It’s a Friends’ Friday “Real” and “Fantasy” exploration.

Hey guys, it’s Rick. Keon and I worked together on this post – and had fun putting it together. Some of the pic-pairs are almost exactly the same, and some are just the same theme. We hope you like them.
On the subject of Keon, I wanted to tell you a little about my hubby. Yesterday, Ben talked about Keon and how much he likes to smoke pot – which is true. But he’s definitely not a “druggie” and that’s just not who he is. First, he’s a great student. His cumulative college grade average at the end of last semester was 3.865 (on a scale of 4.0). He’s an excellent businessman – and was voted Secretary-Treasurer of David’s trade association at their last annual meeting. He’s bright, intelligent and caring – has an amazing personality – has been a wonderful influence on Dub (and Austin) – and is one of the best-liked and most popular people on our campus. Yes, he (we) smoke pot… and yes, he (we) would like to live in a State where it’s legal… but I want you to know he’s a whole lot more than just a guy who likes to fuck around and get stoned.
Anyway, Keon is my husband and I’m impossibly proud of him and what we’ve become together. I know Ben didn’t mean anything bad about him because they’ve been best friends for a long, long time. I just wanted to make sure you guys know what a wonderful, totally amazing guy Keon is.