Tricks ‘n Treats!

We knew this was going to be maybe the warmest Halloween ever here in the Northland, so when Dub, Erik and Austin said they wanted to wear their soccer kits as Halloween costumes, we thought it was fine. Of course, we didn’t find any Cristiano Ronaldo or Mesut Ozil masks, so they decided on really spooky “clown” masks. Honestly, I think the “clowns” idea is questionable, but the boys like it and Ben says it’s o.k. with him, so “soccer-playing clowns” it is. Keon especially likes the soccer theme – and he and Rick are coming over to go trick-or-treating with us. Dub has already brought his jack-o-lantern in and placed in in the entry foyer to keep it safe from trick-or-treaters. The dogs have given up and decided to live with it 🙂 We hope you guys all have a happy (and SAFE) All Hallows Eve!

2 comments to Tricks ‘n Treats!

  • Jingle

    Oh my!!… “Tricks ‘n Treats!”, indeed!! GREAT costumes… And some fucking phenomenal body painting, too!!

    Slammin’ hot #2 looks like some new age Messiah!!
    Tiger boy #3/11 is crazy hot!!
    #7… I do believe in Unicorns!! 🙂
    Batman #8 is insanely hot!! As is #43!!
    Hmmm… some interesting Artwork behind #12!!
    Centurion #13… WOW!!
    Alrighty then, #14 even managed to decorate his PA!!
    Pics #15 and 31/32 are a hoot!!
    When stud hunk muscleman #18 is ready to clean up, I’d gladly jump in the shower with him with a big bar of soap and a loofah!!
    Merman #22 certainly has a swimmer’s build!! Wonder what he looks like without the wig??
    Not to be bucky here, but wouldn’t bangin’ hot daddy #23, with his decorated huevos, be more appropriate for Easter?!?! 🙂 haha
    Not real sure what the hell is going on in #33, but the dudes are hunk studs!!
    Boo!! I ain’t scared of #34!! 🙂
    #40 and #45… Do you prefer Black Spiderman or White Spiderman??
    Aww… #46 is adorable and TJM!! He can keep his bunny ears on, but the t-shirt has to go!!
    Sommelier #47… WHOA!!!!! Gulp!!

    But at the end of the day, or at least at the end of the party, just gimme fuzzy furry hunky humpy Boy Scout #37!! I’ll take a big shot of his Jack Daniels, and then I’ll take a big shot of him!!

    AWESOME collection, set and post!! Thanks so much!!

  • Roberto

    Holy shit, what a fun, clever, imaginative, SCARY HOT post!! I instantly fell in lust with #9, but super charming #12 is pretty irresistible as well!!


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