What tha fuck are these?

O.K. Gotta ask. What tha fuck are these things? And why are they almost always GREEN?
And, am I the only guy anywhere who doesn’t own one? And does that string ridin’ up your ass turn you on? And I thought “greenies” were a treat for my dogs. Would I like to see my boy, “Ben” in one of these? NO FUCKIN’ WAY!!!

11 comments to What tha fuck are these?

  • Bill S

    They are some marketing agent’s million dollar idea.
    ….also proof that people will spend hard-earned money on ANYTHING!

    Pic #30 is hot.


  • I guess I’ve seen those once or twice, but I never had any idea there were that many of them, or that many pics of them online.

    But what I really came to say was, Happy Thanksgiving, Dude!

  • Jingle

    They don’t leave much to the imagination, and it would be easy to get a guy out of one, but other than that, they’re fucking ridonculous!! There appears to be a lot drunken frat-boy hi-jinx going on…

    In spite of it, #3 is hot!! (So is his more conventionally attired buddy!!)
    If blue-boy #7, or #18 loses it… We’ll talk!! ;^)
    I’m with the chick in the background of #15, covering her face!! haha
    #34 & #41… You’re way too old for that!!
    #39… You’re way too fat for that!!
    #46 could be a badass without that thing!!

    Hopefully, it’s just a fleeting fad!! haha

    Fun post, babe!! Doing gobblers for Thanksgiving?? ;^)

    Love you, my friend!!

  • ray

    I thought these things were just a joke, and that’s what they appear to be in these photos, too. Useless, ugly. Most of the guys are cute, though. Funny and sexy, for me, are pretty much mutually exclusive.

  • Ploy

    lol Fun post. I think the reason they are so popular in green, or at all for that matter, is because of the comedy film Borat where the main character sports one of these green things.

    P.S. Long time follower from the first unrulydude with that picture of that pretty green-eyed, caramel skin guy on the welcome page with the warning. Absolutely loved your posts from back then. Not just great masturbating material, but good humor too. This is my very first comment. My very favourite porn site, and I never thought I’d have a favourite porn site. 😀

  • The New Flops Boy

    Weren’t they from that Sascha Cohen movie? Borat?

    XO FFB

  • dennis

    I think these things are called ‘mankinis’. I first saw them in a pic of John Mayer wearing one on a beach somewhere. He sure did look fine!
    Happy Thanksgiving, bois!

  • unrulyadmin

    Hey, Ploy…
    Thank you for commenting. We’ve been here together for quite a while. Thank you for making this your “favorite porn site.”
    Means more to me than you could possibly know. Really! Love you… and thanks for the comment.

  • Lee

    I agree they are ugly in green. Just a comment. Did anyone else notice that in #44, they have written “Jew Boy” on his ass? I find that terribly racist and offensive. I have never noticed anything like that on this site before as Unrulyboy seems to like all kinds of men. I hope it was just an oversight, but I also hope never to see anything like that again. Thanks.

  • unrulyadmin

    Lee. Sorry. I missed it. If I had seen it, I wouldn’t have posted it.

  • Lee

    That’s what i thought. You are the best.

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