, 21, 22, 24, 25, 27 (guy getting sucked) and 34 (awesome pic). Now comes the tough part… Yeah, very difficult to pick just one here, but… the more I look at #8’s hole, the more I want it, so I’ll go with him.

    Beautiful set!


  • Denny

    The fact there is no #2 is going to fuck me up a bit here, so let me just clarify:
    the 1st number refers to their location in the row, and the number in parentheses is the one designated by the post.

    I am madly in lust with #3 (#4) – I think it all begins with his smile – and we’ll work down from there.

    #4 (#5) is hot too, especially with that flaming bush!.

    #7 (#8) just makes me wild, offering up that sweet ginger hole.

    #8 (9) is a good one for the next “What’s the Story?” post. What IS he doing…horndawggin’ for the guy at the top of the stairs? 😉

    #9 (designated #10) is a little old for the bangs but somehow they suit him and he does carry off the look of a bad boy looking for fun.

    #12 (#13) What a total cutie!!! I can hear him now, moaning for more.

    #23 (#24) What a HOT tease!! I’d like to bite his big banana right thru his jockeys – for starters.

    I could be here for hours with all these guys. I love them all.

    Impossible for me to choose just one but to get the party started, I’ll lay claim to that sweet 3rd guy in the first row.

    I guess with Ricky and Keon, it’s the classic case of opposites attracting. Whatever works for them works for me. Gotta love it!!

  • Brad

    There’s one thing I have learned about redheads…They are full of surprises! So, I wasn’t surprised when Keon and Rick became a couple…opposites attract… 😉

    Here are my top gingers of this bunch: 15, 16, 23, 24, & 39! I must admit I like the series ginger at the end…His tattoos really stand out on his pale skin… 😉

    Now, I must return to the realities of life…Our water heater is “acting up”…the plumber will be here sometime this afternoon…

    • bw

      I hope you don’t have to replace it – if you do, you will discover that a run of the mill water heater costs at least $300-400 more than it did last year thanks to the government ‘helping’ look after you. And it it’s gas and you don’t have a 110 volt line nearby, you will get to pay for that as well.

      • Brad

        Good news! It was only the spring on the safety release value… 🙂 We were prepared to hear the plumber say, “It’s done…you need a new one.”

    • Jingle

      Ooh, I love plumbers!! Good with their hands, dumb as stumps, and don’t mind showin’ ya the cracks of their asses!! 🙂 hahahahaha

  • kev

    he should have been the #1 post! stunning!<3

  • bw

    There is something so exotic about a redhead – plus I think freckles are about the cutest thing ever across a boys nose. I like all these lads but something about the cutie in No 28 with the big headed dick appeals to me. But if I can’t have him any one of the others will do. Excellent and hot post today. Maybe Ricky would agree to a headless shot of him with a boner – even better, he and Keon with boners.

  • Jingle

    Awesome collection and post!! Something for every sweet taste!! 🙂

    It should come as no surprise that I love #1!! WOW!!
    Selfie #5; beefy #6; similarly posed and achingly hard #16 and #31; inked, big-balled, chi-laxing #23; and yeah, goofy #38… Oh Hell Yes!!
    #11 is “Beauty Everywhere You Look”!! WHEW!!!
    Am I the only one who wants to run his hands through #15’s hair?? (And not just on his big head!! 🙂 )
    While everyone else is lining up for #8, I’ll be banging #22!!…Or #32!! heehee
    I share Bill S’s enthusiasm for hunky #36!! Handsome face, great body, pretty cock, boulder balls… Fuck Yeah!! Beautiful dude!!
    And the series dude at the end of the post really is fantastic!! I’d love to work my tongue in his amazing foreskin, and lick his silky-slick cockhead!! Oh my!!

    But hot damn, neighbours #39 and #40 are insanely hot!! (And that’s without seeing their junk!!) Those are MY boys!!

    • Roberto

      Brother-friend-lover, you know Brad and I share your naughty intentions with #15 and his body hair… 😉 He’s among my favorites and I was actually going to pick him (or slightly hairy and cute #21), but in the end my red head decided on #8’s hole.


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