Look, dude. AIRBALLS!

When Ben got home yesterday afternoon, he told me about Kevin’s weekend with Ethan – and said, “I really think Kevins’ gay.” I thought about it for a while and said, “Maybe – but probably not the way you mean. I’ve known lots of “straight”, married guys who like getting their holes stuck – dicks sucked – and a few who like piss. They lead pretty normal hetero lives – and fuck their wives – and have kids – but manage to find guys who’ll take care of the rest of their needs. I’ve never really understood it – but it’s not that uncommon. Before the “gay-rights” movement – when being gay was just not a possibility for most men – the bars and tearooms were full of guys like that. Some of them would have preferred to be openly gay – but I suspect most of them liked their lives the way they were.”
“Sounds fucked-up to me,” Ben said. “Yeah. it does.”