You’re never fully dressed without a smile!

Saturday was the boys’ monthly sleep-over at Austin’s house” Ty and Damien do a great job on this. They take the boys out to dinner – then to the “Main Event” for games – then the boys spend the night in the media room playing video games and watching movies. They even have a theater style popcorn maker the guys think is about the neatest thing since crank ice-cream. So, Austin, Dub, Erik and Travon had a big night for sure!
Since the boys were going to be gone, Ben and I invited Rick, Keon, Chad and Raef over for home-made pizza and to watch NFL games. Of course, Keon and Rick made the salad and put in a bunch of “special greens.” After the Bears heartbreaking loss to the Eagles, we made a huge pitcher of margaritas… grabbed some joints… and headed to the hot tub. We didn’t know what Raef would think about being naked with a bunch of dudes in the hot tub, but he seemed o.k. with it. After we’d been in the water for a while, he wanted to talk so we turned the pump down to “recirculate” so it wouldn’t be so loud. He said he’d never been around any gay guys before. Said he didn’t know what to expect – but he said “Hell. You’re just regular guys. I mean, you like sports and dogs and have kids and… umm…I don’t know. You’re just not what I thought gay guys would be like.” Keon grinned and said “What did you think gay guys would be like?” Raef thought for a couple of minutes and said, “I don’t know. I mean, I guess I thought you might be all swishy and dress up like girls and do stuff like that.” Keon said “Well. Sure we do that kind of stuff. But only when there’s a full moon.” We all laughed and had another drink. We asked Raef if he’d ever been married and he said he had been. Said it lasted almost five years but they broke up because he wanted kids and she wanted a career. He said it got to where all they were doing was fighting, so they called it quits.
Anyway, Raef said he didn’t think there was anything wrong with guys being gay. He said he guessed he could even understand dudes having sex with each other. He just didn’t think he could ever kiss another dude. He thought that would probably be too weird as far as he’s concerned. We turned the jets back on… drank and smoked some more… and after a while, Chad surprised us – (and Raef!!!) – by putting his arm around his neck and giving him a big, sloppy kiss- right on his mouth. It was real quiet for a while… then Raef had sort of a silly grin on his face and said “Fuck. I guess maybe I was wrong about that, too.” We all thought it was hilarious.
So – despite the Bears’ loss, it was a good evening. The whole gang is planning to get together over at Chad’s house for the Chiefs-Colts game on Saturday. There’s supposed to be snow. GO CHIEFS!

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  • Jingle

    Well, well, well… Aren’t these sluts happy to show off their hungry holes?

  • Alexander

    Football stories from the ranch…cool. Life without smiles…is it worth living?
    I do have a question. Get ready to laugh. I’m not a 420 nubie….but several times at your dinner
    get togethers you mention special greens in the salad. Is it like sprinkling oregano? What does it
    taste like? (does it taste like chicken.) Does it clash with dressings? Had to ask.

    Have a great time at Chad’s house. Go Chad! Go Raef! Go Chiefs!!!


    • unrulyadmin

      Hey, Alexander. Keon has been experimenting with green salads that incorporate cannabis leaves for a long time and he’s real happy with the current iteration. He just chops a few leaves and tosses them in with the salad greens. For the dressing, he mixes oil, vinegar, cannabis leaves and parmesan cheese in the food processor with a dash of salt and pepper. After he tosses the greens and dressing, he sprinkles a few english walnuts on top. It’s really delicious! We doubt you’ll find the recipe in any of Martha Stewart’s collections 🙂

  • Jingle

    #48!! Now that’s a Bed of Roses!! 😝 haha

  • Denny

    I like to hope that The Four Amigos will continue to be good friends all the way to adulthood. They already have a whole bunch of happy memories together. Bravo to Ty and Damien for hosting the monthly “Big Event”!

    Chad and Raef…Raef and Chad…who knows what’s going on, right? Whatever else they are discovering about one another, I am glad they have each other’s back as they both sort out the mental anguish that comes with the end of a long term relationship. Damn!! If your hot tub could talk!!! 🙂
    My favorite smiling dude here is #12, with his fuzzy chest, his sexy bedroom eyes, and his fur lined entrance to paradise.

    Honorable mention to #24 for his fuzzy buns and legs.

    #5 – ready or not – here I come!! That is the perfect pose to display all his hunky manliness!!!

  • FredinMotul

    Denny , I was thinking the same thing about the Hot Tub. The tales that could be told from that one !

    Excellent Post. Awesome story . Give Chad and Raef their space and who knows ?

  • bw

    All these lads have nice big smiles, and if I walked in and saw any one of them in these positions, I’d have a big ole grin too.
    I hate to be naive, but is there enough cannabis in the salad to get you buzzed or is it more for flavor and fun?

    • Denny

      Good question, be. I don’t know the answer but if it’s the latter, I’m sure the pitcher of margaritas and a few tokes on a joint would get you pretty happy & sociable. 🙃

    • ray

      I am completely naive, too, and would have thought that maybe a tiny bit of resin in the dressing would give a better flavor and texture…

    • unrulyadmin

      Hey, bw. It’s Keon here. The thing about cannibas is that it has to be heated to become potent. I put the cannibas on parchment paper on a cookie sheet and heat it in a 250 degree oven for about 25 to 30 minutes. Then I let it cool and put it in the salad and make salad dressing with it. And YES. You definitely do get “high” from eating my famous green salads 🙂

  • Brad

    Smiles always make men more attractive to me. My hubby’s smile makes me melt, and all of these smiles come close… 😉 I am pleased to see nearly all are also naked H2T… 🙂 And, many were new to me and were added to my collection (almost 50,000 photos) Thanks guys!

    There’s something about hanging with the guys of the Northland that turn straight guys “gay.” What’s the count now? Anyway, a great story! Thanks for sharing it and giving us Keon’s special green salad recipe…Sounds tasty! 😉

  • Bill S

    Knowing that my URD Family will be watching, is going to help me enjoy Saturday’s game! I just found that kick off is at 1:30 my time. Go Chiefs!

    And I’m going to want to know who “we” are routing for in the Super Bowl too!
    … that ALWAYS MAKES IT MORE FUN! (-:


    • unrulyadmin

      Hey, Bill. Very sorry about your Seahawks. Losing by 2 points totally sucks. We’re HOPING the Chiefs will pull it out against the Colts… but it’ll be a tough game. We’ll be thinking of you while we watch the game. GO CHIEFS!

  • Jingle

    I’m definitely on the Chief’s bandwagon!!

    Three reasons:

    1.) For you!! 😃
    2.) Patrick Mahomes is a fucking stud!! 😋
    3.) I still carry a grudge against the Colts for Super Bowl XLI!! 😡

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