It’s a “Friends Friday” peek into our Movember sketchbook!

Hey, guys. It’s Keon. Since it’s November, and the whole gang is growing facial hair in honor of “Movember,” I thought some drawings and sketches of dudes with hairy faces would be cool. I used a lot of pics out of Rick’s art folders, and added a few artists that I particularly like. The 8 artists featured here are “The Nude Sketchbook,” “Art by Fab,” “Dante Amoretto,” “Martin Drawz,” “Laceoni,” “Mou5elee,” “Tom of Finland,” and “Jo Ji Art.” Hope you have as much fun with these as I had putting the post together!

Yesterday evening, Rick, Dub and I helped Alex move the furniture for Bella’s room. He found it at a consignment shop over in Lenexa, KS that Pam told him about. It’s antique white – and there’s a bed, chest, end table and desk. It’s perfect. And, speaking of perfect, you should see Bella’s room. Alex, Ben (and Dub) painted it a soft, sort of grey-green – and he did a big painting of baby koalas in a field of eucalyptus leaves and branches on one wall. He’s a seriously talented artist and you can tell he painted it with lots of love. We’re all anxiously waiting to hear when Cal and Bella will be getting home!