Dude. Who IS that masked man?

Here’s an interesting thing about our kids. They wear their masks to school every day – not because anyone told them they had to – but because they know there’s a pandemic going on. Dub said “If one of us got it somehow, we wouldn’t want to spread it.”
So, the kids and I take our temps at school every morning and wear our masks all day.
I wish everyone was as smart as our kids.

Note to Denny. David, Dub and I watched the first Ken Jennings Jeopardy last night and we thought he “knocked it out of the park.” A superb job. Nicely done!
Do you know of a place to write – maybe the Jeopardy producers or network bigs – so we can tell them how impressed we are with Ken – and how totally opposed we are to Katie Couric?

Dude. These guys will “knock your socks off” !

On New Years eve while were being unruly in the hot tub, Cal mentioned we haven’t had a “socks” post lately… and we promised him one. Here you go, babe. Hope these guys really do “knock your socks off.”

We have a couple of thoughts to share in response to Denny’s last comment.
-Yes. The kids’ new I-Watches are awesome – and a super safety tool. They have them set so that in an emergency all they have to do is click on the phone icon on their watch and say “Seri, call dad.” They can reach us within seconds. Amazing!
-Nathan and Diana have told us their baby is due “the end of June or early July.” Nathan tells us they haven’t talked much about baby names yet. We’re guessing it’ll be something biblical?
-We were disappointed to see Brayden Smith get beaten on Jeopardy yesterday… but he has enough days and dollars to bring him back for the champions tourney. Dub is a big fan of his. We haven’t heard whether Ken Jennings will be Alex’ replacement (not that anyone could replace Alex!)
On an unrelated subject, we’re really pleased that UnrulyDude hit an all-time high in “page views” on January 2nd. Thanks, guys. We love doing the blog and are glad that so many of you enjoy it.
Finally, we’re really, really worried about “bw.” The last time we heard from him was this comment on January 29th:
“I hope you all had a great Christmas. IN spite of trying to maintain our bubble, my niece has confirmed Covid and I have so many symptoms that I’m sure I have it too. Well, shit. I drove 8+ hours today to get back to my doctor, any my lower back and knees hurt – really bad – but oddly, no fever to speak of. So I’ll go in the morning and the swab stuck up in my brain, then wait for the bad news.”
Bill, we’re thinking of you and praying for your good health. We love you!
xoxo David and Ben

A bunch of Average Joes wishing you a Happy New Year!

Hey, guys. Happy New Year. We’re hoping 2021 will be a whole lot better for all of us than the 2020 cluster fuck. The kids are all celebrating New Years eve with a “movie night sleepover” at Ty and Damien’s. It’s Alyssa’s first “movie night” and she was really excited about it – as were all the kids. The “adults” in our gang will all be here – in the hot tub. Jim gave us a big bag of his “new kick-ass smoke,” so we’ll mix up some margaritas and see in the New Year with a night of rioting and debauchery.
We hope 2021 brings good health and happiness for all. xoxo Ben and David

We haven’t told you about our Christmas, so we’ll give you a quick summary. We spent Christmas day in the clubhouse over at Koala Cove. We had a ridiculous amount of fun, food and drink. We did a group zoom with the grandparents which (kind of) substituted for being with them in-person. We’re praying for the time when we can all get together for a big hug.
The new zip line is both longer and faster than the one at Cal and Alex’ last year. It’s great fun and strong enough for us big guys – so we all had a ride on it. Nathan wanted to watch the kids do the “zip-line gift thing,” so he brought his very sweet, very beautiful and VERY pregnant wife over. Her name is “Diana” and it was the first time we’d met her. It was also the first time we learned she was expecting. Alex asked them if they knew whether they’d be having a boy or girl and Nathan said “We don’t want to know that until God delivers the baby to us.” Then he grinned and said “We’re hoping for either a ‘Dub’ or a ‘Bella’… either would be wonderful.” Denise said “That’s going to be one beautiful baby,” and everyone agreed.
One other Christmas thing. Alyssa is totally settled in her new home now, and talks with Ms. Evelyn on the phone once a week. It seems to be a good distant relationship. Evelyn called Chad and told him she’d like to give all the kids a small Christmas gift if she had his and Raef’s approval. He told her they thought it would be fine. So, the last gift down the “zip line” was addressed to all the kids. They opened it and it had little packages inside – one for each of the kids. When they opened them, they all had new Apple I-watches. They were thrilled – and Dub, Ty and Cal got them all synced with their i-phones. I suppose i-watches are considered “small gifts” if you have as much money as Evelyn 🙂
It really was a wonderful Christmas. We’re so thankful for our many blessings… and wish blessings and all good things for you and yours in the coming year. xoxo Ben