Welcome home, babe!

“And bring hither the fatted calf, and kill it; and let us eat, and be merry. For this my son was dead, and is alive again; he was lost, and is found.”

We were working on a “sittin’ around” post to go with Rick’s “Friends Friday” post, when we saw Brad’s comment. So, we quick-like shifted gears a bit and turned it into a “naked head-to-toe post. It’s so good to have you back, babe. Hope you like the pics!

27 comments to Welcome home, babe!

  • ray

    Delicious, especially # 16, 31, 44 and 48.

  • Jingle

    What a wonderful surprise to wake up early on a lovely Sunday Morning and discover not only this STANDOUT post, but Brother Brad’s return to the “family” fold, too!!!!! 🙂 🙂

    Please add another tag to this ASTOUNDING collection… “WHOA!!!!!”!! My friends/brothers/lovers, you’re gonna be saying it a lot!!!!!

    #3 is quite lovely… and Special Props to him for his pierced nipples, and his choice of heavy gauge/small diameter “assertive” jewelry!!
    Likewise, the intricate tattoo on #5’s chest is especially noteworthy!!
    #8 is just stunning!! GREAT image, however you choose to look at it!!
    Hot & Handsome, hunky #12 is fantastic!! I strongly suspect he’ll be a particular favourite of Brother Brad’s?!?!
    Bald & Beautiful #16 is crazy hot!! As is the somewhat edgier #18!!
    Why #19!!… What big ears you have!! 🙂 haha (No, I haven’t failed to admire his other charms!! 🙂 )
    Chipper junior hunk stud #21 is only gonna get hotter as he matures!!…
    #23, with his “come hither” gaze, is yet another special one!! LOVE those plump, taut, big balls!! (And pretty girlie cock!!)
    Doesn’t #24 look fetching with his long tapered cock, and awesome mushroom head?!?!
    Junior hunk stud #26 is just too pretty for his own good!! GREAT physique, GREAT junk!! And that Union Jack trunk is just a bonus!! 🙂 haha
    #30!! WOW!! Just WOW!! Oh my…
    If you were to see #32 fully clothed on the street, you’d never guess he had ink like that goin’ on!!
    Aww… #33 is adorable!! And not unlike #23, I’d LOVE to lick, nuzzle, kiss, and suck on those plump taut balls!! Never forget friends, it’s a three-piece set!! 🙂
    Hey bw, isn’t #34 your boy, Connor McGuire?!?! Fantastic pic!! And check out the gorgeous balustrade and newel post behind him!! That magnificent millwork would suggest a Southern setting to me!! Like #8, an all-around phenomenal image!!
    #35 and #40 are both exotically handsome!! And damn hot!!
    My eyes popped and my jaw dropped when I clicked on Bald & Beautiful, hunky humpy fuzzy furry, bangin’ HOT #36!!!!! From his handsome face, to his PopEye biceps, to his pooky nipples, to his perfect junk, he is the Real Deal!! WHEW!!!
    Holy Shit!! Just how thick IS #37’s cock?!?! Yowza!!
    Oh yeah, I could enjoy a morning cup with good guy #38!!
    I was really rather distracted by #39’s extraordinarily long fingers!! If he was finger-fucking you, you’d damn well know it!! 😉 haha
    Those twink lovers among us need look no further than #41!! Well, maybe #47…
    And as for big bundle o’ man #42: Hooks off friends!! He’s all mine!! Mine!! MINE!!
    #43 is a total cutie-patootie!!
    #44 was another heart-stopper!! Insanely hot!! And I love his smooth taint and hole!! He gets his right nipple pierced to match the left, he’s in The Will!! Goddamn!!
    Can’t you just hear long and lean, rockin’ hot #45 saying to someone off camera, “C’mon now, it ain’t gonna suck itself!!”?!?!
    I was really touched by the sweet motto tattoo, “Mom Dad” with integral heart, on #46’s chest over his heart!! I wonder if perhaps his folks have passed??…

    Alrighty then, once again I’m faced with the delightful dilemma of not wanting to settle on just one!! 🙂 The Jingle “Dream Team” today is #36, #42, and #44!! They each bring something quite special to the table!! Or should I say my bed?!?! 🙂

    OUTSTANDING!!!!! Fantastic set, collection, and post!! And how wonderful to have prodigal Brother Brad back with us!! Love you!!

    • Brad

      It’s good to be back among my brothers. Once again, you have some outstanding insights and thoughts on these pictures! Thanks, my brother… 🙂

  • Bill S

    I wondered why I went straight to #47 — that’s Larry’s “type” — but then again I do think he’s pretty much flawless. BUT it is the WATER that attracted me! I am such a water baby, especially at this time of year!

    I hope you can comment regularly Brad! It’s great to hear from you! Denny has been worried and Roberto has been missing you too. So I know you’ll be hearing from them soon! (-:


  • bw

    Welcome home Brad – we missed you. But maybe it was worth the wait since it inspired a post like this one.
    Nos. 37 & 46 may not have any thing to do with a fatted calf, but they both sport impressive fatties. And yes Jingle I think No 34 is a young Connor McGuire. Now that he’s back looking all manly and grown up, I can’t wait to see him in some porn – and it will probably be his first bareback.
    I think I will have to fight Jingle for regular but fuzzy dude NO 42 – tell him to stay put and I’ll replace that finger with my tongue.
    Excellent post!!

    • Jingle

      Oh bw, we’re lovers, not fighters!! Take awesome Good Guy #42!! 🙂 I’ll more than have my hands – and mouth – full with #36 and #44!! 🙂 haha

      Ya know, I was so distracted and so favourably impressed with #46’s tattoo that I actually failed to notice his impressive girth!! Dang!!

    • Brad

      Thanks, bw! I missed you guys as well! You are correct…David and Ben did an amazing post! They never disappoint… 🙂 I would love to see Connor do some bareback scenes, too… 😉

  • Denny

    Brad!! It’s so good to hear from you! When I think of you, I must confess, I also find myself thinking of your Mom. I hope she continues in good health.

    What a lot of hotties here – all H2T – it’s hard to pick just one. Or two. Or THREE!

    I was first smitten by #4, who looks SO ready to get it ON! Be prepared to walk funny for a coupla days after a close encounter with him, though!!

    But then, along comes #10, and I’d be ready to rock all over again!! He looks like nuthin’ but F-U-N!!!

    I wanna know how TALL #7 is!! DAYUM! He could wrap his legs around you twice, and those feet look like a size 14, at LEAST!!

    But, BUT – my fave…My Dude of the Day – has to be #48. S-W-O-O-N !!! That devilish smirk…the plushy pits…the hairy chest…the chewy TITS!!! And the treasure trail right down to that “just right” piece of man meat, for HOURS of pleasure. And you’d still be able to walk the next day! Yeppers – he’s a real bed wrecker all right!!

    Thanks for the post, David. You are such a thoughtful host, to welcome back our wandering “son” with this hot post!

    • Jingle

      Denny Dearheart, I certainly did notice swarthy #4, and matinee idols #10 and #48… But I reckoned they’d have plenty of admirers, so I left them alone!! 🙂 haha

      Brilliant observation about #7!!

    • Brad

      Denny, you are so kind to remember my mother. She is doing well and is cancer-free! Yay! She goes back in September for 6 month checkup. I thank God everyday for keeping her in good health!

      We are in sync today regarding the Dude of the Day… 🙂 Hope you are doing well and enjoying your Sunday!

    • Roberto

      Denny, in case you or anyone else wants to see more of #48, he’s Dario Beck. I guess it’s been a while since we last saw him here, and this is a new pic.


      • Denny

        Beto, you sweet and thoughtful man! I googled Mario Beck and among other pics, there was a site containing 29 videos of him!
        Thank you, Beto! URD needs You!


  • Larry

    Bill S. says #47 is my type which is true, but to get to him I had to stop and admire # 1, pretty boy # 26 and a dozen other smooth chested, smiling, fully erect beauties. What a breath taking post!

  • Brad

    How could I not like this post, David? It’s got lots of photos that I haven’t seen yet, and by the comments posted so far, it’s a hit with the CCC as well! 🙂

    Jingle, bw, Denny, and I are all thinking alike today. Here’s my “Dream Team” with plenty of reserves: #3, 4, 12, 16, 18, 20, 27, 30, 32, 36, 38, 40, 42, 44, 48. Like Denny, when I saw #4, I was like “yeah! He’s hot! Then comes #16, and it’s Whoa! Finally, it’s #48…I am speechless! 😉 So, he gets my vote as well for Dude of the Day! I am sure Denny and I can make “arrangements,” so we don’t wear him out…lol

    This post proves what I said yesterday about URD…David and Ben go beyond just posting photos of naked men. They have created a community where we can our thoughts, feelings and happenings in our lives, and I am grateful to be a part of it! Thanks, David and Ben!

    I close with this: This “lost” son is never truly lost, just “away.” He doesn’t forget those who reach out to him with kindness wherever he goes on his journey called life.

  • FredinMotul

    So, maybe I won´t go right to bed like I thought. Great post men. Thanks!

  • Roberto

    Que alegria te ter de volta, Brad! I’ve had you, your mother and husband in my thoughts and I’m so happy everybody is doing well there. Is Yaris being a good girl at home? 😀

    We missed you a lot and I hope now you can enjoy URD as much as you want. Just nifty of the guys to celebrate your comeback with this awesome H2T collection. 🙂 And clearly you haven’t lost your touch for commenting. 😉

    Tudo de bom para você e sua família, amigão!

  • Brad

    Beto, It’s great to back and enjoying the URD posts and the comments from the CCC. I have missed you guys and practicing my Portuguese with you… 😉

    Both my hubby and mother are doing well due to some wonderful and talented doctors and healthcare professionals… 🙂 Yaris turned 4 in April and is still the “queen” of our family… 😉 Thank you for asking about her! (I am still amazed that you remembered her name. There are few close friends of ours that don’t remember her name.)

    David and Ben outdid themselves once again with this post. It is a great welcome back post! I couldn’t ask for a better collection of photos… 🙂

    Espero que você e sua família estejam bem, meu amigo!


  • Tim from MO

    What a delicious looking post!!!
    I want to start with #1, and work my way down this group of 48 naked head-to-toe spread legged sexy men, burrowing underneath their balls….inhaling all 48 scents, licking, kissing, tongue probing into each and every pucker, rimming them until I have 48 shower loads of cum rain down on my head, face, and open mouth.

    I guess I’m feeling sluttier than normal this evening….😈👅💦

    Thanks for the post!

  • Jason

    Hi, Im enjoying this website and have browsed to 3/21/17. How do I get to your archive and get back to that date? Let me know. Thanks

    • Roberto

      Hello, Jason, nice to meet you. As another viewer/admirer of URD, I know of no archive that allows you to find posts by date. You can navigate through the blog by moving from one post to the next or prior one, or using the tags on the menu on the right – so you can go directly to your preferred themes (and there are tags for all tastes).

      As I’m not new here, I could use a tag as a shortcut to find the post you mentioned: https://www.unrulydude.com/photos/dude-lets-get-wet-4/ . Hope it helps. Maybe tags like wet, shower and beach will be particularly interesting to you. 😉

      All the best,

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