Tripping down “Memory Lane”

We had a comment from Denny this morning, saying:
“I was just over visiting your new tumblr blog, and I gotta say, the first thing that caught my eye was the big-ass, b-e-a-u-t-I-f-u-l header pic. I immediately thought, that could be Ben, when he was doing painting and construction work with Craig.
It isn’t though…is it?
I know it’s the same pic as you have over here, but I never really noticed it so much over here, I guess because it’s a much smaller size, and I was ready to start in on the 48 pics of the day as soon as I clicked onto the page.
I don’t know if you plan on having the same header on both blogs, as sort of a “unifier” thing between the two, but you can keep it over at the tumblr blog forever as far as I’m concerned: Woooohooo!! H-O-T!!
Thanks for noticing, Denny. “Header” pics have always seemed quite important to me – so I’m going to attach the main ones that have been used over-the-years on “Unrulyboi,” “Bad-Assed Boys.” and various iterations of “UnrulyDude.” You’ll probably remember them.. as will Bill S, Jingle, bw, Tim, ray and a bunch more guys. The first pic shown is the original header on “Unrulyboi,” my first-ever blog. Pic #10 is by Francois Rousseau and was my header pic on at least two – and possibly three – UnrulyDude blogs deleted by Blogger. I’ve always thought it absolutely mesmerizing.
The current header pic isn’t Ben – but it definitely could be. The physical similarities between the dude in the pic and my husband are actually quite stunning. If not for the arm tattoos (and the white belt!) I’d swear it was Ben. It’s probably why it’s the current header pic on both blogs. Unless we receive an objection from a copyright owner, we plan to use it on both blogs indefinitely.
Thanks again for noticing. And for giving me an excuse for a quick trip down memory lane!
xoxo right back at ‘ya!

8 comments to Tripping down “Memory Lane”

  • bw

    No 10 – with those eyes – is Willy Monfret, a French model & DJ. I remember when he used to be the header boy and I could just get lost in those eyes. He’s 34 years old now and that’s 100% of what I know about him…..
    I think Ben should duplicate the pose of the current header lad and replace him. Just a suggestion…..

    • ray

      I liked #10 best, the actual pic is hot, but that face, those eyes…
      Howcome you always know the names of the guys?


      • bw

        I can’t remember what I had for lunch, but I can remember useless stuff like this. I think my internal hard drive needs to be defragmented to free up useful space.

      • Roberto

        #9 is another model: Leandro Vicenci. The pic almost allows you to inhale his pheromones — YUM!!

        I’ve always loved the current header pic (#8), and #2 drives me crazy as well!


  • Denny

    Oh! Ma-a-n David, I’m so glad my comment prompted you to bring back this blast from the past – now you got ME trippin’ !

    I *think* I remember #1, but I can’t say for sure I remember ALL these guys as header pics of yore, because I’ve probably seen them on other blogs also (tho’ not as headers).

    The two that I DO remember for sure (because they both had me drippin’ from the minute I’d click onto Buffboi) are #6 and #10.

    #6 has this suave, elegant sexuality about him, that just makes me want to sweep him up and run away with him to a tropical island somewhere for about a month and make love to him all day and all night.

    #10 has this almost dreamlike quality about him, like he can make you orgasm just by looking at you the way he looks here. Yes Ray – that face, those eyes, those kissable lips – he is mesmerizing!! Thank you, bw, for the background info on him. He should have a fancier first name than Willy. Maybe Hugo, no? But speaking of “willy” I can only imagine the huge, pulsing rod he must be carrying around in his Dior suits!

    I better get my ass into bed, before you guys think I’ve gotten into some kind of “special” brownies or something!

    Thanks for this post, David!! I’m lovin’ it!



  • bw

    I’m off to warmer climates – fortunately my family has enough sense to live where 75 – 80 on Christmas is normal. I’m ready, the car is packed, the dog is anxious but the fog is so thick I can’t see the mailbox. So we will leave soon. I may have a chance to check in during the next week but it will be sporadic at best.
    To all my URD friends, I wish you a safe and happy holiday. David, Ben and Dub, have a joyous Merry Christmas. Love to you all, BILL.

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