W H O A ! W O O F ! Y U M !

Last week, I was running around on the internet and ran across a pic (#17 here) of a dude that made me go “WHOA”! I think it’s because he bears a certain resemblance to Ben. I don’t remember ever having seen this guy before (maybe Beto will correct me if I’m wrong). Unfortunately, there was just one photo and I wanted to see more of him, so I started searching. I finally found him yesterday evening. His name is “Marcos Gomez” and Chaosmen did a solo set of his pics – plus an “edge” set that has him being sucked off by Ransom. I assume he’s straight (and somewhat modest) because these seem to be the only pics of him on the web? He’s so amazing that I thought he deserved his own post.
I realize this post won’t appeal to everyone – but it sure does it for me – and I’m guessing maybe Beto as well. I ask you… what’s NOT to like about a Latin dude with a beard, hairy chest, perky nips, hairy pits, bluebird (?) tattoo, uncut dick, thick, lush pubes and oh-so-tasty looking hairy balls? WHOA! WOOF! YUM!

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  • Roberto

    David, there shoud be no guessing: obviously I’m totally into guys like Marcos! 😉 By the way, if his surname were spelled Gomes, he could well be my countryman. 😉

    Here’s some additional info from his portfolio: “Marcos is Guatemalan and definitely has that hot, sexy, Latin vibe. With his furry face, chest, and 8-inch uncut cock, he oozes masculinity. And he likes the guys too. Marcos is also a little bit into women, but mostly guys.” It’s also said that he’s 28 and into older guys, plus “totally versatile”. Well, looking at his cock and ass, I’d say he’s morally obliged to be a versatile. 😛

    Now, guess what? His solo scene is from May 25, while his edge scene was posted just two weeks ago (June 3), so he’s just started in the business! That explains why we’ve never seen him before.

    Your description says it all: there’s SO MUCH to enjoy on him, but I confess I’m intrigued by his smooth stomach contrasting to that fur coat on his chest… I’m assuming he shaves his stomach – maybe to show off his six-pack abs and lovely tattoo? –, but is that body hair pattern naturally possible? At least I’ve never seen any example of that. Of course all natural is the magic formula for me, but there’s plenty of fur there to get crazy about – can you imagine that chest drenched in cum?! Oh, my! And we do get to see some jizz on those gorgeous lush pubes – YUM! Makes me feel like busting a nut myself…

    WHOA indeed, David! We’re lucky to have you presenting us such a delicious furry fella – and hopefully a rising pornstar. 🙂 THANK YOU!


    • Roberto

      At a closer look, I think there’s definitely some shaving on those nice legs too, and you know me – I hope he abandons that trend for future sessions. 😉

  • Tim from MO

    Well….I don’t recall seeing Marco Gomez until this post (FUCKING HOT)
    I also haven’t ever seen Ben….(GOTTA BE FUCKING HOT).

    But I will say that David is one lucky man to have a husband named Ben…and not just because he favors this sexy hottie Latino’s handsome appearance, but also because Ben is just a fantastic guy in about every way possible!

  • FredinMotul

    And he looks like Ben????? No wonder all is well in the North land Gang!! Thanks for the introduction. Yes, our Latin men can be amazingly handsome. My friends tell me, quite versatile as well. A well known saying here in the Gay Ex Pat Community is: “What does it take to make a Straight Mexican Guy go Gay? Answer: About 3 beers!” I would not know if that is true or not, but I can tell you that before COVID 19, both of us, tired old fucks that we are were constantly being hit on in Home Depot (Not at all Ironic there!) COSTCO and even the Grocery Stores. These days, nothing, and I am fine with that. He and I are fiercely Monogamous and have been all our 33 years together. (Starting 34 in August!)

    Thanks for this awesome surprise post of a great looking Guy!!

  • ray

    David, you lucky guy…thank you for sharing your discovery with us! He is amazing, as are so many Latin men!


  • Jingle

    Oh my…

    And those EYES!! Dreamy, almond-shaped, brown eyes!! Damn!!

    Pic #18 just about put me over the “edge”!!

    And I love the final pic!!… Cum-coated, tweeking his own pooky gumdrop nipples!! WHEW!!!

    Thanks for sharing this discovery!!

  • Jingle

    Hello again!! 🙂

    While we’re on the topic of “Porn Pups”…

    Some time ago, you invited us to submit the name of our favourite porn pups!! I submitted Derek Parker!!… And you VERY quickly and graciously gifted me – all of us – with an outstanding post of his pics!! 🙂

    May I give you the name of another dude I’d REALLY like to see, collected and curated, in one spot?!?!…

    Carter Jacobs

    Thanks in advance for considering this!! 🙂

    Affectionately & Appreciatively, John 🙂

  • bw

    I don’t think you need to worry about any of us not finding this lad very interesting. But his manscaping choices are a little odd – he shaved his belly and clipped his butt and crack but left the chest pelt (wouldn’t you like to run your fingers through that?) alone.

    Many many years ago you treated us to a picture of Ben from behind telling us you had just eaten that furry hole for 30 minutes – and I’ve been jealous ever since. I’d be happy with just 5 minutes with the hairy hangers and furry hole like that.

    Chasomen has always favored slightly older, natural men, but lately seem to be moving towards 30 year olds, more or less. It’s a good move.

  • Denny

    David, this is one of the finest results of your internet explorations ever!! Especially awesome since he reminds you of your loverman, Ben!! And we get to drool over not just one but 48 pics of this handsome dude!!

    I’m pretty sure everyone will be able to enjoy SOMEthing about this dude, if only his big and beautiful male organ of copulation.!!

    My favorite pics of that particular part of male machinery in the “UP” position, are #19 and #20.

    My favorite pic of the entire post is #46, after splashing a load of splooge across those taut abs, while he continues the fun by teasing his titties for that last little bit of pleasure.

    Actually, #46 is tied as my fave with #43, as he chokes the chicken to create that big fuckin’ big ‘n’ lovely TASTY MESS!!!

    I don’t think I need to invoke my “no hair don’t care” clause because, of course, he has that cuddly, bury-your- nose-in-it hairy chest, but I agree with you, Beto, and bw, I’m not crazy about his manscaping. I’m thinking he may have been talked into it by photographers or whoever is paying him the big bucks, to display that awesome body, especially his abs. And we wouldn’t want even a single hair blocking the full view of that amazing tattoo!!

    Thank you, David!! You da man!!! XOXOXO

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