Dude. Check out these April fools!

It’s definitely Spring here at the lake and we’re enjoying these days with temps in the 60’s and occasional 70’s. Dub and Jim have been hard at work in the garden – transplanting the plants Dub has grown from seeds in the “greenhouse” in his room. We’ve had some nice rains so everything is greening up nicely.
I asked Dub if he was going to go up to the aerie with Silas and Dante to meet “Daisy.” He said “It’s not time yet. Too many people would just confuse her. She needs time to get used to ‘her people’ before anyone else meets her.” So there you have it 🙂

Dude. It’s a “Friends Friday” visit with some Unruly April fools!

Hey, guys. It’s Rick and Keon. We saw BillS’s comment earlier this week, saying:
“This Saturday is April Fool’s Day. I think a good post would be:
“Unruly Fools”
Dudes being goofy, silly AND Unruly!!!
I guess your “requester-in-chief” is only semi-retired. LOL XOXO”
We thought it was a great idea, so we got to work on it right away. Here you go, Bill – and all you other Unruly April fools out there in URD-land. A bunch of boys being foolish on April 1st!

April fools day!

I’m going to go ahead and post this – because we already had it ready-to-go… and Friday IS April 1st.
We had some very bad news on Tuesday. Angie’s dad died of a sudden heart attack while out playing golf. Ben and I talked with Dub about it… then he headed to Springfield to be with Angie’s Mom – and to help her with the arrangements. Angie will arrive at KCI tomorrow morning… then she, Dub and I will head to Springfield. The funeral will be on Saturday.
I felt so bad for Ben. We had gotten closer to Angie’s dad over time, and I think it’s kind of like having to go through his dad’s death and funeral all over again.
Obviously, we won’t be posting for a few days… but we’ll be back. Keon and Rick will be taking care of the house and pups and Ben’s plants while we’re away. Fuck! We thought this was going to be a calm, quiet year around here.
Love you guys,
David, Ben and Dub