We like our dudes naked from head to toe!

Well… we were disappointed about the Super Bowl, but we had a wonderful afternoon/evening in the Koala Cove clubhouse with our families and friends. We did a Zoom with the grandparents on the big screen t.v. and it was great. They’ve all received the first of their Covid shots – with the second ones scheduled before the end of the month. We’re hoping that means maybe we can all get together sometime this summer.
While we were watching the game, Dub looked at me and said “If the line can’t protect him, Patrick can’t win the game for us.” He was right πŸ™‚

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  • Jingle

    That’s definitely how I like my men!! πŸ˜‹

    And ya know, once you’ve seen a dude naked, you can always see them naked!! πŸ˜†

    This should prove to be a great collection!!… Til I get back to it in earnest, nobody make any plans with fuzzy furry hunky humpy, bangin’ hot #24!! He’ll be on that plaid comforter, being serviced and worshipped by me!! πŸ˜›

  • Bill S

    All these guys have there charms!

    But I like #34 for his “Here I am!” attitude. He’s relaxing and inviting me to enjoy!

    O.K. I will!!! (-:


  • Denny

    During the game, Dave & I were saying the same thing as Dub. The close-up shots of Mahommes’ face toward the end of the 4th quarter were heart breaking. I keep trying to remember – and practice – Alexander’s quote in the previous post. Hey, tomorrow is another day.

    This post has Brad written all over it!!! Hi Brad!!!

    Jingle, Babydoll – you are so right – once you’ve seen him naked, you can ALWAYS see him naked, and ain’t that grand!!! πŸ™‚

    #14 would be fun to frolic with, and so would #38!!!

    Got my 1st Covid shot yesterday. Piece of cake. Deep muscle ache at the vaccination site, but that’s fading more and more every hour. All signed up for the 2nd shot on Mar 2nd.

    Now if ONLY all these snow storms would just GO SOMEWHERE ELSE!!!


  • ray

    Sorry that the game was disappointig for you! I’m going to enjoy the yummy guys here and they will heat me up a bit (10 degrees F at night)…


  • FredinMotul

    What a fine post Gentlemen! Thanks so much. I am looking at #27 and wondering about the pitch the photographer had to use. “So if you will just hop up on this table and relax??”
    Most impressive collection of fine looking men, Thanks so much.

    Good of you to focus on the Happy Day you had on Sunday and not the disappointment. More important than the Game was the fellowship with Family and Friends even though some of it was Zoom / Video / Not In Person. Hats off to you!!

    Continue to stay safe all!! Thanks again for the amazing post.

  • Jingle

    To be totally honest, most of these outstanding dudes are a titch young for me!!… But it’s still quite delightful to admire their handsome faces, fine physiques, and awesome rock-hard cocks and lovely balls!! πŸ™‚

    Denny Dearheart’s #14… WOW!! Also #20, 22, 29, 36, 42, and 48!!
    Off topic note on #29: Notice the glass top on the Dresser?? I have glass tops on almost every Dresser, Chest, and Table in my house!! Protects the furniture from coffee, cocktails, cigarettes… And makes a great surface to line up blow!! πŸ˜‰ heehee
    Interesting and whimsical bench that beautiful junior hunk stud is gracing!!
    Somebody needs to fuck #44 before he ruins himself with his toy!! Shoosh!!
    Anybody got a tape measure handy?!?! I would love to know just how long #46’s insanely long cock is!! YOWZA!!!!

    My initial attraction #24 is still in full force!! But damn, Bald & Beautiful bangin’ hot #33 is damn fine, too!! Hot man!! And that thick PA’ed cock!! WHEW!!!

    #24 and #33 both look fun and affable!! πŸ™‚ A 3-way with them would be amazing!!

    Great post!! Thanks!!

  • mahtinp

    To all of you Chiefs fans, I am so sorry about the results of the game … my offer for an unruly celebration of Mahomes future Hall of Fame induction still stands. In the meantime, I will have an unruly celebration of this remarkable collection of gorgeous men. 14, 15, and 35 are all gorgeous, but I’d really like to be where that dildo in #44 is.

    Have a fabulous weekend thankful, you don’t need a holiday to celebrate romance when you have built the life you have.
    Much Love,

  • Jingle

    If this delightful post is any indication, I’d say the bearded look has reached it’s zenith!! At least among younger men!! 😏

  • Brad

    Two “little birds” sent me a message saying that I should check in with the URD gang, and they were right… πŸ™‚ What a wonderful post to return to! Thanks, Denny and Jingle, for mentioning and thinking of me. πŸ™‚ I often think of you guys.

    Jingle and I are still liking the same guys here (not surprising.. πŸ˜‰ ) My top 5 are #12, 14, 24, 33, and 36. I agree, Jingle, playing with #24 and #33 would definitely be a lot of fun, but throw you into the mix, and it would be a mind-blowing sexperience… πŸ˜‰

    Thank you, Ben & David for the fantastic H2T post. I don’t know how you do it, but you found many pix that I did not have in my collection. Believe it or not…it now has over 57,000 photos of H2T men. My offer still stands…I am willing to share them, just ask.

    As many of you know, my mom battled cancer in 2016, went into remission, and then in March of last year, it returned. She began radiation in May through June. This killed the cancer in her heart. Yay! However, it had spread to her liver, and she started her first chemo drug in July. Her body did not tolerate the side-effects, so on to the second one. It was not killing the cancer, so on to chemo drug #3, and it’s working! But slower than mom wants, but it’s progress! That’s where she is now. I have been helping my dad when I can, but with the pandemic and safety protocols, I can’t do as much as I want… πŸ™

    My hubby, who has had his own health challenges, is doing fairly well, but he isolates more than I do, because we both know if he gets virus, he will definitely be in the hospital. We are both waiting somewhat patiently until he can get his vaccination and we can breathe just a little easier.

    Life has been a challenge for me in the past year, but I know that others have had bigger challenges, and I think of their hardships and count myself lucky. My maternal grandfather told me this, “What matters in life are not material things you accumulate, it’s the personal connections and relationships that you have with other people that matter!” I truly believe this, and believe that even “remote” and virtual connections like what URD provides are important! So, thanks again, Ben and David, for creating a community, a family of sorts for us!

    Love and hugs,

    • FredinMotul

      So good to hear from you, but sorry to hear of your continued challenges. All this in NORMAL times is stressful enough. I can not imagine how difficult you and your families live are these days. Sending you encouragement and strength from Mexico. Be Well and Stay SAFE!!

    • Denny

      Hey Brad!

      Thanks for passing along the good news about your Mom! Sounds like your hubby is hanging in there too, thanks to your good care.

      The minute I saw this post I was hoping you would find it, because I KNEW you would enjoy all this H2T!

      It’s always good to hear from you, Brad! Love and hugs back atcha!

    • ray

      Dear Brad, I am glad to hear from you and that things are going better now than you feared! My best wishes to you, your hubby and your mom for a fast and definitive recovery!

      Love and hugs

    • Jingle

      Brother Brad, sooo good to hear from you!! πŸ˜€ Happy to know that things are going relatively well!!

      And thanks for the naughty compliment regarding #24 and #33!! 😁 Do feel free to join us!! We need a Fourth for Bridge!! πŸ˜‰

      Moving forward, hope to hear more from you!!

      With love and friendship, John

    • bw

      Dear Brad – It was good to hear from you. I went through the struggle with both parents, but in my case it was distance not pandemic that made it hard for me to help. I was 7+ hours away and my travel schedule – all international – was horrendous. So don’t doubt yourself – your Mom knows. And she also knows you have to protect your sweet baboo.
      Big ole hugs – BILL

  • FredinMotul

    Stop the Presses! Update! Even in our Rural Mexican Town, we have Progress! Today, we went to the Municipal Building and registered to receive our COVID19 Vaccinations. We have been trying for over a week to get the Mexican Government Web site to work, but even though it would verify our Data and tell us we were eligible, it would not confirm us or register us. Got that sorted in less than 15 minutes today for each of us. I do have to say, we were a motely group of Seniors today, but we got it done and should have our Vaccines before April. Very relieved, and will sleep a little better tonight.

    Everyone Stay Safe, now of all times!!

    • Bill S

      Fred, I am very happy to hear that! You are not far behind the rest of us at all. I will receive my second shot on March 3rd. So this summer ought to see us get this damn virus under control (in the USA anyway.)

      We needed some GOOD NEWS!


      • FredinMotul

        Agreed! About time to see some faces around here too!! It is hard to tell how cute some of the guys are around here with the Masks. We all wear them with little complaint, an most likely will into the future for now. Let us all Stay and Be Well!!

      • Denny

        And just by coincidence my 2nd shot is scheduled for Mar 2nd!

        Things are looking up! 🎈 🎈 🎈

  • Hey, Denny. Did you read about the sudden death of 5-time Jeopardy contestant Braden Smith? He was 24. No reason for his death has been given as far as we know. Braden was one of Alex’ last champions – and one of our favorites. So very sad.

  • Denny

    Yes, I did see that, David – I could hardly believe it! At 24!
    I read on thejeopardyfan.com that he died of complications from a recent surgery. He was SO looking forward to playing in the Tournament of Champions!
    He had 3 brothers: Bryce 26, Brock 18, & Brody 15.

    God bless and keep us All! XOXOXO

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