“Josh likes money”

The dude in pics #18 and #35 in yesterday’s post caused quite a stir so we thought we’d share our entire set of pics of him. There are 3 new pics here, including one of him and his boyfriend. We’ve also included a cropped pic that shows the “onlyfans” site where the pics were posted. We’ve tried, but haven’t been able to access the link. Thought you guys might enjoy this little pic bonus 🙂

… meanwhile… in the mens’ room…

Wow. It’s hard to believe it’s been 6 1/2 years since we did a “mens room” post. It’s always been one of our favorite topics… lots of fun stuff happening in there!

We had some wonderful entertainment at Jim and Carol’s house on Cinco de Mayo. After we’d eaten fried ice cream, Silas took out his guitar and started playing: “llegar a conocerte, llegar a saber todo sober ti”. He’d asked Daisy if she’d sing with him – but she wasn’t. So he laughed and said “I guess she wants to do it in English.” So then he started singing “getting to know you, getting to know all about you,” and Daisy started singing softly with him. Before long, the whole gang joined in. It’s a wonderful song and Daisy is a wonderful puppy. We’re thinking they may want to take the act on the road 🙂

Thursday is trash day. Haul it out, bitch!

On Monday, Jingle commented, saying: “Spring Cleaning is well in force!! I’ve noticed that a lot of people are putting out a lot of Trash!! Hmmm… a lot of Trash?!?! Just sayin’… 😉”
That reminded us it’s been about seven months since we had a “trash” post… so… here we go. Thanks for the suggestion, babe!