Dude. Check out the foreskins on these amazing Asian boys!

On August 20th, we did a post in response to Alex’ request: “Speaking of great packages: I would love to see a post with uncut black guys! Preferably hard with the foreskin still covering the head, but such shots can be hard to find 😁”
After our post, Alex commented, saying: “Mhhh oh yes! 😍 Thanks a lot, this is great! If you have time at some point, I would love to see that same post, but with Asians, too 😏”
Kent then commented: “I’ll second Alex’s idea about a similar post of Uncut Asian hotties.”
We thought it was a super idea – for a another post we’ve never done – so here you have it. Asian boys who are blessed with foreskin sufficient to cover their entire joysticks. YUM!

After Alex’ request for Asian guys with fab foreskins, we received an e-mail from Kent, offering to help us with the post. He then sent us a TON of wonderful pics of Asian dudes – a few of which are included here. We’ve put the rest of the pics in an “Asians from Kent” folder and will use them in future posts. Thanks, Kent. We love you!