…this little piggy…

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  • Jingle

    Alrighty then… I have neither a foot fetish, nor a foot aversion, so I’ll be appreciating these great guys other attributes as well!! 🙂

    Damn, crazy hot #3 can do that to me!!
    I think there’s plenty of room in #6’s tub for me!!
    #10 & #25 are rockin’ hot!! And they both have such cute butts!!
    I sure hope bangin’ hot #11 & #15 are up for more than just foot play!!
    #22 is a total hunk!!
    #28… Oh Hell Yes!!
    #35 & #39 are awesome!! 🙂 Must be the smiles, but they look like really good guys!!
    #36… WOW!!
    Look under #38’s Right arm… he’s got a toy ready for his sweet hole!!
    Aww… I know who #47/48 is!! 😉

    But my clear favourite is Sleeping Beauty #45!! The face, the body, the sweet pecker, and those balls!! Yupperz!! (Is #42 possibly the same guy?? If not, he’s a close damn second!!)

  • huck

    Nice pics! Makes me horny for a holes n soles post! Sorry, the only times ive ever commented is when I suggest more holes n soles…. 😉

  • Brad

    I knew it just was a matter of time before a feet/toes post would show up since spring is here… 🙂 My two favorites are #20 and #35!

    There are some that deserve mentioning as well…#34 and #47/48. Could these be of our hosts? (I know Jingle and I are on the same page with #47/48… 🙂 )

    A great set, guys! Thanks for sharing… 🙂

  • ray

    Nice, nice, nice! I think I know the identity of #47 and 48, too. The sexiest post in a while, but that’s just me! Thanks!

  • bw

    What Jingle said in his first sentence describes me too. I am much more interested in what is a couple of feet north of the tootsies. However, no 47 & 48 is really interesting and erotic, because those hairy toes promise hairy legs leading to hairy thighs leading to hairy naughty bits. Now I’m getting all worked up.

  • jordan

    I am all about #36!

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