…and the “beat” goes on…

Yup. UnrulyDude is six years old today. When it began, there was no Ben… no Dub… no Grandparents… and no Northland twelve. Just a guy who loved blogging and whose blogs had been deleted more times than anyone could remember. In the last six years I’ve been blessed beyond my wildest dreams. I thought a good way to celebrate the anniversary would be by re-posting the blog’s first pics – exactly as they were posted on March 12, 2013. Thanks guys. For your friendship – and for making the journey with me. I Love you.

Here’s what I had to say on the first UnrulyDude post:
“Wow. First post. New blog. After all these years of blogging… and all the problems… and disappointments. And the fun… and all our wonderful on-line buds… and, with the help, understanding and patience of a truly excellent friend, Lee Keels… here we go. Guys. Welcometo the new UNRULYDUDE!”

Happy anniversary, baby!

Wow. It’s been four years since that day over in the park when I saw this amazing guy step behind some cedars – and I followed him – and it’s been David and Ben ever since. Four years since we met… three years married… and Dub… and Keon… and Rick… and Alex… and Callum… and Bella… and so many wonderful memories. Special thanks to all you guys who remembered our anniversary. WE LOVE YOU!
Ben and David

A special day

Tuesday morning, we were having breakfast and David said, “Dub, today’s a special day for your Dads. It’s our anniversary.” Dub said, “Whads that?” David said, “It’s a day that celebrates something that happened on the same day of the year. It’s like a birthday, only it celebrates something different. Your Dad and I met three years ago today – and were married two years ago today. So that makes this a special day for us.” Dub sort of frowned and said, “You didn’t know each other till then?” And David said, “Not until three years ago… but it seems like a lot longer.” Dub said, “Did you meet at school?” And I interrupted and said “Nope. We met at the park. I was tossing a football with some other guys and I saw David across the park. I could see his eyes and knew I had to meet him. So we met and fell in love and got married a year later… then we met this dude named Dub and we fell in love with him. So now we’re a family because David and I met at the park that day in November three years ago.” Dub just grinned and kept eating his cereal. Then, David said, “I’d like to take your Dad out to dinner tonight, so I asked Damien if maybe you could spend the night with Austin, if that’d be o.k. with you.” Dub flashed us a “Dub smile” and said, “Sure!”
So, David said he wanted to take me to school – which I thought was kind of strange… but we dropped Dub off at day care and he dropped me an campus. As I was getting out of the car, he kissed me and said, “Maybe I’ll meet up with you at the park this afternoon. Maybe about 2:30 or so?” I smiled and said, “O.K., babe.”
I couldn’t think about much else all day. I tried to concentrate on classes and studying but just kept thinking about David and how he wanted to meet that afternoon. Kind of silly… but I just kept getting more excited thinking about it. Finally, it was a little after 2:00 so I headed over to the park.
It was a beautiful day with the temp in the upper 60’s – and there were a whole bunch of people at the park. Running and walking the trails, riding bikes, playing catch, and just hanging out. I kept looking for David – and, after what seemed like an eternity, I saw him over by the parking lot. He finally saw me, and we just looked at each other across the park for a while. Then he walked over by the railroad tracks and disappeared behind a familiar bunch of cedars. When I joined him, we didn’t say anything. He just walked over and put his hand on my junk. I was nervous and shaking a little and just stood there while he pulled down my jeans and undies. My dick was impossibly hard as he dropped to his knees and started sucking. I felt sweat running from my pits and down my sides as I blew my load into his mouth. I pulled up my shorts and jeans and we stood there kissing for a while so I started to unbutton his jeans. He said, “Not here. Let’s go get in the car.” So we did. Then he drove the 3 or 4 miles to a wooded area we’d been at before and parked. By then, I’d figured out what was happening so I kicked off my tennies – pulled my jeans and unders down and off – and sat there with my hard dick jerking and twitching. I said, time for you to get those pants off. So he took off his shoes, jeans and briefs and sat there with his hard dick leaking precum. I dove on it and started sucking. I got him to the edge a few times before he blew his sweet load down my throat. After he got off, he took my dick in his mouth and I shot my cum in his mouth – way before I wanted to… but it was just so hot I couldn’t help it. After that, we kissed and swapped cum and held each other right there in the car in that wooded area where just about three years before I’d sucked dick for the first time.
We eventually got our clothes back on and David said, “I’m hungry. How about you?” So we went to our favorite Mexican restaurant down on Southwest Boulevard and had tostadas and quesadillas and chips and salsa and, of course margaritas.
After that, we went home… made a pitcher of margaritas and took drinks and a couple of joints to the hot tub.
It was a lovely day. Spent with just my husband… sharing a love we’re sure is gonna last as long as we do!