We think the best dudes are amateur dudes!

It’s official… we have a new student in our little Table Rock classroom. It’s a long story that’s still developing, so we’ll update you as time goes by. Our newbie is a a delightful 7-year old girl named “Alyssa”, who was referred to us by our Minister. She’s lived all her life in Branson with her grandmother who recently suffered a severe stroke and is currently living in an assisted living facility that specializes in stroke rehabilitation. Since the stroke, “Alyssa” has been self-quarantining with an older couple that’s active in our Church. She has her own i-phone and i-pad and has been doing “virtual school.” The couple she’s been staying with has been concerned about her education and feels she needs to be interacting with other students on a daily basis. So… our Minister contacted me wanting to know if we’d consider another student. I talked with David – and the other members of the gang and everyone thought we should do everything we can to help her. I talked with “Dr C” and he’s really excited. He says he thinks she’ll make a wonderful addition to our ” Table Rock student body.” Alyssa has been tested twice for Covid and takes and records her own temperature every morning and evening. She’s been in our school for a week (the people she’s staying with bring her over each morning and pick her up after school). Academically, she’s “totally lost” and it makes me realize just how “advanced” our kids are. But they’re crazy about her and have been really good to help her understand what we’re doing in the classroom. Dub started calling her “Lissa” as soon as he met her and it’s stuck with the others. She smiles a lot and obviously loves all the attention.
So that’s what’s happening here. We haven’t posted much lately because things have been real busy with school and closing down the summer lake stuff, but we promise to do better in the coming weeks. xoxo Ben (and David).

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  • Alexander

    Congrats for including Alyssa into the Branson brain trust. Sounds like a promising student. While I love the Ozarks,I’m uncertain cutting edge medicine is practiced there. Hope that Alyssa’s gran receives the same cutting edge stroke treatment as TPA at Cedars-Sinai.

    The backstory how she came to be in her grans care must pull at one’s heartstrings too.

    Be well. Be kind to each other!


  • Jingle

    “…the best dudes are amateur dudes!” Damn right!! These are the great “real” guys that surround us in the “real” world!!

    Great collection, set, and post!! Lots of TJM!! Thank You!! ๐Ÿ™‚ And you had me from the git!!… #1 is bangin’ hot!! As is #3, 4, 5, 9, 13, 25, 27, 28, 31, 33, 38, 40, and 46!! WHEW!!!
    After wrecking their holes with those giant dildos, fucking Big Boy #2 and his trimmer friend #42 would be like throwing a hot dog down a hallway!! Shoosh!!
    Fuzzy furry hunky humpy #3 looks like a really Good Guy!! And check out those hairy upper arms and shoulders!! Bet his back is nicely furred, too!! ๐Ÿ™‚ My late Father was furry like that!! Mother, in one of her more candid moments, said that, “Sleeping with your Father is like sleeping with a giant Teddy Bear!!”!! ๐Ÿ™‚
    While I’m happily tongue-fucking #4, I’ll show those lovely bull balls some love, too!! ๐Ÿ™‚
    Holy Shit!! Hunk Stud #6 is nothing shy of MAGNIFICENT!!!!! And #18 is another show-stopper!! WHOA!!!!!
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    Who’s gonna look after gooning slut #8?!?! Displaying a variety of moods; sluts #17, 19, 22, and 37 need some attention, too!!
    It seems that in every post, there’s one pic that sends me off in several directions!! In this fine post, it’s #9!! First and foremost; the engaging, bangin’ hot, thick-dicked, bundle o’ man!! He may consider himself welcum to squat like that on my face and/or pelvis any time!! His overly groomed and done Eyebrows are in stark contrast to his fun tousled hair!! But then there’s the sloppy, nasty, badly done, builder grade, Honey Oak banister and balustrade!! Yuck!! ๐Ÿ™ And the hopelessly dated 1980’s Ceilng Fan and Medallion!! Oh well, once I’m wearing his asscheeks like earmuffs, I won’t have to look at them!! ๐Ÿ™‚ haha
    Have we seen #10 before?!?! Different pic, perhaps??… (Nice dick!!)
    Great POV of well-endowed #11!! That’s the last thing you’d see before he sat on your face!!
    Heavily tattooed #12 is crazy HOT!! Dang!! Please check out #21 (Pierced nipples!! Bonus!!) and #36 (More on him later!!…) In my fevered imagination, I’m fantasizing about gathering them up, and going to a tattoo convention!! After spending the afternoon strolling around making new acquaintances, we could go back to our hotel suite, and host a booze & blow-fueled, Open House, fuck and suck sex party!!!!!
    OK, where was I?!?!… Oh yeah, in #12 check out the poster on the wall!! (Wish we could see more of it!!) It’s a Cadillac Eldorado from the early 1970’s!!
    I really believe that fantastic Lucky #13 is gonna garner a lot of attention among the CCC!! And rightly so!!
    While I bemoan the lack of a view of his face, doesn’t Missouri boy #14 look fetching on his ATV?!?!
    If you dig Ginger #16 at all, drop down to #44 to see him again in some silly fetish gear!! Not a fan… But we have a wonderful view of his thick uncut dick and his amazing, beautiful, perfectly balanced balls!! Nice!!
    Pic #20 is a phenomenal image!! Great close-up view of some damn fine junk!! But then we also the dude’s handsome face in the mirror!! Outstanding!! Someone really put some thought into that!! And I’m damn glad of it!! ๐Ÿ™‚
    Crazy rockin’ hot #23!! WOW!! And while I have his gorgeous cock down my throat, I’m gonna reach up with both hands and work over his moobs!!
    I’m having a Love/Hate relationship with #24!!… Love his long lovely cock and low-hangers!! Hate his shirt!! ๐Ÿ™‚ haha
    Two further notes on bangin’ hot #25: The homemade curtains and matching pillow are a tad too cutesy for my taste!! (And don’t suit him at all!!) And I wonder if he’s concealing a bottle of poppers in his clenched fist?!?!
    #26 is very nice!! Very nice, indeed!! And the mirror is outstanding!!
    And let’s re-visit #27!!… Bet my left nut that he’s looking for someone to cum over and give him a blowjob!! I’d do it!!
    #28 is such a great-guy-next-door!! And he’s surely checking out URD!! ๐Ÿ™‚
    Handsome FCCO #29 is fantastic!! The fussy little crochet-trimmed wastebasket… not so much!! ๐Ÿ™‚ haha
    Happy crazy bangin’ hot #31 takes Top Honours for the Best Low-Hangers ever!! YOWZA!!!! His balls are sooo astounding, you almost miss how pretty his cock is!!
    Rockin’ hot blond #32 is a bit out of my wheelhouse… But he really is beautiful, and his cock is awesome!!
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    Now then, ALL that being said, my clear favourite out of all these 47 wonderful amateur dudes is… #15!! Hot damn!! There is nothing – and I do mean NOTHING – I don’t like about him!!

    My Bears played, and eeked out a Win, Thursday night, so they don’t play today!! I guess I should find something productive to do!!…

    • Roberto

      Jingle, I’m afraid #7’s hideous long hair overshadows his assets (yes, he does have them), as that’s an immediate turn-off for me. The day you see me picking a muddog, you can be sure the Apocalypse has come. But again, a simple change in his look would change my assessment dramatically.

      So, as for the heavily inked dudes you chose for me (#7 and #30), I’d say I’m more fond of #12 (bloody crazy hot indeed), my recent “gift” #21 (a sign I should go back to my birthday cake), and #36 โ€“ and it looks like all three got some praise from you.

      Now, #39? Fuck, spot on! An instant crush as I looked over the post! Then I saw his neighbors #37 and #38 and got crazy about all three โ€“ what a tremendous trio in a row!

      Finally, as I dug into the collection, I realized it could be impossible to pick just one here. Fuzzy-assed #4, #8 and #26 (YUM!), superb bears #3, #28 and #46, BBBB (bearded bushy bad boy) #10, full-of-charms, curly-haired #11 (!) and #48, horny selfies #41 and #45… gosh, I can’t even finish a list!

      #20 deserves an award for innovation โ€“ and he’s so freaking hot!

      #25 in that pose is just an overwhelming view!! His downstairs neighbor, Mr. Hoodie (#29), and fuzzy ginger #16 are also very sexy.

      #17 (he looks like one of your picks in my last birthday post, Jingle), #19, #22 and #34 are not furry-assed, but are sure buttlicious. So many cock-teasing butts in this post!

      Ah, please tell #5 I can reach areas he can’t providing all the skill and pleasure he can aim for. I can dream of #31 and #39 being up for the same treatment…

      Sorry… As you can see, my comment is a mess, but that’s because I got carried away with all these lovely, bloody hot dudes. They may be amateurs, but they sure know how to put on a spectacle! Absolutely phenomenal post, thanks!


  • Denny

    I won’t draw any parallels about Alyssa until you/we learn more of her story, but as I read on, I kept thinking about Chance. She sounds like the perfect addition to your little classroom, and if Dub does what he does best, that little girl has a brand new and wonderful life ahead of her!

    The dudes in this post are positively knock down, drop dead, heart-stoppin’, gorgeous hunks – one and all!!!

    Just when I think I’ve got my Dude of the Day, oops! – there’s another one!!

    I’ll be back several more times, I’m sure, but for right now, my faves are

    #3 – the teasing smile, the hairy bod;

    #25 – he just can’t wait for you to get into him!

    #28 – Dayum! Just LOOK at that BUSH!!!

    #32 – Big, bad, blond boy tease if ever there was one!!

    and, #43 – oh, don’tcha just wanna slip and slide all over THAT happy hairy hottie in the bathtub!!!

    Dude of the Day?? It’s gotta be Bad Boy #32!!!

    Okay, Jingle, Babydoll, it’s your turn – flip open the Chromebook, keep the dark roast close by – and GO FOR IT!!!


    • Jingle

      Oh, Dearheart!! We must have been looking at this superb post and compiling our notes at the same time!! Only 5 minutes between the times our comments posted!!

      And I had something to say about EVERY one you mention!! Great minds do think alike!! ๐Ÿ™‚ haha

      What do you think of #13?!?!

      • Denny

        I guess I missed #13 cuz he was zipped up to his chin and there were SO many other distracting dudes! Yeah, he def qualifies as a big badass mofo!!!

        This whole post is s-c-r-e-a-m-i-n hot!!! Me luv amateurs!!

  • ray

    As I see this new post, it is already commented in detail by Jingle and Denny, so it will be more interesting still…
    What a sad story little Alyssa must have been through! But she was lucky to be found by you!


  • bw

    I said a while back that there were many kids in your area that would benefit from a school like Dr. C & Ben run – and one has already found you. I’m happy for her and proud of you guys for what you do.
    No 43 has struck a chord with the URD gang – average pecker and balls, beautiful fur, and little smirk that says he knows he’s pretty cute. I’d lots of nasty things with that boy. And NO 32 is a rarity – a furry blonde – with a big dick.

    • Jingle

      Oh boy, I missed that one by a mile!! ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

      I thought #13 would be the darling of the CCC!! And here it’s #43!! With #32 in hot pursuit!!

      Oh well, even the ’27 Yankees didn’t win ’em all!! ๐Ÿ˜ƒ haha

  • Bill S

    I’ve been enjoying all the comments, more than the pictures….

    My favorite when I first checked-in was #1 and #1 is still my #1 favorite!

    But I’ve got more reading to do! Thanks to Jingle and the rest of you for making this post come alive! (-:


  • mahtinp

    Glad you all are well and thankful that you were able to bring another kid into TableRockU! (especially one in such a position of need for the loving education y’all provide)

    Much Love and wishes for joy and continued health,

  • Roberto

    Fred, let me wish you a Happy Birthday in the company of your hubby, friends and all your beloved pets! Enjoy your special day, my friend.

    Love and hugs,

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