What’s better… the jeans? or the nips?

Here’s an e-mail we received from our buddy, “Jingle”:
“You mentioned you might do a “Cars” post… This one might do nicely! Dude is crazy rockin’ hot! And he’s not even showing us his wiener! And that early 1960’s Pontiac Tempest is awesome!
Love ya, babe! As always, John”
(The pic attached is #1 in this post)
We responded to Jingle, saying:
“AGREED! Maybe we’ll do a post of shirtless dudes in jeans. Sometimes letting your imagination run is hotter than looking at a guy’s junk 🙂 xoxo David and Ben”
So, we started looking for “dudes in jeans,” and found ourselves “mesmerized” by the dudes’ tits. Male Nipples have been described as “the most useless and pointless part of a human body. “UMMMMMM… Maybe they are… but DAMN! THEY’RE PRETTY!!!

11 comments to What’s better… the jeans? or the nips?

  • Denny

    Well, shucks. I was gonna have a good time with this post, going nips or jeans on each one. But then I discovered the numbers are pretty badly mixed up and nobody would take the time to find where each one was that I was talking about.

    So let me just say, my Dude of the Day, HAS to be #45, who is in the place where #36 should be. He’s bald, he’s ripping his blue shirt off, showing his magnificent muscular and hairy torso and a bulge in his pants that says there isn’t gonna be much foreplay – he’s going right for the main event!!

    All of these guys are lush, plush, and turning me into a pile of mush!!! 🙂 🙂

  • ray

    The best is the guys themselves wearing their jeans and displaying their nipples!

  • Jingle

    Dang!! I’m gonna have arthritis in my fingers, and chapped lips, by the time I’m finished pinching and nibbling on all these!!!!! 😝 haha

    #20 (in the #16 spot), the bangin’ hot dude in the pink ballcap, has Brad written all over him!!

    And a very Special Mention to nasty crazy scary HOT, heavily tattooed #22 (in the #18 spot)!!!!!

    But they ALL have their allure!!…


  • Bill S

    I first went to #16 And SURE ENOUGH that IS a GYM BODY!

    Then I went to #12 and saw that this is ALSO a BACKGROUND POST!

    Then I went to #28 and IT’S AN UNDERWEAR POST! MASSIVE?

    Then I went to #6 and I’m NEVER LEAVING!!! (-:


  • bw

    Shirtless boys are totally oblivious to how they torment an old queen like me. And Bill – your NO 28 has done porn for Falcon but I can’t remember his name.
    I may be the only person who looks for this, but when you see a shirtless boy from behind, I always look for a little patch of soft fur at the base of their spine, usually shaped like a triangle and pointing to what I wish I could also see.

    • unrulyadmin

      Hey, bw. If you haven’t already, you might want to hop over to the video blog and click on the “CAR SUCK” link. It’ll take you to a short XHampster clip you’re probably familiar with 🙂

      • bw

        Thanks for putting this up – I kept finding 9+ minute versions that are way too long for Tumblr. It’s cut off here, but Jason Crew had his long pretty dick out too and when Barrett Long asked him if he was going to get off, he said he was going to save it for Long’s ass when they got to Vegas – and I think he meant it. Both these boys claim to be bi but lean towards females, but this bromance they had went on for years.

  • keith coleman

    is it just me or does anyone else like really tiny nipples? such a turn on for me! love this blog guys! xx

    • Denny

      Nope, not just you, Keith. Tiny titties can be hot too. I like nips that look perky ALL the time – like before you even touch them!

      Then you start with your tongue – get them sloppy wet…then blow softly on them…then nip at them with your lips over your teeth.

      Where you go from there depends on the amount of squirming and moaning you are causing. 😉

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