Yo. Dude. Wife-beaters!

We had an e-mail request yesterday from our buddy “mud dog” saying:
“Its been a long while since you did a “wife beater” post. Love them ‘beaters!” So we checked – and, sure enough, it’s been over a year – so it’s definitely time. Here you go, babe. And, thanks for the request!

6 comments to Yo. Dude. Wife-beaters!

  • Jingle

    Sweet post!!

    And you had me from the git… #1 is crazy hot!! So are selfie #9, 13, selfie 17, 29 & selfie 38!!
    #5 is amazing!!
    #8… WOW!!
    Love FCCO #10!! Pretty junk!!
    I’d give my left nut for a 3-way with the guys in #11!!
    Pic #23 is great!!
    The kids in #24 & #44 have great streams!!
    I’d sure like to see more of the action between the dudes in #26!!
    #33 is rockin’ hot!! So is #34!!
    Pics #39 & #46 are awesome!!
    Love #41’s low-hangers!! Among his other charms…
    #43 is a little scary… but I’d still blow him!! haha
    Aww… selfie #45 is such a cutie!!

    But my hands down favourite is hunky hot #2!! Damn!!

    Really nice collection!! Liked this a lot!! Thank you!!

  • The New Flops Boy

    Some hot trash here, too!! WOOF!

    XO FFB

  • Bill S

    I keep going back to 39 & 40 —- Note the pillow #39 is kneeling on. Now THAT’S experience! LOL

    And #40 — Who ARE those guys? And what’s ‘SYTICF’ ??? Some association of super studs?!

    This DOES remind me of Tuesday!!! (-:


  • Bill S

    SYTYCF: So you think you can fuck — Google is AMAZING! NOW I know EVERYTHING!!! LOL

  • muddog

    I love them wife beaters! And so many different types of guys ware them and they all look hot. Thanks guys you made my day!


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