…this little piggy…

Hey, guys. It’s Alex. I had some things I wanted to tell you, so I sent David and Ben a text and asked them if they’d do a post for me to “tag on” to. David texted back and said “How about a post subject?” So I told him I’d love a “toes” post if he could put one together. About 3 hours later, I got a text saying: “this little piggy” is waiting for your tag.” Thank you, David!
Since Mothers Day is tomorrow, I want to tell you about my candidates for “Mother of the year.” First, of course, there’s Carol. She’s a saint and all the guys – and kids – sort of think of her as “Mom.” Whether she’s cooking for us… or cleaning our cabins… or just being a good listener… there’s never been a sweeter lady. Then, there’s Denise. A perfect Mom for Cal and me… and a great “grams” for Bella, Chance and the rest of the kids. Then, there’s Roberta, and the “grands” and now “Jeanette”. But, honestly, my award goes to Bella. She “adopted” Chance the minute she saw him and even though he’s taller than her, she watches after and cares for him just like she’s his Mom. Then, when Matty came on the scene, she did the same for him. She’s taken responsibility for teaching him English – and God help anyone who messes with him. She’s our daughter and Cal and I don’t even pretend to be objective, but she’s a princess and gets our M.O.T.Y. award 🙂
On another subject, Denise, Scott and I closed on the purchase of the fishing camp last week and we’re already underway. We needed to get rid of the furniture, appliances and kitchen and bath cabinets, so Jim contacted a minister he knows. His is a really big Church that does a lot of charitable work. They came and looked, and are taking all the appliances and furniture. They appear to be good people and will put the stuff to good use. Also, we’ll get a nice tax deduction. We still need to find a home for the cabinets because they’re too good to trash, but we’re working on that. As soon as we get everything out, we’ll move the crews in and start stripping the interiors down to bare studs. Our engineering firm has been working on the drawings, specs, environmental impact study, etc., and should have everything ready for submission within 2 to 3 weeks. It’s going to be a very special little villa community. We’ll keep you posted.
We remain “self-quarantined” here at Table Rock – and happy as clams. We do hope to go back home and resume “normal life,” as soon as possible… but for now… all is well.
We wish all of you a happy Mothers Day – whether you’re able to be with your Mom or remembering her and the love she shared with you. xoxo Alex and Cal

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  • mahtinp

    Guys (and gals) — Happy Mothers’ Day

    I kinda think in gay families, the gendered roles of Mothers’ Day and Fathers’ Day maybe don’t always apply as much … but your UnrulyVillage on the Lake certainly has some great moms and mother figures.
    Some science in epigenetics that I tend to believe … when our sexuality was ingrained in utero, so too was our “maternal instinct” and this is a day to celebrate that part too!

    This is a wonderful little piggy of a post to digest and I can’t wait to finish.

    Much Love

  • FredinMotul

    Awesome Post men. I feel bad for #20. He looks sad, even as fine as he is. Did his show not come on? Did his team loose? One wonders!

    Wow, and what is not to love about your other news? The new development and a Very lovely Mother’s Day Tribute. I lost mine in 2017 and still smile about her very long and happy life (She was 97) Good for us all to focus this time of year.

    How is that Cold Front affecting you guys up there? Snow in May?? Boggles the mind. Still hot and dry here, but, at least my well is fixed now, so we can refill the Pool and water the plants again! Yeah!!

    Thanks again men.

    • bw

      Fred, we have a frost warning for Sunday morning – the first this late in May in 16 years. I held off planting my basil, tomatoes and other stuff because the weather has been so weird – it may be a good thing. And I’m happy to hear your well is fixed.

      • FredinMotul

        Oh, you and Us too! It serves as a back up to City Water, but that was failing too, so we’d be screwed!! I would have had to water by buckets from the pool to keep things alive. Not Optimal. Oh, and today we had our first major rain storm since November!! Awesome. Glad to hear your planting schedule worked to your advantage. I have friends in NC who are covering wide areas of their gardens tonight with tarps, blankets and rolls of paper combined. It is May for goodness sake, not March! Trust all will be well after this. (Who am I kidding, this F””#ed Up year is still young.) Peace!

        • Bill S

          And it was 84 degrees F. in Seattle today! It only gets that hot at the end of July!!!


          • mahtinp

            We had snow in the morning and a double rainbow in the evening for Mothers’ Day here in Ohio .. and it was snowing as we bought my moms’ flowers too.

  • ray

    What a super hot collection of yummy guys with nice feet! Thanks, guys! I’m glad to hear that everything goes well, from the kids to your construction plans. Here, life is getting a little more normal, but by no means as it used to be, too many institutions ecc. are still closed or can’t work properly (I really only miss my gym and barber, but it has been useless to ask “why?” in politics for a long time now). Honestly, I don’t know any more what to think about all this Corona hype(?).


  • Oh wow, there’s so many of them! 🙂 And, looks like most want it. Bad. Mhm! 🔥

  • bw

    My boy of the day is NO 7 – just your average 20 something lad. And handsome NO 32 with the hairy legs is a close second. I don’t much care about feet but with this post there is plenty of other nice stuff to look at, including some nice furry butts.
    I guess I ignore Mothers Day as an avoidance mechanism – I don’t think you ever get over losing your mother.

  • Jingle

    I have neither a fetish for, nor an aversion to, feet!!… That said, I’ll acknowledge that these great dudes all have clean, strong, healthy feet!! As do I, and I’m grateful for that Blessing!! 🙂

    #2 is cute and hot!! And I love his plaid throw!! Slut #37 is another hot cutie!! Novel use of the Smith Machine!! 🙂 haha
    A lot – and I do mean a LOT – of TJM here!! Starting with Hot & Handsome #3!!
    And continuing with #4, 7, 12, 15, 28, 35, and 42!! Add to that sluts #5, 9, 19, and 26!! WHEW!!!
    The pic of bangin’ hot #7 had to have been taken in warm weather… Otherwise, he wouldn’t be leaning against that exposed radiator!! 😉
    Hunky #10 must be showing off his Pedicure!! 🙂 Can’t wait for my Nail Salon to re-open!! Shoosh!!
    It would appear that #11 is quite lanky!!
    Lucky #13 is crazy hot!! As is spent #25!!
    Friend Fred’s comment on “fine” #20 is a hoot!! 🙂 haha
    Hunk Stud #22 is a show-stopper!! WHOA!!!!!
    I have some trepidation about scally #23 having a policeman’s nightstick!! LOVE his cleft chin, though!! My nuts would rest nicely on it!! 😉 teehee
    Lovely voyeuristic pic of fantastic #24 in his bate!! Outstanding over-all image!!
    Cool & Chill #27 is crazy rockin’ hot!! Love his pierced nipples and his Frenum!! WOW!!
    I’d love to face plant on bangin’ hot Big Boy #30’s cock, just as his poppers kick in!!
    Pity we can’t see Muddog #32’s bone!! I think Brother Beto will dig him, anyway!!
    I’m a big fan of #33!! His tousled hair, his awesome full-colour ink, and his pierced nipple(s)!!
    Topsy-turvy #34 is another over-all outstanding image!! Fuzzy furry hunky humpy dude, great Celtic armband tattoo, pierced nipple(s)!! Damn!!
    #38!! So that’s what goes on in the Supplement store after hours!! 🙂 haha
    #39 is nasty crazy scary HOT!! And check out those calves!!
    Holy Shit!! #40 is insanely hot!! Curiosity getting the better of me, I goggled “Kris Irons”… he’s a porn pup with Butch Dixon!! You can find a lot of much more graphic pics of him, if you like!!
    #47 looks like Rough Trade, waiting for the blowjob he stopped by for!! OK!!
    Too bad we can’t see modest #48’s face!! (Or his hole!!) 🙂 I’m sure they’re both awesome!! Now take off your shirt, fill the tub, and I’ll join you, babe!!

    As for the Jingle-planted pic, and my favourite… Could be #30, or #34, or #40!! Hmmm… I think I’ll be a little piggy, and take them all!! 🙂

    Great post!! Thanks!!

    • Roberto

      Haha, brah, it amuses me that nobody here ever remembers that I don’t like long hair on dudes, so the so-called muddogs aren’t for me at all. Well, I can’t actually tell if #32’s hair is terribly long and he does have plenty of assets, but, as soon as this post appeared on my screen, my eyes just flashed towards #7 – good ole Lovust at first sight!!! Oneiric he is…

      Oh, well, I’ve just seen that bw took my dream dude first and I’m leaving in a jiff… At a quick glance this post looks nothing short of stunning, so I hope to have a second look at it.

      When I saw piggy, I instantly and innocently thought of cum pigs, haha! 😛


      • ray

        Hair isn’t something one couldn’t change…I’m not a fan of long hair, either, but I don’t mind it, maybe remembering all the lean, longhaired, bearded hippie guys of the first 70-ies I admired so much when I was a boy.

    • Roberto

      Oh, my, this post is truly phenomenal, guys! So much more comes with those nice pairs of feet! Could stay all day long enjoying such a selection – just to come back the next day! 😛

      With those big strong feet proudly on display, I wonder if #14, deliciously bearded and hairy #35, #41 or #44 would grant me a long orgasmic foot-wanking session…

      The dudes showing their holes are one juicier than the other! And gotta love all that luxuriant fur encircling #15’s and #29’s crack! MMM!

      Is there anyone who wouldn’t suck on #4’s or #38’s toes to have a taste of all the rest?

      Whose bed to dive onto first, #8’s, 16’s, or #24’s? WOW!

      #11 is so cute, charming and crazy hot!

      All those furry torsos and massive bushes are gonna make me shoot… I think I’ll dub #27 oneiric too as soon as he lets his bush flourish again, hehe. And #13 is perfection! WOOF!

      Thanks a lot, guys!

  • Denny

    This post is truly a triple treat!!

    Frame after frame of hot (some hairy!) hunks, a beautiful tribute by Alex to all the females who contribute SO much to the Northland Gang, and a detailed update on the latest architectural work of art that is beginning to take shape down at Table Rock Lake!!

    #3 and bw’s and Beto’s #7 certainly fit into the “what more could you want” category! Beautiful!!

    #15 gets the Mr. Hairy Bush Award – and don’t miss those hairy pits, chest and abs!! WOOF!!

    #22 looks like a sweet good time – and fun to cuddle with afterward!! I’m sure Jingle can take good care of him, and his #34 and #40 as well!!

    Alex, I am right there with you AND Cal, in awarding the M.O.T.Y prize to your sweet princess!! As the years go by, she will be more and more of a force to be reckoned with. I keep getting the feeling that she and Dub have this sister/brother, cousin/cousin thing going on. They are clever, strong willed, and HUGE protectors of the rest of the kids.

    I find myself hanging on every word here about the development of the fishing camp – except it ain’t gonna be no “fishing camp” by the time you and Denise get done with it !! 😉 Sounds like somewhere WELL above “Honda” territory, on the upper edges of Porsche Macan or maybe the Panamera? Ya gotta love Jim – he knows everybody down there and what they do and how they can help you!! And in the “God Help Them” category – just let anybody try anything against The Northland Gang – Jim will pulverize them!! 🙂

    Thank you, David for the post and Thank you, Alex and Cal, for thinking of us!!!

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