V O T E ! ! !

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  • Tim from MO

    I voted!

  • Jingle

    Oh, I voted absentee weeks ago!! God save us all from the Red Menace!!

  • Denny

    I voted at 6:15 this morning, 15 minutes after my polling place opened.

    But right now I’m nervous as a whore in church.

    I never thought it would be THIS close – Nobody did!

    But with all these states “too close to call”, I am keeping the faith.

    We just CAN’T have 4 years of a reality shit show. – and gloating about it every day!

    BOZO the clown has GOT to go down!!!

  • Tim from MO

    Ok guys:
    As I’m writing this, it is the morning after the election.
    Like so many others, I’m deeply dismayed, and disappointed, by the outcome.

    Even so, I have not lost faith in our country, the constitution, and our political process in selecting our leaders.
    I will continue to vote, and engage in the process, because the alternatives are dictatorship, military rule, or some despot king.

    I believe Trump will be a one term president.
    The Republicans lost 3 seats in the Senate in this election, reducing their majority from 54 seats, to a razor thin 51 seats.
    It would not surprise me if in the congressional elections in 2018, there will be a backlash vote against Trump, and we’ll see more Republican losses, in both the Senate, and the House of Representatives.

    Our country has seen the political ‘pendulum’ swing back, and forth throughout its storied history.

    Keep your heads up, and don’t lose the faith!

    Love you guys….❌⭕️

    • Bill S

      Thank you Tim! Very uplifting. I needed to hear that!!! Keep the faith baby! (-:

    • Denny

      Just like you, Tim, I couldn’t believe what I was watching last night and early this morning.

      I think I felt like Karl Rove must have felt, when Fox News called the election for Obama in 2012.

      Trump will have his plate full, trying to reunite his own party. And many of those down ticket winners who tried valiantly to distance themselves from all his folly during the campaign – I don’t see them lining up to be his new best friend. I can see a lot of them reaching across the aisle and voting with Democrats on many issues.

      Like you, Tim, I will never lose faith in my country. And when Trump discovers how much work it is to be POTUS, and that he can’t have his own way every time, on every thing, I don’t think he will even run for a second term. He’s already 70.

      So YES!! I WILL keep the faith!!!

      And I too, thank you for writing, Tim. I feel better for reading your words, Man



  • bw

    I hesitate to write this – but I appear to be the only one here who voted for Trump -or rather, held my nose as tight as I could and voted against Hillary. I could not get past the 30 years of Clinton history – there’s no need to rehash history, but I sincerely believe Ms. Clinton is not capable of being honest – about things large or small.
    Along the same lines as Tim – I think Trump will lose interest very soon in the details of governing, and will let his Cabinet run things. He’ll play golf, make speeches, and generally just hang out. But about the Senate – this was a tough year for Republicans because of the number of seats they had to defend – 24 vs 12 for the Democrats. That flips next time, and the Democrats will be defending seats.
    Please don’t be angry with me about this, but as sad as I was about the choices I had, I had to make the one that to me was the least awful. But, the system worked and we will have a peaceful transition of power, keeping a 240 year history going. We can all be thankful for that.

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