I probably should introduce myself. I’m Ty and I’m half of Austin’s dads and my husband Damien is the other half.
David and Ben asked us to tell you a bit about our family in general – and Austin in particular. This is the first time I’ve ever written on a post, so you’ll have to bear with me.
We’re comfortably settled into our new “cabin” at Table Rock now. Alex and the architects did a wonderful job of designing/decorating it and it feels more like home than a cabin. We sold our place in Florida before we started the new cabin because we’re so content here we don’t feel we need a “get-away” place. We still own our condo in North K.C. for when we (or the other guys) need to be up there.
Now, about Austin. If you don’t remember his story, you might check out David and Ben’s “Back home from the beach” post of August 4, 2016 (you can find it under the “AUSTIN” AND “BEACH” tags). He was five when we started fostering him and he’d had a horrible life up to then. He had been physically and mentally abused and we were his third foster family. As far as we know, his mother is still in prison. Although he’s always been a sweet boy he was a real challenge for Damien and me. When we first started fostering him his nightmares were real bad. We got him with a child mental therapist and that eventually really helped. Actually, Damien and I decided a little therapy for us might be helpful too, so we saw one for about a year. Getting started with our new son was a struggle for sure.
It’s hard for us to believe, but Austin is nine years old now. When we started fostering him we were told he was “learning disabled.” Ben says that’s ridiculous and, in fact he’s a gifted student. He’s speaking a lot of Spanish and French now and loves studying languages. He and Dub have been “best buds” for as long as they’ve known each other and spend lots time together “just doing stuff” whatever that means 🙂 Although we’ve offered to get him a pup, he’s never really wanted one – even though he enjoys playing with the other kids’ dogs. About a week ago, he surprised us by saying he thought he might like to have a kitten, so he and Dub have been doing some on-line searching to see what breed of cats is most compatible with dogs. I’m guessing we’ll have a new family addition before long.
We appreciate David and Ben putting together the pics for this post. They’re the best friends anyone could ever have!
Oh, and one last thing. After Denny’s “corn hole game” suggestion, Austin got Bella one for her birthday and it was a real hit with both the kids and adults. Since it was raining outside, we moved a bunch of furniture and set the game up in Cal and Alex’ living room and had a big corn hole tournament on her birthday. The “court” was only 22′ instead of the regulation 27″ but we decided that was fine. Dub read us the rules and we divided into teams of two (one adult and one kiddo). It took a couple of hours and there was lots of shouting and good-natured banter. When we finished, our champions were “Pop-pops and “Matty” but it was really close with “Bella” and “Denise” finishing second. Thanks, Denny!
We love URD and hope you guys will enjoy this little update. Hope all of you are well and surviving the pandemic and political mess. xoxo Ty and Damien

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  • FredinMotul

    Hello Ty, Damien and Austin,
    Thank you for the well organized summation of the last 4 years! Who can believe that it has already been that long? Wonderful news all around. Languages are so important, especially at an early age. Best of luck all around. I will give you a kitty observation. My Hubby found my kitten with its eyes still closed, no mother, in the middle of the road starving to death. At the time, we had 4 dogs from 5 pound Yorkie to almost 200 pound English Mastiff. Once she was weaned, we just introduced her to the pack and she became a pack member for life. She rough and tumbles with them all to this day. We sadly lost her best pal a few years back, the Mastiff. They used to sit ON one another. Really cute. My advice is get as young a kitten as you can, and introduce it early for best results!! Good Luck!!

    Awesome Post to tag on to. Thanks Guys! Trust you all are well and safe! Vote Blue, Vote Early and Vote Safely!

  • Alexander

    Dear Ty, Damien, Austin and the Kimberling City Crew,

    Thanks for sharing update on your family and new home at the Lake.
    I agree…4 years has gone so fast. It’s comforting to know that when life deals you bad luck, things can work out.
    You make a great family. May only excellent things happen for the rest of your lives.

    Have a safe but fun holiday weekend. It’s an Ozark tradition, but try not to eat too much BBQ🚤😎🚤.
    Remember there is always room for hand cranked ice cream.
    Be well.


  • ray

    Dear Ty, thanks for informing us about your family! Austin has developed into a very normal young guy, how good to know!
    The pics will be fabulous when I will give them the time they deserve (it is early in the morning now).

    Stay well and happy!

  • Jingle

    “WHOA !”, indeed!! 😄 😝

    At First Glance, it’s patently obvious that is an astonishing collection!!

    My friends/brothers/lovers, y’all just leave nasty crazy scary, bangin’ HOT, #11 for me!! WOW!!

    If you dig plaid- clad, happy selfie #20, check out the amazing frontal view of him in Beto’s Birthday Tribute!! 😃

    I’ll be back, for sure!!…

  • Denny

    Warm Greetings to you Ty AND to Damien! From the time David told us of meeting you and your son Austin after services at the Unity Church in KC, you have been in the minds and the hearts of URD followers! On your first visit to David and Ben’s house, Austin and Dub became bffs, and you heard your son laugh for the first time. It has been all good from the first moment, and it keeps getting better!

    THANK YOU for mentioning the corn hole game, Ty! When I spoke of it, it was just a short, one liner comment at the end of a totally unrelated topic, and I wasn’t sure anyone ever even read it. I’m glad it was a big hit at Bella’s birthday party on a rainy afternoon! So yes, you are ever so welcome!! Hope you enjoy many more games, both outdoors AND in!

    Thank you for writing, Ty! Your first time is a success! Don’t be a stranger now – but, of course, you never were!! 🙂

    There is a WHOLE lotta Whoa going on in this post!! If I had to pick just one of these hotties, it would be #41. Or maybe #48. I shall return later for a closer inspection!!! Thanks, David and Ben!!


  • bw

    Thanks for the update Ty. It sounds like little Austin’s progress has been remarkable, and the best measure is that now he is just a regular kid and a member of the posse. All he really needs to know is that he will never, ever be in an abusive situation again – just two dads who love him and the best group of friends a boy could ever want.
    There are lots of things in thie post to like, but I really liked No. 20 with the ‘cheeky” smile.

    • Jingle

      Dear friend bw, that naughty engaging smile 😀 , and a beautiful big beautiful cock, are in full view in the #48 spot in Beto’s recent birthday post!!

  • Bill S

    I just went down memory lane, as you suggested. But I couldn’t find the story about Austin and his really good swimming talents. I hope my memory isn’t flawed…
    Anyway, it’s GREAT that Austin is good with languages. L. D. my ass!!! Thanks for this update and the opportunity to get to know you all better.


    • bw

      Bill – I was going to mention that but was interrupted – I remember Ben & David telling us that if it came to water, Austin was at home – a regular water baby. I hope he’s at it.

    • unrulyadmin

      Hey, Bill. If you check back on the “Dude. Let’s get ripped, post of July 23, 2017, you’ll find this:
      “Alex and Callum have been coming over afternoons after work to take the boys swimming at the neighborhood pool. Callum is an excellent swimmer (he was on the swim team in school in Australia) and it’s important to him that the boys are good swimmers – especially since we’ll all be spending a lot of time in the water at the lake. He tells us that Dub and Erik are both becoming quite proficient… but that Austin is exceptional. He thinks that with the right training, Austin could swim competitively. It’s so cool that Cal and Austin have bonded. It’s like they’re brothers or something.
      We’re all going to the lake next weekend, so the boys will have lots of time to demonstrate their swimming skills.”
      It may be comforting to know “your memory isn’t flawed” 🙂

  • Larry

    As Jingle says, Whoa indeed!

    First thank you for the update on Austin. I went back over the other posts to get his story right. You may have had some difficult days becoming his parents,but you saved him from so much. As Bill said “L.D. my ass”.

    As for the post: Lots of whoas for me I have always been jealous of guys like # 24 My back is too stiff for that. I would like to have a seat on # 35. The others who are just my type are # 3, # 16, # 22 and # 38.

    Have a safe weekend everyone/

  • Jingle

    I really don’t have my head around the fact that it’s September, and Labor Day Week-end!! Shoosh!! Summer 2020 was goofy by any standard!! But it had it’s moments!!… 😉

    Outstanding post you’ve given us to pass some time with!! Thank You!!

    #2, 21, 31, 37, and 48: Oh, hell yeah!!
    #3 is not my type at all, but I do admire his strong healthy stream!! Ri-i-ight, Larry Lover?!?! 🙂 And let’s consider the great bird’s-eye view of pisser #30!! Nice!! (But the awful toilet lid cover and rugs have to go!! And dude, lift the seat!! Shoosh!! 🙂 )
    Love the little game of Peek-A-Boo insanely hot #4 is playing with his own cock!!
    Crazy hot #5, and his neighbour #6, have a very similar look that I dig!! But they both appear a little sullen… Perhaps we should do something to brighten their mood?!?! 😉 haha
    Love the “naturalness” of candid pic #7!!
    Hot SO/PO Rough Trade #8 and #28 can count on me for the blowjobs they stopped by for!! Great furniture pieces in both pics!! (Should #8 tone down his earrings, though?!?!)
    Selfie #9 is Hot & Handsome!! Gorgeous cock!! And the tattoo on his lower abdomen is just fun!! Press Play!! 🙂 haha
    When I clicked on #10, I actually said, “Beto!!” out loud!! 🙂 Methinks he’ll particularly like #17 and #40, too!!
    Hunk Studs #12, 43, and 44 are all magnificent!! (And I especially like the fine furnishings in the background of #44!! Outstanding!!)
    Lucky #13 is fantastic!! Love his nicely defined pecs, great nipples, and that uncut cock!! WOW!! (Poor thing has to duck down to fit under his rainfall showerhead, though!! Wonder if it could be raised??)
    I share Larry Lover’s enthusiasm for rockin’ hot #16!! (All the product, and the rubber duckie, lined up on the edge of the tub would suggest he shares his space with a woman and a child!!)
    Exotically handsome and hunky #18, dressing room selfie #25, #45, and #46 are all show-stoppers!! Dang!!
    The awesome over-the-shoulder view of #19 gives us a great anterior shot of his beautiful cock!!
    I really do encourage everyone to check out the companion pic to #20 in Beto’s Birthday post!! 🙂
    The flimsy fabric of crazy rockin’ hot #23’s tight underwear does little to conceal his thick cock and amazing knob cockhead!! WHEW!!!
    While self-sucker #24 continues to feast on his awesome thick cock; I think I’ll gnaw on his wonderful choad, and lick his balls and hole!!
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    FCCO selfie #27 is off-the-charts HOT!! (I dig his plaid boxers!!) Oh, to stumble into that restroom at that precise moment!!
    #32!! Chocolate Milk!! Yummy!! 🙂 haha
    Clearly, #34 is checking out URD!!
    While I don’t want to sit on cutie-patootie #35’s fine, strong, stick-straight cock; I’d sure as hell face-plant on it!! WOW!! (And after he gets off – literally and figuratively – of that glass-topped chest of drawers, my OCD would force me to fix the drawer pulls so they were all hanging properly!! 🙂 haha)
    Oh my… #36’s brown eyes are arresting in their beauty!! (Wonder how much he paid to have his eyebrows so perfectly shaped and arched?!?!)
    Ah, Denny Dearheart’s #41 is one of those great images that sends me off in several directions!!… First and foremost, the fuzzy furry hunky humpy, bangin’ hot dude is wonderful!! Love his ink, and his multiple piercings!! And you just know he’s a grower!! Then there’s the juxtaposition of the horrendous, cheap, modern futon; and the fine British Colonial tall chest of drawers!! Nice!!
    Oh, crazy hot selfie #47… Put the Bird away, dude; and get over here and squat on my face, and my dick, like that!! 😉

    Sooo… I’m faced with the conundrum of choosing between awesome, big bundle, bangin’ hot, Good Guy #15; and bucky Bad Boy #11!! I don’t see them playing well together, so I guess I’ll have to take them each at their own turn!! 🙂 haha

    OK, I gotta get my fat tattooed white ass in gear!! I’m making Shrimp, Chorizo, and Chicken Jambalaya for Dinner!! I’ll be slaving all day over a hot stove!! And then slaving all night over the hot buddy that’s cumming over to eat it with me!! 😉 heehee

    • Larry

      I have four rubber duckies on the top of my toilet tank and no child in sight. What is that saying? I may be growing old. but I refuse to grow up.

    • ray

      Liebster Jingle, whoever will enjoy your jambalaya must be really lucky!

      Dear Larry, I might ask myself the same question, my sleeping room is home to many stuffed animals…

    • Denny

      Jingle, Babydoll!! You are a gourmet cook? Who knew!!! That dinner sounds delicious!! And whoever you are having for dessert, I hope you have a lot of whipped cream!!

      And that cheap futon in #41? Maybe it’s disposable (heh-heh). After a hunk like that is done with his pick-up-tricks, the mattress is prob’ly ready for the trash! LOLOLOL

  • Kent

    Thank you, Ty, and Damien, for the update on Austin. It’s heart warming how you and Damien have given Austin a safe, loving, and promising future.

  • Denny

    Totally off-topic here, but Ben, I wanted to get this out to you.

    This is from The Washington Post: “Pandemic learning pods are here to stay.”

    “Nobody working in education today can escape pandemic learning pods: the increasingly popular phenomenon in which families band together and hire a private tutor to offer in-person learning to a small group of children.”

    Some of the locations mentioned were church basements or basements in private homes.

    Ben, you were way ahead of the curve on this one. As I was reading the article, all I could think of was your little band of Table Rock Kids in “their” school, in what was once a dentist’s office.

    You may already be familiar with this, Ben, but I didn’t want you to miss it.


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