You’re never fully dressed without a smile!

We wanted to do a “smiles” post today, and kept running across military dudes in our “smiles” folders. So, we went to:
and that’s where we found a bunch of these pics. It’s a wonderful blog, featuring lots of cute, straight (we assume) guys – many of whom appear to enjoy getting naked and showing off their “military assets” 🙂

Now, for a report on our Thanksgiving activities. Ben, Dub, Buzz and I loaded up Wednesday morning and headed out. We’d had a call from Dub’s “grams” (Angie’s Mom) who wanted us to stop by her house for lunch. When we got there, she surprised us by introducing us to her friend “Matthew.” It seems he and “Pop-pops” have been lifelong friends and he’s a widower and he and “grams” have been “an item” for quite a while. He seems like a very nice person and has a great personality. They told us they planned to be married in December. She said she’s talked with Angie and she thinks it’s great. They said they don’t need a big ceremony and plan to “just get married at the courthouse.” Dub said, “What’s that mean?” She said “You just go there and get married by the Circuit Court judge.” Dub looked absolutely appalled. He said, “Nuh-uhh. Can’t do that.” She smiled and said, “Of course we can, Dub.” He said, “No. You can’t. When you get married, you have to have a bunch of your people there, and you have to have music and rings and wear neckties and take pictures. You have to have lots of food and everyone throws bird seed at you when it’s over.”
We all laughed but Dub was adamant, so… long story short, we volunteered our house and they’ll be married here on Saturday, December 15th. Dub was beaming. The matter was settled, and we headed to Table Rock.
When we got to the lake, all the guys were at Alex and Cal’s cabin getting things ready for the big day. Denise, Alex and Bella (a.k.a.Izzie) were very much in charge and the decorations were beautiful. They’d rented folding tables and arranged them into one table big enough for everyone who was coming. We played music and drank beer and helped with the setup while the kids (and dogs) played inside, outside and in the storm cave. Then everyone came over to our cabin where Jim and Carol joined us for a big pot of chili, salad, snacks and drinks. The weather was beautiful and we were sorry we’d already stored the boats for winter because it would have been a nice day to be out on the lake.
Thanksgiving day was busy and fun. The food was delicious and the asparagus casserole a big winner (Dub was a little bummed that there wasn’t any left over but I promised him I’d made him another one when we got home). We had ham, turkey, dressing and tons more to eat – plus pumpkin and apple pies with cinnamon ice cream for dessert. There were twenty of us (the Northland 12, plus Denise, Scott, Jim, Carol, the grandparents and Matt). We all toasted Matt and gram and invited everyone to the wedding. They’ll be here – even Jim and Carol who said “they wouldn’t miss it for anything.”
The kids said the Thanksgiving blessing for us. We all held hands while they said:
Austin: “The light of God surrounds us.”
Bella: “The love of God enfolds us.”
Travon: “The power of God protects us.”
Dub: “The presence of God watches over us.”
Everyone: “Wherever we are, God is!”
It was lovely and I noticed a few tears around the table.
We got home well ahead of the “blizzard” on Sunday. Had about 5″ of snow and winds gusting to 40 or 45 m.p.h. Chad was here first thing this morning with his truck (and blade) to clear our driveway. Looks like it could be a rough winter here in the Northland 🙂

9 comments to You’re never fully dressed without a smile!

  • FredinMotul

    Wow! What a wonderful Thanksgiving for all! Thank You for the awesome update.

  • Alexander

    Thanks for sharing a Northland/Table Rock Thanksgiving.
    Dub is a young man with many skills. He has mastered the Wedding Planner merit badge.
    Still smiling at, “and everyone throws bird seed at you when it’s over!”
    Happy December 15th wedding to all.


  • Jingle

    With their bright smiles, they’re all very engaging!! 🙂

    The twink lovers among us are going to have a field day!!… Y’all just leave #31 for me!! 🙂

  • Jingle

    Hey!!… #6 and #26 are the same dude!! The “Veni Vidi Vici” tattoo, and those adorable Jughead ears are unmistakable!! 🙂

  • Bill S

    When are people going to learn that when Dub says, “Nuh-uhh” There is NO argument!

    I’m glad you guys had such a festive Thanksgiving! …and now to get that asparagus casserole recipe.


  • Denny

    Congratulations to Grams and Matthew!! They found love for the second time around and are ready to put a ring on it. At the Court House. Wait. What?

    Enter Dub the Hero. His grams is getting married at city hall with one clerk as a witness and that’s ALL??? Nuh-uhh. No way. Ain’t gonna happen.

    Dub. My Hero.

    I l-o-v-e the Thanksgiving blessing by the kids!! I think I would have been contributing some of those tears around the table myself.

    I can truly imagine Dub all bummed out that there was no asparagus casserole leftover. I remember with a smile, when Dub didn’t even know how to SAY asparagus, and Ben patiently taught him as-pa-ra-gus. 🙂 David, if you lose that recipe, you will be in some serious trouble. 🙂

    Oh, how I have missed URD these past few days!! All day long I will be sneaking peeks at all these hairless hunks. Yup – No Hair, Don’t Care!!!

    Thank You for the Thanksgiving report David, and for all these hotties!!!


  • Larry

    I love smile posts, although some of these guys have too many tats for me, That leaves more for Jingle! I will take # 16 happily.

    Laughing at Dub as usual, but when did birdseed replace rice?

    We had a record one day snowfall of 11.5 inches beating the previous single day record of 7.5 inches set in 1951.

  • bw

    The Dub story made me laugh out loud – but I’m really proud of him for insisting that his day be special instead of going to a dreary courthouse and have a bored judge marry you. They will never regret this decision – and it proves yet again how special Dub is.
    This post is fully of happy lads – too many tats on most of them but I can over look that.
    It’s freaking cold here – no snow but about 20 degrees below normal. I don’t think I could live in a place that gets snow like you guys do – in fact, I feel Florida calling me home more strongly all the time.

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