Undies, dude. Tighty whities!

We had about 4 inches of snow on the ground by Saturday afternoon, so of course Dub and Austin wanted to get in the hot tub and make snow angels on the deck. David and I told them it’d be O.K.- and before we knew it, Travon, Bella and Chance had joined us so all five kids (plus David and I) were in the hot tub. When Chance and Bella arrived, Dub grinned and said “Hey, Izzie, you’ll freeze your tush off.” She looked at him and said “Worry about your own tush, bud.”
This was all new to Chance and we didn’t know what to expect from him, but he had great fun (except when he got in the tub after making a snow angel and yelled “My skin is on fire. My skin is burning!”
He’s a great little guy and pretty much “up” for whatever the other kids are doing 🙂

Yesterday, the gang all assembled over at Chad and Raef’s house for the Chiefs game with the Texans. Dub had gotten a new Chiefs cap with a Rally House gift card left over from Christmas. He wore it for “good luck,” but by the time the Texans were up 24-0, he had taken off the cap and put it out in the car. We were all nervous wrecks but Dub just said “It’ll be o.k. Patrick just needs to get ’em settled down so they can play. He was right – and they did – and the final score (51-31 Chiefs) had us all screaming and going nuts. What an unbelievable game it was! What incredible fun!

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  • FredinMotul

    As the last two posts have shown, sometimes it is hotter when you see LESS! Excellent post and wonderful news. Thanks Guys!!

  • Denny

    Gotta love the snappy brother-sister banter that goes on between “Izzy-Bella” and Dub!! He got her good for her initial freezing tush at the football game jab, but she gave it right back to him. lol

    I also loved it when you say Chance “yelled” when he was in the hot tub. Does this mean he is pretty much vocalizing everything already? Or does he sometimes have to fall back on the ASL? I just can’t imagine what it must be like for him to not just “see” TV, but to actually HEAR TV as well now!!!

    I’m glad to see that Dub’s clairvoyance extends to football too. lol He SAID “it’ll be o.k.” – and it was W-A-Y-Y-Y O-K-A-Y !!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Fred is right – sometimes seeing less IS hotter!! Love this post!! And I know Larry is going to go wild over it!!

    Gotta get a good night’s sleep now, but I will be back checking out these hotties thru out the day tomorrow.

    Thanks for sharing the kids’ doings. AND Thanks for the pics!


    • Larry

      Jheese, do have a reputation! I try not to go too crazy over fantasy, but I will take # 27 and if he isn’t available # “s 21 or 41 will do quite nicely.

      I missed the first part of the game taking my afternoon nap, (old age has its advantages) so by the time I turned it on the Chiefs were ahead. With a QB as good looking as Patrick, how can they lose?

      I am still considering how much caching up on vocabulary Chance must be doing. I am wondering how long it will take before he understands everything at his age level.

    • unrulyadmin

      Hey, Denny. Chance has been somewhat verbal ever since we’ve known him. It was just so hard to understand what he was trying to say. Now that he has the implant – and Roberta and Dub (plus Cal, Alex, Bella and the rest of the gang) signing words and speaking them to him and having him say them back, his progress is amazing. Roberta says he has a “photographic memory,” and she may be right. How he managed both the words “fire” and “burning” is beyond us!

  • ray

    I just can’t make up my mind between #11, 13, 23 and 45.
    Does anyone still wear white tighties in real life? My locker room experience says no.
    Glad to hear all are well and have fun!

  • bw

    I was doing stuff Sunday during the game but could hear and occasionally see one of the TVs. I thought all along the Chiefs came out tight and got slightly discombobulated but then calmed down – it was like a cat toying with a mouse the beat down they put on the Texans.

  • Denny

    Well, I guess the best man (Ken Jennings) won.

    • unrulyadmin

      At the end of the match, Dub said “I’m gonna study harder. There’s too much stuff I don’t know.” Ben and I chuckled but he’s got a point. Watching Ken play the tournament was humbling 🙂

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