A little “Middle-Eastern” magic

This is one of several post requests from “anonymous” who said: “Hi, I have a set of requests, can you please post nude photos (fully naked) of different races:
-Korean -Arab and Indian (or men from middle east) -Russian -Canadian
-Australian -Hawaiian -Samoan
(I found it very rare to see naked man such as those that I mention above).”
I appreciate the request… but I;m not sure how many of them I can put together.
I’ll continue to do my best.
As a possibly interesting side note, I’ve personally only been “with” two Middle-Eastern guys… one from Kuwait and the other from Saudi Arabia. Both of them were “cut,” but most of the guys pictured here are uncut. The term “Middle-Eastern” covers a number of ethnicities so I suppose it depends on one’s religion, country and customs.