Yummy tan line, dude!

We had an e-mail from our buddy “Jingle” a couple of days ago, saying:
“Hey Buff!! In my naughty Internet wanderings, I stumbled across this pic. Check out how low this kid’s big thick dick hangs in relation to his tan-lines!! WOW!!
Ya know, as Summer gives way to Fall, could we have a “Tan-Lines” post, before it’s too late?!?!”
Actually, we think it’s never “too late” for a tan lines post, so we got to work right away collecting photos. The pic Jingle is talking about is #1 in this group… and yes, the kid has a great low-hanging dick. That smile doesn’t hurt either!
Babe, hope you’ll find some of these other 47 dudes worthy of a little “wandering.” 🙂

We weren’t surprised by the news that Trump has coronavirus. In fact, when they announced that Hope Hicks had tested positive for Covid and traveled on Air Force One with him, “Raef” said “I hope he grabbed her by the pussy and stuck is tongue in her mouth when they boarded.” Considering that he meets two of the “high risk” categories (74 years old) and he’s fat (body mass index is 30.3 which makes him medically obese) he’s definitely in the “high risk” group. His refusal to wear a mask (or encourage their use) is almost certainly the cause of thousands – or possibly hundreds of thousands – of Covid19 cases in the Country. It’s never good news when someone gets Coronavirus, but assholes who expose themselves and others to the disease by not wearing masks and following sound medical advice almost seem to deserve it.

25 comments to Yummy tan line, dude!

  • bw

    Jingle’s new crush is apparently brand new to porn – Jake Ducati at ChaosMen, with a solo so far. It says he’s Italian, but with those freckles, fair skin and eyes I think he is about as Italian as I am.

    • unrulyadmin

      Actually, Bill. I think Jake Ducati almost certainly is Italian. When I was in college at Park U, one of the guys in our house (last name “Benevento”) was Italian and had red hair and freckles. I asked him about it and he said his family is from “Campania” and most people there are fair-skinned. I just did a little searching on the web and found that the name “Ducati” originated in Bologna, Italy. There’s even an Italian motorcycle manufacturing division of the Italian company “Ducati” headquartered in Bologna. Just kind of random info. xoxo Ben

      • Larry

        Who cares what he is. Check out all his pics on ChaosMen, He is beautiful. (And Ducati is probably a stage name, anyway.)

      • ray

        Whenever I see a group of unusually attractive guys, they are always Italian tourists. Even the ones who look average can have a strong allure and be quite attractive.

  • ray

    If I remember well, tan lines were more common when speedos were.
    Thanks to Jingle and the URD Team for the idea and the realization! I will treat myself to these guys after my daily chores..
    Summer was very cool here (“climate warming” – muhahaha!) and I went swimming to one of the lakes exactly one time…

  • Jingle

    Wonderful!! 😀 THANK YOU sooo much for running with my idea!! 😀

    Only enough time for a Quick Peek right now, but I most certainly will be back to pour over this fine collection of sun-kissed dudes!! 😋

    If fuzzy furry hunky humpy, bangin’ hot #2; just chillin’, waiting for me to suck his awesome cock is any indication; I’ll be well occupied!! 😝 😄

  • Bill S

    There are a helluva lot of fit and real dudes in this post! No way can I pick one over another.

    But, I can pick one photo that I find most beautiful: #47
    reminds me of a Paul Freeman but I can’t see any evidence that it is. It’s art that deserves to be hanging on a wall. And the hidden crotch just adds to the mystery and it makes me want to walk up to him (and more).

    So I pick #47 as my POD (Photo of the Day!).


  • Denny

    There is something super sexy about tan lines – it’s like you’re close to getting a glimpse at something you are not supposed to see. Jingle! Good call, Babydoll!!!

    My favorite sex bomb here is #38. He’s ready to give you anything you want – if you just come a little bit closer.

    My other faves are the entire last row, especially #45, and including Bill’s “POD”, #47. Hey, Dude, get over here and let me see your… “POD”!!! 😉

    I don’t think we’ve seen the last of the Covid cases from the White House Rose Garden. If Hope Hicks has it, and Kellyann Conjob has it, the next one is most likely to be Jared Kushner. Those three are Trump’s closest advisors. OMG. Stop and think about that. Those three are the ones running the country!!!

    Hey Raef – it may not have happened on Air Force One, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it happened. 🙂

  • bw

    I learn something new every single day – thanks for teaching me today. I spent most of my time in Milan, while Campania is way down to the south and west. Milan is like Barcelona – more European than Madrid, while Milan is much more European than Rome. So you see all kinds of people – lots of blonde lads with blue eyes in Barcelona, while rare in Madrid.
    Larry, it is his porn name, but I assume they helped him pick something appropriate. And even better, he has a BF and makes no claims to be “bi” or ‘gay for pay’.
    Even though it involved a train every day, I stayed at Lake Como – one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen. When this virus is over, go if you have a chance, and save your Euros and stay in the Villa de Este or the new Mandarin Orinetal.

  • Jingle

    A perfect early Fall morning!! Dark Roast in the coffee-maker, pre-game programming on the TV, and this astounding collection on the Chromebook!! 🙂

    I found myself squealing with delight over and over and over!! 🙂 And I’m honoured to be included in the tags for this awesome collection, set, and post!! 🙂 Thank You!!

    #1 certainly inspired some interesting discourse!! All I know is he’s cute as a button, and has a big ol’ schlong!! 😉 haha
    My aforementioned #2, #11, Lucky #13, #15, and #23: Oh… Hell… Yes!!
    Supremely fit and crazy hot #3, in his Outdoor Shower… WOW!! Also fit and crazy HOT – #16, 20, 22, 27, 32, and 35!! Dang!! (Don’t you just love how #20 is coyly licking his lips?!?!)
    Two off topic notes on Asian hottie #6: He’s “reading” a novel by Pulitzer-Prize winning mystery writer, John Sandford!! (A popular and well-loved figure in Eastern Iowa, having been born and raised in Cedar Rapids!!) And his lovely balls are PERFECTION!!
    LOVE unruly beach bum #7!! Look at all the other guys in the background… our naughty friend is the only one who’s naked!! 🙂 haha I wonder if I could convince him to get his right nipple pierced and jeweled to match the left?!?!…
    Brazil is well represented by Brother Beto’s rockin’ hot fellow countryman #9!!
    #10 and #33 sure look good from behind!! (Pun intended!! 🙂 haha) Now turn around, boys!!
    Are H2T, lushly-bushed #11, and #33 here for Beloved Brother Brad?!?! (#33 pretty much fits my Mental Image of Brad!!)
    I would give my left nut to get my hands and mouth on, and dick in, everything – and I do mean EVERTHING – incredible bangin’ HOT, rump-assed, Big Boy slut #15 is offering up!! WHEW!!!
    Let’s re-visit phenomenal #16!! (He certainly merits a Second Look!!) His ink is awesome!! His junk is gorgeous!! And his perfectly pierced and jeweled nipples are off-the-charts!!
    #17 is the sort of random, casual nudity you might see on any given Summer day on the River!!
    Nice perspective on lean & sinewy #18!! I sure hope the lucky bastard who snapped that pic quickly discarded the camera, and got busy on that fine uncut dick!! Shoosh!!
    Oh-h-h, I loves me some scruffy hot #21!! Totally dig that awesome Tush Bush!! And how them BIG hoop earrings?!?! 🙂 haha Bet Beto likes him, too!!
    Damn fine meaty junk on scruffy hot #24!! YOWZA!!!! (Another one who needs to get the right nip pierced to match the left!! 🙂 ) Beto will want to get into his pit(s)!!
    Judging from the hair-style alone, #26 is surely a Vintage pic!! Just how the hell did he ever fit all that junk into a bikini?!?! Shoosh!! On a side note: Love that amazing hexagon tile-work!! And check out the hyper-expensive Speakman shower head!! Many, many years ago, my late Father had the double shower fitted with Speakman fixtures like that!! 🙂 A big up-front expenditure, I can happily and proudly report that all these years later, they still work like new!!
    And speaking of showers – nice segue’, huh?? – Hunk Stud shower dudes #27 and #41 made my eyes pop and my jaw drop, for reasons that should be obvious!! WHOA!!!!!
    Gym rat #29 has lovely, pooky, gumdrop nipples!!
    Holy Hell!! Hunk Stud #30 is MAGNIFICENT!!!!! Notice the clock-face tattoo on his lower abdomen has no hands?!?!… made me think of the old Chicago song, “Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is”!! (I think it’s time to worship and service some awesome dick!!) Dang!!
    Alrighty then, that’s fine All-American college jock #31, you stay just like that while I take good care of everything!! 😉
    Isn’t Bald & Beautiful, furry-shouldered, #35 a return visitor?!?!
    Larry Lover, while you pound the livin’ daylights outta slut #36; I’m gonna make off with that beautiful little case clock!! 🙂 heehee It’s much too grand for that simple pine 3-drawer chest, anyway!!
    #37 is the sort of random, innocent, locker room glimpse that keeps me hauling my fat white tattooed ass to the gym!! 🙂 haha
    Ah, Denny Dearheart, I see what you mean about #38!!
    I wonder if sultry, topsy-turvy, Handsome & Hot #40 is fixin’ to give himself a facial?!?!
    Aww… rockin’ hot #42 is adorable!! And his junk is PERFECTION!!
    No wonder crazy hot #43 is pre-occupied with own junk!! I’m sure quite a few of us would like to be occupied with it!! 😉
    Soo… Hot & Handsome Trophy Husband #44 enjoys a little bondage!! Who doesn’t?!?! Nice that he coordinated his cockring to the cord!! 🙂 haha
    Oh my!!… #45 is definitely the badass fuck machine in the group!! Holy Fuck!!
    Friend Bill S said it best about beautiful High-Art male nude #47!! Stunning image that deserves to hang in any Museum or Gallery!!
    Clean-up on fantastic #48!! Yummy!! (You can tell by the fixtures, and doorknob and lock cylinder, that that pic was taken in a luxury, boutique urban hotel!!)

    In summary, picking a favourite is a delightful dilemma!! I’d like some “just-us” time with outstanding #16!! And a booze & blow-fueled, marathon suck & fuck orgy with #15, 21, 33, and 45!! 🙂

    p.s. While we’re on the topic of Tan-Lines, go back to the recent outstanding “Latino Boners” post, and check out #1!!!!!

    • Denny

      Bravo Babydoll!! I always look forward to “Sundays with Jingle, the Chromebook and the Dark Roast Coffee” but this morning you have outdone yourself with your lavish and crazy sexy descriptions of 48 bad and beautiful bangin’ hot babes!!! Plus, you find all the fascinating decorative architectural curiosities we all would otherwise miss.

      So you keep on doing what you do so well, Babydoll, and we’ll keep on loving it – AND YOU!! ❤💥❤

    • Larry

      With an ass like that to stare at, you still had time to check out the room?

  • Tim from MO

    Love this post! What a great selection of tan lines on amazing bodies.

    A few of my thoughts on each….

    1. A cute guy, with a nice smile, and an awesome cock. I wanna go on a road trip with him.
    2. What a wide open invitation. I’d be on my knees in a flash. His thighs. His cock, and balls. What a playground!
    3. Seeing his tiny tan line…where in the hell does he find room in his speedo to pack all of his junk? I wanna take a nice long hot shower with him.
    4. I wanna strip, and make love on the beach with him. Such a handsome looking man. His face melts me.
    5. Nice tan line, accentuating his beautiful skin tones. Perfect cock to suck; would love to drain those delicious looking pair of nuts.
    6. I don’t know what it is about Oriental men, but I find them to be very attractive. This good looking hottie is no exception; his balls look fully loaded. His cum would make for a tasty oriental salad dressing…
    7. I call dibs on the place next to him at the beach! I’d be 69’ing uninhibited with him in front of everyone for an afternoon of beach delight.
    8. I should be lying underneath him with my fat daddy cock buried deep in his ass, feeling it pulsing around my Vick as he rubs one out of himself.
    9. Perfect place for a Brazilian Boy Balcony Fuckfest!
    10. White, untanned, sweet cheeks. I wanna spread them, find his pink pucker, and tongue fuck him into a quivering shaking orgasm.
    11. Ohhh damn! I’d be bent over so fast, offering my ass to this hunk. Can you imagine him gripping your hips, feeling his cock ravaging your asshole, his big balls slapping your taint, and finally, his thick bush grinding against your ass so hard as he spews his load deep inside you?
    12. Another good looking young man with a sweet smile. Who else wants to take him for a two week trip, and pleasure one another, with all sorts of nonstop sexcapades in that bed?
    13. Let me blow on your cock, and see if that helps clear your ear…
    14. Nice hat, bro!
    15. Looks like a Full Moon to me! I need to explore his tight looking moon crater ASAP.
    16. He reeks, of Sexiness…..sighhhh 😍
    17. His skin looks so smoooth! I would love to run my hands all over him, and give him a full body massage, with all the ‘extras’ 😈
    18. Imagine laying nude outdoors, working on your tan….you fall asleep. Something wakes you, and this is who you see when you open your eyes….
    19. Beautiful man at the beach. Let’s go surfing each other’s asses….
    20. Sexy man with a fantastic looking uncut cock. I’d do anything he asked for.
    21. I’ve came across nude guys while cruising local creeks before. I need to send an invitation to him to come visit the local places around here…his furry ass is exquisite! I’d love fucking his ass right on that rock!
    22. A man god, in his pool. I am ready for some worship time…
    23. Am I bad to want to hold on to his ears while riding his cock until he nuts deep in my guts?
    24. I’m hooked. His ass, taint, big balls, fat cock, and come hither look caught me.
    25. What could be better than a young fresh face on a sunny beach? Would be fun to nibble on his dangling balls and be rewarded with a stream of pre, followed by his healthy protein load of cum.
    26. What lies beneath his tiny speedo is revealed in the shower….
    27. I wanna hop in the shower with him, lather him all up. Beautiful suckable Nipples! Can almost feet the weight of his heavy cock in my hands…
    28. Oh my gawd…I wanna lay down on him, wrap my arms around him, and fuck him into the middle of next week!
    29. A muscle hunk with a fantastic smile.
    30. I wanna bury my face in his pubes, inhale is scent, and take his cum load straight down my throat.
    31. Could so root around between his legs with my face before lifting his legs and fucking him deeply, watching his facial expressions change as we make love…😍
    32. Beautiful tan lines, perfect cock to face fuck some lucky guy.
    33. Lovely untanned ass contrasting with his tanned body. Anyone else feel the urge to walk up behind him and do a stand up fuck?
    34. Need to straddle him, for a hot 69 session, sitting my ass on his face, let him rim it while I deep throat his cock…
    35. Beautiful bald man with a full well kept beard. His erect cock would be the perfect size and angle to work magic on a lucky fuckee’s prostate.
    36. Probably my favorite picture of this post! One of my kinks is hiking boots such as these. He’s PERFECT! And in the PERFECT POSITION. I’m in love 😍
    37. Wish I were there to help dry him off. Makes me so horny just looking at him…
    38. Sighhhhhhhhhh. 😍
    39. Where would one start if you came across this young man while out and about cruising….
    40. Immediately drawn to his pink cockhead. Such a lovely man, sexy in so many ways. Nice pose for this picture!
    41. Imagine his well defined cockhead popping past your tonsils or your ass sphincter….powered by that muscles physique. Good lord!
    42. Beautiful young man, looks so inviting on those white bedsheets. Would be fun to suck his cock to a hard throbbing shooting cannon, draining those lovely balls. His face expression is intriguing to me.
    43. Taking care of his morning woodie, perhaps?
    44. I love his blue cock ring, his cock looks lovely, as does everything else about him. Sex Machine!
    45. I’d do all sorts of nasty things with him right there on the spot.
    46. Sexy man with a nice abdominal hairy trail. His cockhead coloring is interesting, looks so smooth and shiny. Would love to roll my tongue all over it
    47. Now THAT’S a beach treasure if there ever was one!
    48. Gorgeous Hispanic Man. Reminds me of a dude I met in a video bookstore about 15 yrs ago. He loved taking my fat daddy cock in his ass while we fucked in a video booth. Sweet memories!

  • Bill S

    WOW! Thanks to Jingle and Tim!!! Best comments ever!!!


  • unrulyadmin

    Guys. THANK YOU FOR THE “AWESOME” COMMENTS. We try to post interesting pics – then you guys make them ever hotter and more fun with your comments and observations. The comments are always the best part of URD and we love you for them.
    xoxo David and Ben

  • FredinMotul

    Thanks for the awesome post. I remember tan lines! Thanks to my 3.5 meter wall around the house, I no longer have one! Not that anyone would notice these days as I am old enough to be invisible! Thanks again Men!

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