Tricks ‘n Treats!

We had an e-mail from our friend, flipflopsboy last week asking if we wanted to do a joint Halloween post again this year. Of course, we did – so here are some “Tricks ‘n Treats” to brighten your All Hallows Eve preparations. In case you’re wondering, the first set of pics (#! though #16) is from Ben… the second set (#17 through #32) is from FlipFlopsBoy – and the final set (#33 through #48) is from me. We hope everyone has a happy and SAFE Halloween!

5 comments to Tricks ‘n Treats!

  • ray

    Thanks for your joint posts!
    and happy Halloween to you!

  • Jingle

    BIG fun!!

    Wonder what the hunks in #1 and #46 look like under their masks??
    The studly pumpkin fuckers in #34 are welcome to put their dicks in my mouth!!
    Pics #36 & #37 are great!!
    #41 & #47 are crazy hot!!

    But holy shit, #5 would be my perfect treat!! Did you notice the long strand of anal beads?? 🙂 heehee


  • Bill S

    LMAO too! (-:
    And a special shout-out to Fratmen #17 — SO HOT!!!
    Best Halloween post EVER!

    • Jingle

      I just KNEW you’d go for that pic!! Can’t say that I blame you, though… They’re rockin’ hot!! Especially the one with the pierced nipples!! 🙂

  • Peter in Maine

    Great Treat. Thanks guys, enjoyed every one of them!
    Peter IM

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