Dude. Here’s a bunch of Latin “bones” that look like they’d be yummy to gnaw on!

Hey guys. It’s Alex. I wanted to update you on the Koala Cove project. I asked David to do a post for me to “tag-on” to. He said “Got a subject?” And I said “I would’t mind some Latin eye candy.” So here you have it.
To date, we’ve (Denise has) sold 11 of the 14 villa units. We’re down to the one she and Scott are temporarily living in and two more. The prices have been creeping up, and the last one sold for a bit over a million-six. Obviously these buyers have more money than God!
Nathan has three crews working full time on the project and their work is beyond amazing. Each unit is being crafted like a frikin’ palace. We were originally concerned about the limited number of boat slips available, but it turns out that most of the buyers want to just be at the lake – as opposed to going out on the lake. When we first started the project, Denise said she thought a “community deck” would be nice for the owners to have as a gathering place. So I got with the architects who designed Ty and Damien’s “cabin” and now the deck is almost finished. It’s wonderful. It’s a two story deck with a perfect view of the lake. It’s big (20′ x 42′) and is built on two levels. The upper is a “sun deck” with a partial wood pergola and the lower is enclosed with “Untra view invisible screen.” Each level has plenty of room for tables and occasional furniture and the buyers love it.
The contracts specify that none of the units can be occupied before March 1st, 2021. We did that so we wouldn’t have owners all over the place while the other units are being built. We’ve carefully gone over the numbers and we’re excited that we’ve already sold enough villas to more than break-even. The last three will be pure profit. This is the first project I’ve participated in owning and it’s a good one.
The kids are great. Bella continues to work with us on colors and textures for the units and I swear I think she has a future in graphic design – or decorating – or architecture or something like that. She’s a very talented (and sweet) young lady. Chance isn’t as out-going as his sister but is a Joy. He, Dub and Austin have been reading “Lord of the Flies” and loving it. It’s a tough read for boys their age, and it’s been a struggle, but Ben is helping them work through it. Chance’s hearing continues to develop and he essentially hears just about everything – except, of course for Bella who he tends to “tune out.”
So that’s what’s going on with us here at the Lake. Our little quarantine bubble is very much intact – until this madness ends. xoxo Alex and Cal

…this little piggy…

Hey, guys. It’s Alex. I had some things I wanted to tell you, so I sent David and Ben a text and asked them if they’d do a post for me to “tag on” to. David texted back and said “How about a post subject?” So I told him I’d love a “toes” post if he could put one together. About 3 hours later, I got a text saying: “this little piggy” is waiting for your tag.” Thank you, David!
Since Mothers Day is tomorrow, I want to tell you about my candidates for “Mother of the year.” First, of course, there’s Carol. She’s a saint and all the guys – and kids – sort of think of her as “Mom.” Whether she’s cooking for us… or cleaning our cabins… or just being a good listener… there’s never been a sweeter lady. Then, there’s Denise. A perfect Mom for Cal and me… and a great “grams” for Bella, Chance and the rest of the kids. Then, there’s Roberta, and the “grands” and now “Jeanette”. But, honestly, my award goes to Bella. She “adopted” Chance the minute she saw him and even though he’s taller than her, she watches after and cares for him just like she’s his Mom. Then, when Matty came on the scene, she did the same for him. She’s taken responsibility for teaching him English – and God help anyone who messes with him. She’s our daughter and Cal and I don’t even pretend to be objective, but she’s a princess and gets our M.O.T.Y. award 🙂
On another subject, Denise, Scott and I closed on the purchase of the fishing camp last week and we’re already underway. We needed to get rid of the furniture, appliances and kitchen and bath cabinets, so Jim contacted a minister he knows. His is a really big Church that does a lot of charitable work. They came and looked, and are taking all the appliances and furniture. They appear to be good people and will put the stuff to good use. Also, we’ll get a nice tax deduction. We still need to find a home for the cabinets because they’re too good to trash, but we’re working on that. As soon as we get everything out, we’ll move the crews in and start stripping the interiors down to bare studs. Our engineering firm has been working on the drawings, specs, environmental impact study, etc., and should have everything ready for submission within 2 to 3 weeks. It’s going to be a very special little villa community. We’ll keep you posted.
We remain “self-quarantined” here at Table Rock – and happy as clams. We do hope to go back home and resume “normal life,” as soon as possible… but for now… all is well.
We wish all of you a happy Mothers Day – whether you’re able to be with your Mom or remembering her and the love she shared with you. xoxo Alex and Cal

s.s.s.sox. www.white sox!

We spent much of Sunday with the “Northland 12” and Callum mentioned he’d like to tag on to a post to bring everyone up to date on the happenings with him, Alex and Izzie. I asked him if there was a particular subject he’d like. He just grinned and said, “Well, mate. You know how much I like socks.” 🙂

G’day, mates. It’s Callum. I thought it was time for an update from our end of the Northland, so I asked David if he would do a post for me to tag on to. I think he made a FINE job of it. Thank you, David!
My Mum and Dad are living here in the KC Northland since the first of April. They have a condo over at Briarcliff and are only about 20 minutes from us. I should mention that my folks asked Alex to decorate and furnish the condo while they were in Australia getting things wrapped up. He did, and it’s lovely. They had opened an account at Nebraska Furniture Mart while they were here – and put Alex in charge of it. He bought some things there… but got most of the furnishings at two “high-end consignment stores” over in Lenexa, KS. The end result is truly beautiful and my parents are thrilled. (I’ve been pushing Alex to pursue a career in interior decorating and I think he’s getting interested in doing that). They wanted to pay him for his work, but he refused to take any money. So, they knew we wanted to fence our back yard – and one day when we got home, the (ornamental iron – as required by our neighborhood association) fence was in place. I guess that takes away our last best excuse for not getting Izzie a puppy 🙂
Speaking of Izzie, she’s a wonder. Between Dub, Mr. Martinez and Alex, she speaks Spanish about as well as English now. (I sometimes struggle to keep up with what’s being said round here). She’s been going to David and Ben’s house every afternoon to play with “Dog,” and is convinced she’s going to be her puppy. We’ve been in touch with the shelter and made known our interest in adopting her. Izzie has named her “Cookie” and calls her that round here, but still calls her “Dog” when she’s with Dub because he insists on it. She goes to day-care five days each week and she loves being with her friend Kylie and the other kids. She’s taken Travon under her wing and (even though he’s all boy and older than her) Pam says he pretty much does whatever Izzie tells him to do.
Quite frankly, Alex and I love having my Mom and Dad near-by. Izzie has her own room at their condo and has already spent three nights over there. Gives us time for socks ‘n undies ‘n havin’ sex all over the house – the way God intended!! xoxo Callum and Alex