We’re all really “pumped” because WE VOTED today. This year, any registered Missouri voter can vote by mail – due to the Covid threat. We sent in our “Mail-in ballot requests” on August 25th and our ballots arrived by mail yesterday. Of course, Missouri wanted to make voting by mail as difficult as possible so they require that ballot signatures be notarized. Our attorneys have a young lawyer in the office who is a notary, so he came over this morning (wearing mask, gloves and shoe coverings). We all (sort-of) ignored how CUTE he is while he notarized our ballot signatures. Then David took the ballots to the Kimberling City post office and mailed them. Now we won’t have to burst our “covid bubble” here at the lake by going to the polls on Nov. 3rd. It’s a wonderful feeling!
On an unrelated subject, we surprised the kids last Friday when “Patricia” came over to begin teaching them about pottery. Dub and Austin figured out that “throw a pot” is “jeter un pot” in French or “tiara uno olli” in Spanish, which was news to Chad, Patricia and me. It was just an introductory session but he kids had a blast (there’s nothing kids like more than playing in mud and potting clay is a lot like that). Bella and Tra took the work very seriously and probably made the best pots of the day. Patricia helped each of them work out a potters signature and date their work. We’ll continue with the training for at least the current quarter – and probably much longer. xoxo Ben

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  • Bill S

    I have never seen a more BEAUTIFUL MAN that lucky #13 — his face — his body — his whole package!!! And it’s a SELFIE! Holy crap! I’m instantly in LOVE!

    I have been thanking my State for having the foresight to provide mail-in voting exclusively for a few years now!

    …now back to this post (if I can take my eyes off of #13 that is! (-:


    • Roberto

      And it’s a pit selfie, Bill – with one penetrating look! It’s his eyes that don’t let you go! 😀

      This post is a BLESSING!!! Not only all the fur here is super arousing, it gives me hope in the manscaping century! 😀

      How can I choose among such total dreams as #10, #26 and #44?! They’re male Beauty incarnate! And the more I look around, the more I get in dream mode!

      I bet bw will go crazy for furry cuties #23 and #39 – and who can blame him? 😉


    • Bill S

      I got as far as #15 and it’s his cock that wants my attention. The lightening bolts are a nice touch on his little tummy too…

  • Denny

    Bill, I totally agree with you on #13 – what a handsome STUD!!! – the blue-grey eyes, the pookie nips, hair in all the right places and his boy bundle? HOT DAMN!!!

    #12 caught my attention too – dark hair everywhere, but check out that cute ‘n’ sexy ginger beard!!

    This post could’ve been titled Hair Hair Everywhere, and I am drooling!!!

    #1 – Hey Cutie! I see your baseball bat just a-hangin’ there, lookin’ for some big time fun!!!

    #4 – He’s just a bad ass fuck machine!!!

    Then we got #24 – and he ain’t even nekkid yet!!!

    #34 – Let’s just say – Friday night and all day Saturday!!!

    Voting by mail is terrific. BUT – Leave it to the Head Schmo in MO to require a notarized signature. Is that even legal? By paying a notary to validate their vote, aren’t the citizens essentially paying for the right to vote???

    David and Ben, in case you can’t tell, I am L-O-V-I-N’ this post!!! Thank you and –

    XOXOXO !!!

    • Bill S

      Denny, It took Washington State a few years to work out the kinks in Universal Mail-In voting. We used to have to put a stamp on the envelope or take it to a drop-box. Today, it’s no-postage required! At least what MO is doing will prove that the vote is valid. So there Trump!

  • Denny

    Totally off either subject here, but where else am I gonna put it, right?

    I am a dedicated devotee of not only the Daily Jumble in the newspaper, but I love doing the daily crossword puzzle most of all.

    As I was working on the crossword yesterday, my mind drifted to something you told us Ben, about Dub and a couple of his buds reading a pretty sophisticated novel together. Can’t remember the title.

    Have they been introduced to crossword puzzles? I’m not talking the New York Times here, but they sell comic book size books with crossword puzzles for various ages.

    Just a thought for rainy day fun.

  • Ron

    # 39, that is my guy and I would give him all the attention he deserves.
    Congratulations on getting your vote accomplished. As a young Canadian I always admired the USA for being the superior dominating country in the world that I recognized it to be. When Trump ran in 2016 under the slogan of a make America great again, I wondered what he meant, after all the USA in my eyes was great. What I see now after 4 years of Trump is not the USA that I so admired as a young Canadian. The USA no longer has the standing in the world that it enjoyed 4 years ago and for that I feel sorry. The slogan “make America great again” today would have some real meaning, just not under Trump’s vision for the USA.

    I am sorry to get political in my comments. I know your site is not devoted to that, but I had to say my piece. You are free to delete my political comment.

    Great work on your site, I have been following for some years now and always look forward to the next post. You have such great variety. Thank you and keep it up.

    • Denny

      Your political views here are shared by every embarrassed Democrat in the USA. No worries, Man.

      Welcome to URD. Don’t be a stranger, eh?

    • unrulyadmin

      Hey, Ron. Love your comment. Interestingly, it’s exactly what our Australian friends say about the U.S. with Trump as President. He’s an ignorant, unprincipled, disastrous excuse for a leader. We would never delete a comment like yours. In fact, we’re hoping for many more! xoxo David and Ben

  • FredinMotul

    Excellent News! Sorry that Missouri is making it more difficult for you guys. For us Ex Pats, formerly from South Carolina, we were concerned that it would be very difficult for us to vote. Not So!! Everything done online including an email Ballot. All done as of Sept. 20. I even went to the trouble to contact a friend still in Charleston and got a list of the best School board candidates and all. Done and Done!! Everyone PLEASE VOTE NOW and hopefully show this monster the door and restore America.

    Speaking of all this, you know, it was what we saw during the Bush II Administration that made us worry about retiring in the US. We looked kind of silly for a few years, but now, not so much. I fervently hope that Joe can get in there an remove the Orange Shit Gibbon once and for all. Never Fear Ron, you are welcome here.

    Awesome Post Men!! They all HAVE MY VOTE!!

    Best of luck with the pottery. It can be loads of fun for years!!

  • bw

    I think I forgot to mention I would be away for a week – there is a cluster of birthdays in my family from Sept. to the end of October so we celebrated all at once.
    No 39 – those eyes, fur and nice big dick – sighhhh.
    I feel like the lone ranger, but I like to vote in person – it seems like a bit of a ceremony. I always vote early, but you still get to use the machine and all that goes with it. Plus I get to chat with the ladies at the election board – they’ve been on the job since the Roosevelt administration – the Teddy Roosevelt administration.

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