Time for a peek into Rick’s “Whatever folder”

Hey, guys. It’s Rick. Sorry it’s been so long since Keon and I have posted, but 2020 has been an insane year for us. I’ve learned that running a business remotely is harder than you might think. Having said that, our nursery business is about to finish its most profitable year ever. Getting out of the in-person retail part of the business turned out to be the right decision at the right time.
Anyway, we’re beginning to get excited about the Holidays. We’ve finished decorating the cabins and they’re pretty spectacular at night. Jim says people in Branson can probably see the glow. Now, if we just had some snow, the kids would be really happy.
Hope you’re doing well surviving the pandemic. Maybe someday we’ll all look back on this and think having our storage areas full of toilet paper, paper towels and hand sanitizer was pretty funny! xoxo Rick and Keon

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  • ray

    Rick, thank you so much for taking the time to surprise us with this nice and amusing post! I am glad you and your husband and everyone else is well!
    The pictures that impressed me most were #7 and #10 for the sexy guys and # 26, the sunny toilet…Hope you won’t need your storage of various items!

    Stay well!

  • Alexander

    Heya Rick,

    Best of holidays to you and Keon. Thanks for the post! Your’s is the first successful outcome story of 2020. Great news on changes growing your business. The Koala Christmas village you describe sounds cool. Hope you get some snow for the ultimate kiddos Christmas. Be well. Merry Christmas🎄…Happy New Year🎉


  • FredinMotul

    Hola Rick and Keon!
    Marvelous post Rick. Thanks so much for all these Yummy guys. # 7 is so cute and I love the chicken just ambling by in #36. You guys have an excellent eye. The Christmas Holidays are so important for the kids! Hubby and I went all out as long as our son was living with us, but now, it is just the two of us, older and quieter. House will not be decorated again this year. Besides, the snowy North Pole style clashes with our Tropical Paradise Theme we live in. I did get myself a really nice Poinsettia that I am happy with. I do not think I would complain too much if some of these fine young men pictured here would show up and frolic in the pool behind the 12 foot tall walls with its privacy. Thanks again and Happy Holidays to all!

  • mahtinp

    Rick this is a wonderful post and I love delving into the “whatever” folder. Glad you all are well and that the cabins are progressing!

    Peach, Peace, health and joy unto you.

  • Bill S

    Hey Rick! Thanks for this post! I started at #5 and I actually said: Whatever! Very apt title for a folder! (-:

    Glad to hear that you have had a profitable year at your on-line garden store!!! Good job!

    My favs: #32 Roll in the hay! And #42 Ready to spend some time on his knees! Line up guys!!!


  • Tim from MO

    Rick, what a delightful, fun post! I really enjoyed it… Thank you!

    1. Cooling those burning hemorrhoids
    2. I like bananas, and lemon flavored drinks…
    3. Closed loop circuitry.
    4. Reflections
    5. Smith, produced some hot, sexy sons!
    6. Came home early from work….caught my son adding moves to his daily yoga routine…
    7. Latest Laundry day fashions…
    8. I’d like to operate his ‘joystick’…
    9. Getting naked for a shower puts a spring in his step…
    10. After all these years, Mom still has to put her triplet sons in mandatory time-outs for miss-behaving…
    11. Damn! There’s something sticky on this chair seat!
    12. Sphincter ring massage tool…
    13. Keeping tabs on the jewels.
    14. It’s always a pleasure to put icing on the cake…
    15. Looks like one of those Blue Moon’s
    16. Apparently the switch that activates his light saber also turns on his woodie…
    17. The latest Banana Holder. You can find them in the fruit section.
    18. Big cocks makes Big Eyes
    19. Spontaneous check on the jewels.
    20. Bob can’t keep himself from the occasional outdoor ‘spread ‘em for some sunshine and fresh air’ sessions.
    21. Protein Gel, is good for your throat.
    22. That is one lucky popsicle…
    23. Well SOMEBODY is happy!
    24. He can have the burger….I’ll have his cock 😜
    25. Making connections…
    26. The need to see if the sound of a horse pissing matched the size of his cock…
    27. I’m betting the inventor of the steam locomotive made himself a small version to pleasure his ass with…
    28. Breakfast, Brunch, Lunch & Dinner..
    29. Sorry man, but you missed your mouth…
    30. The look of a contented ass…
    31. Let’s all meet in the middle..
    32. What happens in the barn, stays in the barn…
    33. Always make eye contact with another guy when eating a bratwurst
    34. I’m happiest when I’m naked…
    35. Even a cold shower can’t cool these boys down…
    36. If chickens could talk…I bet that one has some fantastic stories to tell…
    37. Circus trapeze artists do it on high places…
    38. Dudes….don’t you just love the convenience of the internet?
    39. If I had to be an inanimate object, a tanning bed would be interesting one.
    40. Ready for rimming
    41. Unusual fucking positions…add spice to ones sex life. Try them!
    42. Elbow and knee pads. This guy is prepared for some serious sex!
    43. Always do your stretching naked.
    44. I’d blow his flute in rhythm with his guitar playing
    45. Boys will be boys no matter what part of the world they are from…
    46. Some additional nude stretching. Wouldn’t you love to play with his cock while he’s in this position?
    47. It’s debatable if they actually came to pee….
    48. Hanging out buck naked in bed with your bro. Happy times!

  • bw

    I’m happy to hear Rick that your business is doing well – even though the total economy has taken a massive hit, certain sectors, like wood products companies and lumber yards, and contractors have been busy – which means you will be busy too.
    No. 3 is a talented lad – I think that is rarer than being able to suck you own willy. NO. 18 made me laugh -I’d look shocked too if a dick that big showed up. And tell NO 24 to eat his triple cheeseburger while I take care of that big ole’ snake of his. Predictably my favorite is NO 12 with the lovely furry butt.
    Christmas is 13 days from today – yikes! I got cooking to do, so I need to get my fat ass up and do it. I hope everyone’s preparations are going well.

  • Tim from MO

    Ok…I heard what I thought was a funny joke I want to share.
    Since this was a ‘Whatever’ folder post…maybe it’s not too off the wall to add here….

    “A guy was hunting in the Rocky Mountains, when he suddenly heard crashing sounds through the underbrush, accompanied by a loud roar. He whirled around and saw a bear charging full tilt at him.
    The hunter managed to draw his Glock sidearm, getting off a shot that struck the bear with no apparent affect, as the bear knocked the terrified guy to the ground, then stood over him breathing heavily in his face.
    The bear spoke up and told the hunter he had one of two choices:
    1. Be mawled to death, or
    2. Stand up, turn around bend over and take it like a man.
    The hunter of course desperately wanted to live, so he chose the second option.

    Walking bow legged and in pain back to his truck, he managed to drive himself home where he stayed in bed for a week recuperating.
    When he was feeling better, he went to the store and bought a high powered Marlin 1895 (. 450 Marlin) rifle.
    A week or so later he decided to take another hunting trip, this time taking the new rifle with him.
    After a few hours in the woods, the same bear found him, once again charging the petrified fellow.
    Again, the hunter got off a quick shot, striking the bear with little effect, and the bear knocked him to the ground again, standing over him, breathing in his face.
    The bear said: “You know the drill.”
    The poor guy once again chose option 2, afterwards gingerly walking back to his truck drove himself home then crawled into bed for another week of recuperating.
    He lay there wondering what to do next, because he really enjoyed hunting in that area.
    He suddenly recalled the elderly WW2 vet who lived down the road who had brought back a bazooka with extra rounds from the War.
    When he felt better, he paid the vet a visit, who let him borrow his bazooka.
    On his next hunting trip, he brought the bazooka along, keeping a close eye out for the big grizzly.
    Suddenly, just as the two previous events, the bear burst out of the brush in a full throated roar, charging him at full speed.
    The hunter quickly points the bazooka at the bear, and pulled the trigger.
    The whoosh, and explosion of the bazooka round combined with the roar of the bear was deafening; smoke and dust filled the air blocking all vision as the hunter felt himself being knocked to the ground for yet a third time.
    When the smoke cleared and the dust settled, the hunter opened his eyes to the unscathed bear standing over him.

    The bear said, “You really aren’t coming here for the hunting, are you?”

  • Jingle

    GREAT collection of pics!! Fun, naughty, and sexy!! 🙂

    At the risk of tooting my own Geturbinflurbin, I did something I thought was pretty clever… I looked at the pics on my Chromebook, and followed along with Tim’s OUTSTANDING Bullet-Point Outline on my Stupidphone!! 🙂

    Dear friend/brother/lover Tim: You rock, babe!! 🙂

    If I rambled on ad nauseam, it would be an unnecessary redundancy!! But I would like to say…

    #7 is a d-o-l-l, doll!! Persil Laundry Detergent and/or Skull & Bones Underwear could use that image in very effective ad campaigns!! 🙂
    After I feasted my eyes on #24’s tasty looking cheeseburger, and even better looking wiener 🙂 , I googled “Piston & Chain”… It’s a legit motorcycle garage in San Francisco!! On Folsom Street, no less!! 😉
    If I was in the room with nasty crazy scary raunchy HOT #27, he wouldn’t need a machine to get fucked!! WHEW!!!
    Don’t you think the dude on the floor in #30 bears an uncanny resemblance to #27?!?!
    Buff, please add bangin’ hot #36 to your Trash Folder for future use in a Trash post!! 🙂

    Alrighty then, I’m having Crab – and a Gentleman Caller – for Lunch; I better get my fat tattooed white ass in gear!! 🙂

  • Jingle

    If anyone wants to see another astounding image of crazy hot #42, go back to the wonderful “Pink” post of March 25th!! 😋 He’s #44 there!!

    And if you’re so inclined, read what I said about him, and Buff’s reply!!

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