“WHOA” Dudes!

We’ve done lots of “WHOA” posts – and lots of “Series dudes” posts… but these are four guys that make us go “WHOA” and who just have to have more than one photo. The first is “Zane” from Spunkworthy (pics #01 – #012). The second is “Jerold Benton” from Next Door Casting (pics #13 – #24). The third is “Malakai White” from Broke Straight Boys (pics #25 – #36). The last is an “Unknown to us dude” from Icon Male (pics #37 – #48). We’re guessing “bw” and/or “Beto” will be able to identify him for us. The dudes are different… as are the photo sets… but DAMN! They all make us go “W H O A” !!

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  • Roberto

    You made it easy with the key info: fourth dude is Mason Lear. Really handsome and sexy, but Zane’s natural fuzzy look wins the contest for me, of course. Pic #11 is beyond WHOA, it’s an apotheosis!


  • Denny

    Love the sultry sexy look on Mason Lear. Thank you, Beto for giving us his name.

    But, I too vote for Zane as my favorite here. And, as Beto says, #11 is some kind of really special. I will take it a step further and go for #9 thru #12 – the whole row!!

    Dave and I are packing up for our annual vacation in Provincetown, the gay mecca at the very tip of Cape Cod in Massachusetts. We leave tomorrow and return home Sep 21st. I will try to keep up with URD on my phone. I know you will have a lot to tell us about your long weekend at The Table Rock Cabins.



    • Bill S

      Have a great (long) vacation Denny! I hope the remnants of Dorian doesn’t make it too rainy, but I’m sure you and Dave will find lots to do, regardless! (-; I’ll miss you!


    • Roberto

      Safe travels and lots of fun to you and Dave, Denny! You arrive home right before Brad’s special day. 🙂


    • Jingle

      Bon Voyage, Denny Dearheart!! Safe Travels!! Hope you can “touch base” a bit while you’re away… You will be missed here!! 🙂

      Have a GREAT time; but return home, and to us!! 🙂 Love you, John

    • unrulyadmin

      Hey, Denny. Safe travels to you and Dave – and come back to us healthy and refreshed – with tons of great memories. Just one thing… be very careful… we’ve heard there may be a bunch of queers running around loose in Provincetown!

      • Denny

        Thank you, my dear URD friends, for your good wishes!!

        No worries – I will “touch base” while I’m away!

        Looks like that friggin’ “Dorian” hurricane may be touching the edges of Cape Cod on Saturday, but only as strong winds that won’t hang around long.

        Love you, Bill, Ray, Beto, Jingle, David and Ben, and all the CCC. I’ll be talkin’ to ya!



  • Jingle

    GREAT “Series” post of four awesome dudes!!

    My favourite pic of Zane is #5!! Where we get an awesome view of the beautiful, intricate tattoos on the inner aspects of his biceps!!

    My favourite pic of Jerold is #21!! Here we see the amazing scrotal raphe on his lovely big balls to greatest advantage!!

    And my favourite pic of Mason is #44!! After an ersatz strip-tease, we finally see him in his full glory!!

    But my very dear friends/brothers/lovers, this is where we must part ways in the woods… While you all are duking it out for Zane, I will already have made off with fuzzy furry hunky humpy, bangin’ HOT, Malakai!! While I do bemoan all that spilt milk that should have been down my throat, I have no doubt there’s more where that came from!! 🙂 Beautiful man!! And I guess it’s no secret that his pierced nipples are a great bonus!! (Kinda curious to me that he has BOTH nipples pierced, but only ONE ear!! 🙂 haha)

    Great post!! Fun, sexy, and hot!!

  • bw

    I’m with theh rest of you on Zane -there is a lot to like, especially No 11, but he has a great smile that is really appealing. This studio features regular guys – some pretty like Zane, but just guys, with hair and fur in all the places nature put it.
    I like Mason Lear, but can’t handle Icon Male – it’s run by a washed up female porn model, the sex scenes are boring, and she has been accused of less than honorable treatment of her models – many have said they would quit the business before working for her again. Plus I know this makes me sound jaded, but I will not use my PPV $ to watch condom porn anymore.
    Have fun Denny – it looks like the storm is going to turn east and the impact on Cape Cod will be no worse than an afternoon thunderstorm. I’m a Florida native and have been around hurricanes my entire life, but I’ve never quite seen the level of hysteria as this one – from the media and government officials. I’m afraid the next time they ask everyone to leave the response will be “meh” and could be tragic.

  • Tim from MO

    Being the whoremonger I am, I would do any one of these Unrulydude’s in three shakes of a sheep’s tail.
    For those of you who’ve never witnessed three shakes of a sheep’s tail, it’s over in less than a blink of the eye…

    As for these particular photo spreads: my favorite pics are 9,10,11 & 47.
    I’m just really craving some man ass butt cake this morning.

    To go along with my French Vanilla cup of Coffee.

    Thank you for the sexy post!!

  • Brad

    Let me join the Zane chorus. I agree with so many here that he has many great qualities. Even though pic #5 is not naked H2T, it is the best of Zane.

    David and Ben have once again shown that a series post is just as stunning as others, and this one has generated considerable comments. Thanks, guys!

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