We like our dudes naked from head to toe!

Well… we were disappointed about the Super Bowl, but we had a wonderful afternoon/evening in the Koala Cove clubhouse with our families and friends. We did a Zoom with the grandparents on the big screen t.v. and it was great. They’ve all received the first of their Covid shots – with the second ones scheduled before the end of the month. We’re hoping that means maybe we can all get together sometime this summer.
While we were watching the game, Dub looked at me and said “If the line can’t protect him, Patrick can’t win the game for us.” He was right 🙂

Let it snow. Let it snow. Let it SNOW!

For Jingle, Denny, Dave and the rest of our Northern friends who have had their share – or more – of snow this year… some “snow dudes” showing us how much fun winter can be!

Ummm. Dude. You got somethin’ pokin’ out there.

We’re all totally pumped about the Chiefs-Browns
game tomorrow. We’re planning a big brunch over at the Koala Cove clubhouse, followed by the game. Alex surprised us by buying a Sony 85″ t.v. for the clubhouse. He said “Hey, only the best for Koala Cove.” It’s all hooked up and ready to go. The kids all got new Chiefs gear for Christmas so it’ll be a sea of red – and a lot of fun. GO CHIEFS !