Your trash pick-up is a day late again this week, bitch. Get over it.

Hey, guys. As you can see, we’re late again this week with our “trash day” post.
Ben and I have been talking. We’re just so busy right now. Ben is carrying a full undergraduate class load, plus 6 hours of graduate courses. Dub is busy with day care, Spanish lessons and doing a million things with his little friends (all of which require time on our part). My business is so busy right now that it’s all Keon and I can do to keep up with it. We’ve been thinking about Denny… and you wouldn’t believe how completely we empathize with him.
Unrulydude means a LOT to us… and we’re going to make certain it’s here – for us – as well as for our followers. We won’t be posting every day for a while, but we’ll be posting every week… and trying to make each post fun, interesting and… ummm… a little nasty.
I’m guessing things will slow down sometime before too long… but with Ben’s Sister’s wedding coming at Christmas time, I don’t know when.
Just know we put lots of care and love into each and every post and want you to enjoy (and be proud of) being part of our URD family.
David and Ben
(plus Keon and Rick)

19 comments to Your trash pick-up is a day late again this week, bitch. Get over it.

  • Denny

    The bush on #2 is dazzling!

    The erect cock on #17 is spectacular!

    #19 makes me want to fuck him right where he’s sitting. He’s my Dude of the Day.

    I want to sit on #34’s crotch and play pony ride while I pinch the hell out of his pretty boy nipples.

    I want to share a guzzle with #35, and I want to lie on top of #40 and see what happens.

    Is all that too much to ask…? 😉 🙂 😉

    • bw

      Denny – I’ve lusted after NO 2 before here, and I stumbled on a link to his Twitter feed:
      He posts occasionally, and yesterday he posted a picture of the mushroom head dick of his with a big drop of precum about to drip off. Lots of hairy ass pictures too. I think you will like it.

      • Denny

        bw – THANK YOU for this link to our #2 dazzling hotty! His name for all you guys, is Michael Farris and he is from Arkansas, there are several more pics of him on his twitter account and he is just hottern’ fuck. Go treat yourselves!!

        • Roberto

          Denny, he’s our video treat (video link tag). Now, in case you and the others care about history, the first time I remember seeing him was in the trash post of July 28, 2015 (Jingle’s Fritz’s birthday, that’s why I remember the post): (last three pics). But maybe he’s been on URD for more time than I and there are pics of him in older posts. In any case, he’s been pleasing us a lot! And thank you for identifying him again, bw — I wasn’t 100% sure it was him in this new pic.


        • bw

          I’m thinking about driving to Arkansas and hanging out in the parking lot of gyms, looking for a wonderfully furry young man with huge blue eyes driving a pickup. Then I would take him somewhere and do things I’m sure are still unlawful in Arkansas.

  • Jingle

    Wonderful Trash pile!! Lots of Treasure ripe for the picking!!

    There are two pics here that are new views of old favourites… #45 is a progression of last Trash day’s #34!! And #14 is a wonderful standing shot of our cool & chill deck buddy!!

    But you’ve made my Trash picking very easy!! Neighbours #6, #7 & #8!! Let’s go, big boys, we’re gonna have our own kind of block party!! 🙂

    Back later…

  • ray

    While I am quite sad without my daily dose of URD, I completely understand your situation and decision. But, after all, you will continue to post, and it will be as appreciated as ever, just that the intervals will create more suspense…
    I really hope for you (and for egoistic reasons ;-))that eventually, the situation will calm down again and you will have more time for yourselves and your hobbies!

    Love you!
    Your friend Ray

  • Bill S

    You have a L-I-F-E life! A very busy life right now indeed!!!

    I don’t want any of you to “have your brains melt into your socks” as Denny said. (There you go again Denny!)

    And now we won’t be WORRIED when there is no new post tomorrow. And we fans of URD can reread the Denny stories and explore the “tag list” too!

    Love, Bill S

  • bw

    As usual, Ray said what I would have said. And as Bill noted, we will not worry when there is no post. But I hope things calm down soon for the sake of all of you guys, just like I hope Denny’s situation calms down too.
    There are lots of fine looking lads in this trash post – many could be on a “scruffy whoa” post. Denny and I have already lusted after No 2, so you guys can divvy up the rest.

  • The New Flops Boy

    It’s certainly true that life really can ramp up at times! I totally understand as my life is pretty packed these days…and I don’t have a husband and a child! Your plates are indeed full! Sending prayers and love your way!

    XO FFB

  • FredinMotul

    Kid, Work, Home Life, combined, they all take time and effort to do correctly, as does this blog. I as others applaud your decision to slow it down a bit. It will make it even more special when a post does appear. Again, a really great post. Thanks again for all you do!!

  • Kent

    David and Ben. One of life’s biggest challenges can be prioritizing and I commend you for doing just that. We all enjoy your URD posts but more than anything we want you to be healthy and happy, and taking care of each other and Dub.

  • Brad

    The only “constant” in life is change, and David and Ben’s lives have sure changed in the past few years. I am betting they wouldn’t go back to their “old” lives… 😉 I know how much time kids take. (I have seen the demands my brother and sister-in-law face raising four children.) Kudos to you for taking on the demands of raising a son while running a business and finishing a college degree!

    David and Ben/Keon and Rick don’t worry about posting daily…Post when you can… 🙂 As others have said, we will enjoy the many outstanding previous posts… 😉

    A fantastic trashy set of photos. I have picked these out to enjoy more thoroughly: 5, 9, 14, 17, 22, 23, 45, and 48… 😉 My Dude of the Day is daddy-type, #48. I would love to help him with that erection…then cuddle with him… 😉

    Good luck with your classes and business, guys!


  • Roberto

    David, it’s very good to know that you & Ben (and Rick & Keon) value URD and all that comes with it so much. Hopefully you’ll continue to enjoy doing the blog as much as we enjoy being part of it. Frequency doesn’t matter — friends are friends regardless of how often they meet, each encounter being a new reason to celebrate.

    Well, no matter how much time you have available, you sure know how to pack a post with Treasures!! Thanks for another stunning, formidable artwork!!

    Wishing you success in all your endeavors! Be well all of you!

    P.S.: Am I the only one who finds #40 hilarious?

    • bw

      You know I’m a bit partial to thick dicks and this one is a real fattie! And the dude riding it is pretty hot too. But this looks like a sex shop – what the hell are the people behind him looking at? And ignoring him stroking his boner?

    • Brad

      I agree with bw…This is in a sex toy store somewhere. It’s probably a still from a video and people in the background were told act naturally. I don’t know many gay men who ignore a hot guy stroking his cock, especially in a sex shop! I know I wouldn’t… 😉


    • Roberto

      I actually noticed the items in the background and thought it was a sex shop… and still find the scene hilarious! LOL A dude minimally dressed in pink riding a giant/mechanical cock… and being royally ignored — c’mon, guys! Your remark on the “real fattie” just added to the fun, bw!


  • Jingle

    Back for a long Second Look, and to see what everyone has been up to!! 🙂

    Pics #3 and #13 are fantastic!! And #41 is just freak nasty hot!!
    FCCO #4 is crazy hot!! #29 ain’t bad, either…
    Selfie #10 left me wanting more!! Face?? Cock?? Something??
    Am I the only jabroni that tried to scroll down on lean married selfie #11?? haha
    Cool and chill, bangin’ hot #14 can be found in the Trash posts of April 12, 2016 (#16) and November 11, 2015 (#5)!! He’s worth looking up!! And it’ll be something fun to do on a day that there’s not a new post!! 🙂
    Dang, #15 is rockin’ hot!!
    I totally get why Denny named #19 his Dude of the Day… the guy is a total hunk stud!! WOW!! And Brad’s #48 is bangin’ hot!!
    I would be proud to wear #20’s socks!! haha
    #23 is insanely hot and frustrating!! Handsome motherfucker is letting us see a nipple and his balls, but holding out on his cock… Damn!!
    I actually gasped out loud when I saw smokin’ hot #26’s jawbreaker of a cock!!
    Ya know, #28, 39 and 43 are all do-able!! (And #32, if he gets rid of that silly jockstrap thingy!! 🙂 )
    Why yes, #36, we’re all looking at your pee-pee!!
    Oh, #42 is just pretty!! Pretty face, pretty body, pretty junk… Total trophy!!
    Did anyone get to #46 before he nut??

    All that being said… I’m sticking with my big boys, #6, 7 and 8!!

    And to our excellent hosts, we love you!! And we love URD!! Post when you can/want to… We’ll be here!! With affection and gratitude, John

  • mahtinp

    Your followers truly appreciate the life you’ve built for yourselves … of course we appreciate the consistent hotness you put on this page. More so, I appreciate how you share your life with your long-distance friends, that people like me might get just a little inspiration out of it. <3

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