Check it out, dude. “Selfie sticks”!!

O.K. I ran across pic #1 in this post yesterday and e-mailed it to Ben. He immediately sent me back pic #2. So, I put together this post we thought you guys might like. We don’t have a name for it – but we’re guessing that the members of our “Constant Comment Crew” – or another of you guys will come up with an appropriate name.

We haven’t talked about it – but, since we have a hot tub – and since Dub lives with us now… we were wondering about what we should wear in the hot tub when Dub is with us. So, Keon and Rick came over one evening and we had dinner (Dub’s favs – grilled crappie and asparagus with a green salad) – and Dub wanted to get in the hot tub – and Ben and I weren’t sure if we should all wear swim trunks or at least underwear- and Keon said, “Fuck that. Dub’s gonna be a soccer player and he’ll be around lots of naked guys – and that’s all natural. The worst thing we could do would be to make him feel like being naked was wrong – or that he needed to have clothes on around other guys.”
So we all just got naked and got in the hot tub – and Dub looked at us and grinned – and pulled off his clothes and did a naked cannonball right in the big middle of us.
No problem. Just some neckid guys enjoying the bubbles and the company.

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  • Denny

    All but maybe 5 of them are FCCO,so maybe call it “FCCO – and a little bit more” ?

    Be back later for a good long look.

    Only thing I might be cautious about being naked around Dub – keep a towel handy in case you pop a boner. Not sure how you would explain that to a 3 year old. ( 😉 )

    And, 3 year olds tend to blurt out the strangest things regardless of where they are or who’s around. Like in Walgreens…outta the blue… “Unca David, why is your pee pee bigger than mine…?” oops!

  • Fred in Motuyl

    What about “Selfie Sticks” as a name for these fine upstanding boys?

    Good luck with the clothes issue. You have the right idea. I am amazed about many young men who grew up with out forced showers and Physical Education in Public Schools are so shy about undressing around anybody. While we lived on and Island off Mexico, residents had a private beach that was clothes optional. First time my son went, he was shy, and whispered to me: “Dad, I can see Bonnie’s ninnies!” (Tits) He was shy for about 5 minutes and then just joined in the fun with his friends and their parents. However, today, he is very prudish about nudity to the point that my frequent nudity around the house upsets him. I now adjust my wardrobe while he is visiting. He also tells me he does not shower in the gym after workouts and drives home to clean up. (EWWWH) I do not know where that came from.

    • unrulyadmin

      Hey, Fred. Ben and I talked it over and we both LOVE your post title suggestion. Clever and very creative. We’ve named the post now. Thanks for your suggestion (and, as always, for your advice. It means a lot to us – coming from someone with the experience you have!

  • ray

    I’ve been away for the weekend, so I could check out the last two posts just now. The Unruly Bois are awesome, and so are the cell phone guys in this post! Not sure about a title, though, I’m not a very creative person…

    By the way, I concur with what Denny said: a bit of caution would be in order, although the situation was completely innocent! But 3 years old little guys are impredictable and might get you in trouble!


  • Roberto

    I’m sure Jingle or another of my friends will come up with a better title, but here’s an idea: “Get out and see the world”/”Outta my pants to the world”: dudes with no fucking shy dicks!

    All the dudes look nice and natural — love that!! —, and their cocks are just beautiful. My favorites are #9, 11, 15/24 (same pic), 16, 27 and 31. Picking pantless #27!

    #16 looked so familiar that I had to check… and, yeah, he’s back from the last (September 7) hairy pits post — #20 there! He’s so hot!

    Naturally superhot post!! Thank you, David & Ben!

  • Bill S

    “If you show me yours….”

    They all look like invitations —-I’m on my knees for #36. YUM


  • Jingle

    Totally on board with Denny’s title suggestion!!

    LOVE selfies!! “Real” guys, quite often in their home environments!! Love checking out the backgrounds; as well as the dudes’ faces, bodies, clothes (or lack of haha 🙂 )… and of course, their cocks & balls!! heehee

    Latino #3… Holy Shit!!
    #6, 11, 13, 15/24, 18, 20, 32, 47 and 48 are all rockin’ hot!!
    Why yes #9, you’re cute and hot, and we’re all looking at your pretty pecker!! haha
    Oh Beto, thank you soo much for the heads-up on #16!! I did indeed go back to his earlier, completely naked, pic that shows his gorgeous cock to better advantage!! Damn, I dubbed him “crazy hot” then, and he still is here!! Interesting to note that he shares his bathroom with a woman… He doesn’t have enough hair, anywhere, to use a hair-clip or a flat-iron!! 🙂
    Cutie-patootie #19 made me lol!!
    #25 is bangin’ hot!! And with the exception of the wooden door and frame, that pic is a beautiful study in Black & White!! WOW!!
    I completely understand Beto’s pick of #27!! Hot dude, hot pic, and how unruly and risky to snap that pic at the gym!! He, and #30, have some chutzpah!!
    And to my friend Bill S, and his pick of, and comment on, #36… I hear that!!
    Ya know, #37 and #45 are not without their appeal!!
    Hot dorm dude #39 must be looking at URD!! 🙂

    But oh man, I’d love to be on the receiving end of either bangin’ hot #23 or #41’s selfies!! Or better yet, their loads!!!!!

    As for everybody being naked around, and with, Dub… I think that was a mis-step!! I’d be more careful about that!!

  • bw

    I stole this from – he has a weekly set of pictures of big dicked lads taking selfies and this is what he call it: DUDE/ƎᗡUᗡ. Seems appropriate here.
    I can just hear Dub now at Thanksgiving: Uncle David & Ben have big pee pees, but Uncle Keon’s is really big…..

  • bw

    I forgot to say this – this is an unusually fine collection of nice looking boy-next-door types, albeit with their hard wieners out.

  • Larry

    I am going to agree with Denny. The problem is the perfectly innocent things he may say outside of the house that could get you in trouble.

    As for the post title, how about “give it some air”/

  • Brad

    Always love seeing guys showing off their junk! A great title for the post, Fred!

    My favorites are 3, 5, 13, 27, 43, and 48… 😉 Will definitely share #27 with Beto!

    I agree that Dub should grow up with a positive view of nudity and of his body, but I also agree with others here that three-years say the darnedest things in some awkward situations. I think you guys need to discuss with Dub that there’s a time and place where nudity is okay. You need to use age appropriate terms and reasoning in your discussions with him. For our society, this is a thorny issue and must be dealt carefully by parents and guardians of children.

    A cautionary note: Since your legal status with Dub is now only temporary and likely evolving with the legal system, you guys will need to keep this in mind when things of this nature arise. The worst thing to happen is to have some authority say that your home environment is not in the best interests of Dub, and they remove him from your custody. Sorry to end on a “down” note, but I have seen this happen many times in custody/guardianship cases, and I don’t want this to happen to Dub or you two!

    A great set of photos! Thanks for sharing, guys! 🙂

    • Jingle

      Brad’s thoughtful cautionary note was much more genteel than my rather brusque, abrupt statement!! Thank you, dear friend, for stating what I was thinking in a much kinder way!!

      • Brad

        No thanks necessary, my friend…this issue is one that I have experience with, and I hope my comments help David and Ben avoid unnecessary heartache and stress as they go through the legal process to finalize their relationship with Dub.

  • I’d call it FCCO, too, but they’re selfies, so how about . . .
    “You Wanna See My Dick?”

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