2016 UnrulyDude – In review

We thought we’d start the New Year with a review of some of our pics from 2016. Twelve of these pics were chosen by Ben, 12 by David, 12 by Keon and 12 by Rick. We thought we’d see how well you guys know us by telling us which set of pics (#01-#12); (#013-#024); (#025-#036); and (#037-#048) were chosen by each of us. There’s nothing new here, of course… but we hope you enjoy taking a look back – as we head in to 2017.
We’re hoping that 2017 will be a better year for all of us – despite the unfortunate political circumstance we find ourselves in. Whatever the New Year brings, we’ll be here posting pics on URD and videos on URD-Tumblr; loving our URD family; and sharing the love of this special, unique group!

Last night, Dub and Austin brought in the New Year by spending the night at Erik’s house. While they were doing that, Ben, Rick, Keon and I enjoyed a New Years’ Eve party at Damien and Tyler’s. We had a wonderful time, and – as you might guess, my cell phone rang at exactly 12 midnight. When I answered, I heard, “Happy New Year, dad. It’s Dub.” We talked for a couple of minutes and I asked him if he wanted to wish his other Dad a Happy New Year. He sort of chuckled and said, “Don’t worry. I’ll give him a call.” And, of course he did. It looks like “Pop-pop” has created a little cell-phone junkie. We just hope he remembers to call us at midnight every year for a long, long time.
Happy New Year, guys!